matt v

  1. bubbaque

    Bubba's SPS Journey

    UPDATED FTS of all tanks as of December 2018 Display 180 Frag tank 50 gallon Frag tank 50 gallon I don't really share much pics but I figured I would start so I can document my journey and sps growth. I will upload new photos of new sps as I get them or have time to take more photos. Here...
  2. reefaboo

    Matt V rainbow Envy - Chunky frag

    For sale is this beautiful chunky frag at $500 shipped :) colors in the polyps are still developing and hence the price for such a chunky frag. First pic is the WYSIWYG pic second pic is the same frag in a different angle showing the growth in the back .. third pic is the mother colony...
  3. reefaboo

    For Sale - Matt V Rainbow Envy

    For sale is a beautiful Matt V rainbow Envy piece - $550 Price is shipped for a multi branched piece .. this is going to be a quick grower in all directions :) first two pics are in different directions and last pic is an iphone pic to show the back branches .. polyps retracted a little...