metal halides

  1. mward

    2 Reefbrite SE Metal Halides hybrids

    Almost new; 2 single ended reefbrite metal halide hybrids with electronic ballest, just 3 monthe old. Ballests are just 1 month old. ,,, Also 2 - 250wt radium/ 2 months old and 2 - 175wt. 20k Ushio/ 1 month old. ..PM only - $500 for both shipped - 450 for pick up in the SF bay area.
  2. P

    Reefbrite Metal Halide 250 watt with bulb and reefbrite strips

    Hello, I’m selling my last 250 watt metal halide with reef brite strips for 225$ plus shipping. It comes with a new 20k bulb and electronic ballast. No longer need since upgrading. Everything Works great. Thanks Paul
  3. P

    Reef brute Metal halide 250 watt with bulb

    Hello, I’m selling one reefbrite 250 watt metal halide with electronic ballast. Also come with new 20k radium bulb. Asking 200$ plus shipping. Thanks
  4. P

    Metal halides 250 watt plus bulbs

    Hello, I’m selling 2 metal halides both 250 watt with ballast and new bulbs. They are used but in great condition. No need for them on my new tank. Asking 200 each. Plus shipping.
  5. Perfectly_Imperfekt1

    California Metal Halide SOLD SOLD SOLD Hamilton Cozumel Sun Halides with Radium HRI-T 20k blue bulbs

    2x 250 watt Hamilton Cozumel Sun Halides with Radium HRI-T 20k blue bulbs with selectable digital Icecap ballast(capable of super lumens/HQI mode). They are less than a year old(est 8 months). I will throw in an extra ballast(total of 3). No rust or damage and works great. I do have a DIY...
  6. dede

    North Dakota Metal Halide Drygoods Metal Halide lights

    I have 2 metal halide reef lights that I believe are the Lumanarc lights but they are not marked. These are old style Metal Halide. Measure 19 x 19. They come with 2 ballast, one is brand new(Hamilton)that I bought several years ago but did not use as the plug does not fit, so one light works...
  7. S

    Tridonic OGLIS 140 lighting ballasts 1000 watt for Radium/Ushio Metal Halide bulbs

    Had plans for a BIG coral display, but the wife got pregnant and shut it down. My office is now a baby nursery. Brand new. Two (2) available. Comes with everything you need except the electrical wire. Never been wired, never been fired. These ballasts will perfectly fire high-intensity...
  8. JB33t

    Metal halide T5 combo or T247 Led

  9. D

    20K BLV MH bulb versus 14.5K Giesemann bulb Spectrum and PAR difference - Should I change bulbs?

    I currently run the 20K BLV Nepturion 250W SE bulb over my tank. Couple of months ago I used to run the 14.5K Gisemann bulb. I have measured PAR from both and obviously the 20K bulb has less ( about 100) PAR when compared to the 14.5K bulb. Not too concerned about PAR, but I think growth is...