1. D

    Red Sea Reefer 250 Full Setup

    Hey All, moving in a few months and unfortunately have to leave the tank behind. Everything below is OBO, selling local only so no shipping currently. Trying to sell as a kit but prices listed in case anyone wants to hold a non-livestock item if that does not happen. If not sold as set will ship...
  2. W0terMoist

    Missouri Live Goods Zoas, Mushroom, Blaso, Cyphastrea

    No shipping. I am Located in St. Louis (I live in area code 63129). I would prefer for the transaction to take place in my area code, but if you live a few hours away then I am willing to drive to an agreed-upon location (the location must be within an hour's drive of 63129). Payment will...
  3. bishoptf

    Missouri Lighting LED Drygoods Viparspectra Modified Light for sale

    I have one Viparspectra light for sale, has been modified to remove about half of the white LED's and replaced with blue to balance out the channels. The fans have also been replaced with Noctua fans which are about silent. The white channel has always been overpowering and this modification...
  4. S

    Missouri Live Goods Tank breakdown. All for sale- livestock goes first then hardware.

    I’ve posted this many times but was unable to find a buyer locally so here’s hopefully my last post! Make your offers on each coral in messages please! All of these corals are for sale as well as Fish. Here’s a stock list Clove colony (on a rock) Ny knicks torch 1.5 heads. very large three...
  5. S

    Missouri Live Goods Tank breakdown. All for sale

    Hey guys, selling my entire tank setup here. It’s a 15 gallon JBJ, been running over a year. All pictures were taken today around 6 pm, lights were ramping down. Here’s the details- Hardware: AI prime 16hd Hyyger wave maker JBJ 15 tank Tank stand tank has a chamber in the back of it to hold...
  6. keatonmjenkins

    Missouri SOLD 15 Berghia Nudibranch SOLD

    yes I have read and agreed to the terms. I have 15 Berghia Nudibranch ranging from 3/4 to 1”1/4. $20 each + shipping. I’ll even throw in an egg sack in each order. Below are pictures of some that went out today
  7. S

    Missouri Live Goods Tank breakdown- all for sale. Missouri

    Tank breakdown, all for sale besides 1 ai prime. 25 gallon innovative marine lagoon with tons of coral- Rainbow trachy, Duncan colony, Toadstool Frogspawn Xenia Favia 3 ricordias Colt coral Disco mushroom rock Mini max carpet Cloves Misc. corals Devils hand Aquascaped rock wall...
  8. S

    Missouri Live Goods Tank breakdown Missouri

    Hey guys, moving out of state so I need to sell everything. pickup only unless shipping is for the right price. Here’s what I have- 2 ai primes 16hd Vortech mp10 Innovative marine 25gallon with return pump and media. Rainbow trach 7 mushrooms (ricordia, disco , rodactis) 1 tequila...
  9. Kmetz1999

    Missouri Live Goods A few nice zoa packs

    3 zoa packs for sale. Shipping available to the lower 48. Discount for local pickup. All frags have been cut and healed for months. Standard doa policy applies. I have other zoas available too if you need to sub something out in a pack just let me know. Thanks for looking! Pack #1 $350 shipped...
  10. S

    Missouri Live Goods Flowerpot Goni for sale/trade

    Have big green flowerpot Goni, looking to trade (dry or live goods) or sell. I’ll include pictures. shipping available for the right price or trade. Thanks!
  11. jtone_philthy_aquatics

    Missouri Sps lps softies for sale

    Rr tropic thunder frags small or xl- $25/$$45 Jason fox rr red roses monti- 40 Jason fox snow flake monti cap- 35 jf Boston bean digi- 25 jf keylime smooth acro- 45 tsa megachrome monti- 40 small hammer indo- 40 blow pop zoas / eagle eye frag- 25 blow pop zoas 5- 15 Steve...
  12. MissouriReefer31

    Frags for trade/sale

    Looking for frags for trade/sale in the Springfield area can drive but not too far 30 mins max. Green Birdsnest Pink birdsnest Purple Cap Monti Green Cap Monti Pink encrusting Monti Starburst Cap Monti Paly's Zoa's Mushroom's also willing to check anything else out as well.
  13. jtone_philthy_aquatics

    Frags for sale near Springfield mo

    Mini torch coral (grape coral) 2 heads Teal tips with a nice yellow tint in the heads near the mouths. RR tropic thunder montipora frags for sale also I purchased this coral directly from Jason fox. All of my frags are guaranteed pest free! Message me for more info if interested.
  14. V

    Missouri WTB MUSHROOMS(high end)

    Looking for: frankenstien bounce wwc bounce Neptune bounce Cc magic carpet shroom open to other Shrooms aswell 6369800911 if text is easier