mother colony

  1. acro.jordan

    California Live Goods CB Flamethrower Bounce Mushroom mothers for sale !!!

    Happy to share some CB Flamethrower Bounce Mushroom mothers for sale. All 6 of these mothers are producing babies and are ready to ship. Any questions may be sent via PM. Shipping over $500 is free, local pick ups are encouraged, discounts on packs - socal ! Mother #1 - $800 Mother #2 ...
  2. BanditMan15

    South Carolina Live Goods Mother Flamethrowers yumas 3" - 5"

    I have multiple Mother size 3,4, and 5 inch Flamethrower Yumas for sale. Will ship if needed. 1 for 35 3 for 50 5 for 100 Sorry for the crappy photos I don't have a fancy phone.
  3. agame2021

    Some fun over the past 6 or so months.

    Started at my LFS almost a year ago part time and then they decided to hire me full time to run the online and take photo’s. My journey started with a really bad photo and have slowly honed in the skills needed. These are just a few. All pictures taken with a canon eos 80D DSLR. Lmk if you got...
  4. ReefAddiction34

    Florida ASD Rainbow Millie mother colony for sale.

    Hey fellow reefers. I recently broke down a tank and combined livestock. Unfortunately I do not have room for this gorgeous piece and the current tank already has a nice colony of the same coral in it. I’m asking $600 but am willing to listen to OBO’s within reason. May consider a trade for...