1. Indo gold torch

    For sale Indo gold torch

    4 single head torch looking for new home, pickup in East Orlando
  2. System partout: Apex, Trident, MP10’s, Radions

    For sale System partout: Apex, Trident, MP10’s, Radions

    I am parting out a system and have the following for sale… Ecotech MP10’s with spare wet sides: $265 each. Two available. Ecotech Radion XR15 G5 Pro’s with tank mounts. $475 each. Two available. Apex EL (needs new ph probe) $375 Neptune Trident (Just had maintenance kit installed) $525 Neptune...
  3. Pair of MP10wQD

    For sale Pair of MP10wQD

    Two Ecotech Marine MP 10QD Vortech wireless pumps. Everything original included in boxes. Both work great. Everything is in the original boxes. I have video showing it in gyre mode and more images if you'd like to see them. Price is $215 each. Selling as pair. UPS shipping available.
  4. Y

    MP10 or Nero 3, need some help

    Hey all! So I'm currently in the planning stage of my nano reef, a Red Sea Max Nano. It's a 20G, 75L, AIO tank. I've been trying to decide on my powerhead, looking for something that is reliable, as well as good quality and ease of use. I love the idea of the MP10, no wires in the tank is a...
  5. TMN

    Colorado Two MP10wQD’s for sale - Used - Good Condition

    I have two MP10wQD’s for sale $220 each shipped or $420 for both shipped Both are in good condition. Please read descriptions below. I am the second owner just used them for a week and I want something different. Like some have said these are a little loud and that’s another reason I’m...
  6. Rams

    New Jersey New York Eco tech MP10 with extra wet side and anemone guard

    3 months old,bought it for my elos 70 but upgraded to mp40.This Mobius ready and will add extra wet side and anemone guard with box sorry. PM me if anyone interested. Asking 250$ for complete package.
  7. Lokipsl

    Build Thread Loki’s 25 gallon Lagoon

    Lighting ☀️ Ecotech Xr30 Gen5 blue Peak intensity 27% Flow 2 x Mp10, 2 x battery backups Stock return pump Filtration 2 x media baskets with poly filter pads to catch detritus ATO Reef Breeders Prism current tank shot
  8. R

    Make a switch?

    So I have an IM 50 lagoon. I'm running two ecotch mp10s. There on opposite sides and have some dead spots. Would you consider selling them and getting a gyre instead?
  9. Rams

    New Jersey Pennsylvania Like new MP10

    It is quiet drive with serial number starting with 73805xxxx I think it’s Mobius ready.Asking 190$ or trade for mp40 Mobius ready plus cash
  10. R

    Powerhead MP10

    Hey guys , I just bought the mp10 for my nuvo fusion 20 , I’m gonna run lps and softies , however, I’m having trouble with the mobius app as far as what I should place the settings on for that style tank , can I see some of you that have that style (lps & softies) tank and what you run it on...
  11. NickWilly

    Mp10 wanted

    Wanting an mp10 if anyone has for sale
  12. yauie6347

    WTB VorTech MP10QD

    Looking for MP10QD preferred condition close to new.
  13. Gzfrank

    Alabama Dry Good Trade MP-10 for AI Neros

    Looking to trade my MP-10 for two of either AI Nero. Will add cash for two 5. I purchased the MP-10 in Oct 2020, September manufacture date.
  14. player_505

    Georgia WTB oO WTB Mp40 wetside and Mp10 wetside Oo

    looking for a mp40 wetside and mp10 wetside from ecotechmarine
  15. Macreefs

    AIO Build Macreef's Nuvo 20 Mixed Reef

    Well after a year with my fist tank I feel confident enough to go ahead and post my build. Although I have spent countless hours researching and pouring myself into this tank, I consider myself lucky to have the amount of success that I've had so far. This tank was started December 19th 2019...
  16. Maks Reef

    Illinois Lighting Return Pumps Powerheads Ecotech Reeflink

    Ecotech Reeflink - The item is used and works perfectly. 75 shipped
  17. T

    Colorado Powerheads MP10mQD - As new as used gets

    I decided to switch up to Nero 5s on my system and have an MP10 that has all new components. Driver was bought new from Marine Depot this month, date on box is Sep 2020. Dry side just came from EcoTech today and is still in bubble wrap, has not touched glass. Wet side and Mobius chip were...
  18. Erik the Red

    Build Thread Back to the business reef - Waterbox 35.2

    Hey everyone, today I ordered my new tank, a Waterbox 35.2 30g/125L volume, 60x50x45cm or 23.6x19.7x17.7 inches. The key equipment I’ll be using is: -Skimmer Tunze 9001 -AI Prime HD light -MP10 -Tunze Osmolator top up -Circa 10kg of dry rocks, bare bottom I am still undecided on the fish...
  19. S

    Florida Powerheads Vortech MP10wes

    I have for sale is a MP10wes. Used this for my saltwater mixing station. Replaced it with a WAV and don't need this anymore. Comes with original box. $150 shipped.
  20. subielover

    New Jersey Pennsylvania Sold

    SOLD! Located 18104 if pickup.
  21. WhiskyTango

    Alabama Georgia Vortech MP10 $125 Shipped

    Runs great, wet side moves water but is making noise. Comes with mounting bracket.
  22. Fishbro

    Utah Powerheads EcoTech Mp10 QD

    Decided to go a different route than the mp10wqd. It’s used but in very good condition. You’d probably want to replace the wet side since it rattles a bit but other than that everything works awesome. Asking $200 shipped with usps flat rate mail. Edit: It’s a WQD not just a QD.
  23. Sold4jc7

    California Powerheads Vortech MP10WQD

    Vortech MP10WQD $230 shipped The pump is quiet, clean, and wireless. I have no need for it with my current set up.
  24. Obsessed Reefer

    AIO Build Rebooting an IM Fusion 10g

    Hello R2R! It’s been a few years since I’ve had a tank setup, and after recently moving, and now being quarantined for who knows how long, it seemed like a great time to get the Fusion out of storage and clean her up and get back into it. In the past aside from the 10g, I also had a 20g Fusion...
  25. Jackedwyer

    Bare Bottom Red Sea Nano Max

    Hi! I’m in the middle of getting everything ready for my SPS Dominant tank and unsure what I should do... I’ve decided I want to run it bare bottom to help with the flow within such a small aquarium but I’m unsure if I should get 1 or 2 MP10’s. What do you think would be best? Would 1 be good...