1. M

    Florida NEW Ecotech Marine MP10 (Quiet Drive) Power Head/ Wavemaker $320

    In a reef aquarium, having the perfect amount of flow and water movement is crucial to the health of your animals and coral, as well as the overall success of the tank. With the addition of Ecotech Marine's Mobius app compatibility, Vortech QuietDrive pumps have never been more versatile or...
  2. legacy2mj

    Alternative to vinegar to clean pumps

    I’m gonna have the vinegar take a seat on the bench for a bit.. Iv been going straight to this for years to clean my stuff… soak 12-24 hours. But every single time I’m disappointed in the vinegars performance. Still end up scrubbing like crazy and to be honest a lot times after 12-24 hours, I...
  3. pinreefer

    New York wtb MP10

    looking for a used MP10 I’ll send you a pre paid shipping label
  4. S

    SOLD Mp10QD w/ backup battery, kessil 160WE with controller

    selling my used equipment Mp10QD with ecotech back up battery $250 plus shipping **pending** 2x Kessil A160WE with goose neck and controller $350 plus shipping.
  5. Texasnano

    Texas MP10QD, Neptune 2in Flow Meter, Tunze Eco Chic LED Light, WXM

    some left over items sitting around -Tunze Eco Chic 8831 Refugium LED $70 (used for a couple of months) -2" Flow Sensor FS200 $70 (never seen water) -MP10QD mobius $180 (several years old works great, no box) -MP10QD Mobius with brand new wet side in box nem guard included $180 -WXM $50
  6. UGASealDawg

    Louisiana Taking offers - MP10mqd - Three - Excellent Condition

    MP10mqd Very Good 1 $175.00 Yes This one is a little older than the other two. There are a couple places where the rubber cover is split - at the joint end of the male plug and where it looks like it was accidentally sliced - about an inch and a half. Very easy fix with electrical tape...
  7. Oceanavekid

    California Ecotech and Red Sea gear

    Switched things up so selling what I no longer let use. Local pick up in Sacramento or add shipping MP10QDM a little over a year old, works as it should. Like a lot of ecotech pumps there’s some slight noise over 60% which is why I switched to Nero pumps $250 Red Sea ATO never opened $180...
  8. D

    Powerheads MP10 Wireless, Broken Wetside

    Selling a mp10wqd with a broken wetside. In the picture you can see where it isnt connected to the face. It still works but buzzes at 30%. Picked the wetside up just to have something to use when i cleaned the main wetside. (keeping the other wetside) Asking for 125 shipped.
  9. thomasdo87

    Arizona AI Prime and MP10mQD- Arizona- Will ship

    Looking to sell my AI 16hd prime and ecotech mp10mQD. The prime comes with flex mount as well. AI prime 180 shipped Ecotech MP10 200 shipped
  10. Oceanavekid

    California Ecotech lights/pumps Red Sea ATO/lights

    Switched my lights so time for these to find a new home. Both work as the should and each comes with an RMS mount Asking $390 for the Gen 6 pro shipped $330 Gen 5 pro shipped I also have two MP10QDM 1st one has a brand new dry side wet side is 3 months old $300 shipped(SOLD) 2nd has a near...
  11. Oceanavekid

    Powerheads ecotech mp10QDM

    Have two MP10 QDM The MP10 in the first picture has a brand new never used dry side The one with two dry sides only comes with one. I have two dry sides you can test out and pick whichever you think is better(if you’re local or take the one that’s hooked up(I think it sounds the best) Wet...
  12. jsargent1

    Powerheads VorTech mp10qd-will ship

    I have 4 VorTech mp10qd’s for sale One 2021 model 2 2022 models and one older model but I bought a new dry side and wet side so it’s up to date with the rest of them Barley used All Mobius ready and work flawlessly $250 ea obo I also have a spare dry side, it fell and broke the plastic...
  13. ReefAddict16

    California Sold

  14. ReefAddict16

    California Delete

  15. Anirban

    Aquarium Controller MP-10, APEX and Kessil

    Kessil 160 tuna - $170 MP 10- $175 (2015) Wet side cover has some damage because of usage but works fine APEX display-$75 PM2, AWM and WXM-$70 each (Buy all $180) 2 x Energy bar- each $110 (buy both for $200 shipped)
  16. B

    Powerheads Hanna Salinity Checker, Test Kits and Other Stuff

    Have the following for sale. Happy to ship. Buyer covers shipping cost. Happy to work something out if you take multiple 1. Brand new sealed Hanna Salinity Tester HI98319 $70 3. Brand new Two Little Fishies Magfeeder $15
  17. F

    Hydros/ Mp10 ecotech

    I have a 75 gallon. I’m planning to upgrade my technology as the stuff on it is just what I had laying around. I’m wanting to do 2 Mp10 and hydros controller. What’s every thoughts about this? And what every opinion on buying second hand vortechs?
  18. InterstateCorals

    New Jersey 2023 Vortech mp10 Mobius Ready $250 (Can Do Pick Up or Ship)

    Basically new ecotech mp10 used for a month before I decided to upgrade to bigger tank. Used at 30% asking $250 can pick up in central jersey or ship. Has no box everything else stock included.
  19. david_ma

    Michigan SOLD

    Text 313-268-3195. I have so many various equipments, all in excellent shape, looking to sell local for now, if you’re setting up a tank, or expanding, I’m the one… price wise looking for 50-60% retail, less the more we combine, can definitely discount on multiple, whatever you’re looking for(...
  20. Dsantamaria29

    North Carolina 2 MP10 mobius ready $400 shipped

    Looking to sell two used MP10s. One wet side has one of the clips broken off from the base. Asking $400 OBO shipped in the US
  21. Acrofiend

    California Sold

  22. Acrofiend

    California .

  23. D

    Connecticut Nero 3/ Mp10

    Looking for a used Nero 3 or mp10 that was bought between the past two years.
  24. LightingBug

    Ecotech Vortech Flow Vids - Stock, Neat Aquatics Wide and Narrow, and the 4dAquatics Directional

    Tried a few different wetsides today and thought I would share: BONUS: feel free to critique my aquascape (I will add an island on the front left) Not a scientific test but speps: Mp10, 40% Flow, 32g Fiji EXT (only filled below the overflow for now) - about 23" left to right. Sorry for the...
  25. C

    Powerheads Ecotech Vortechs - ALL SOLD

    Hello, I have some Ecotech Vortech pumps and an Ecotech battery backup for sale. All pumps are Mobius compatible and work as they should. When removed from the tank, I cleaned them with Sicce pump clean. Shipping included, PayPal only. Thanks! 2x Ecotech Vortech Mp40wQD (mobius compatible) -...