mushroom identification

  1. Jibarra

    Mushroom ID

    Picked up this mushroom at my LFS. They didn’t know what it was and mistaken it for a Sunkist bounce.
  2. C

    Mushroom coral with green guts

    Hey all! My mushroom has green squiggly stuff coming out of the center. This is one of the two pieces that the mushroom split into about 2-3 weeks ago. What’s the green stuff in the center? What’s happening to the mushroom when this is happening? (See picture attached)
  3. ArtofReefing

    Mushroom ID Help

    Hey guys, I bought this mushroom about a year ago from my local lfs as a red devil mushroom. Fast forward up until recently I thought thats what I had until someone mentioned that its not indeed a true red devil. I'm confused, at this point the mushroom has grown and has offspring lol. I love it...
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