nano 26g

  1. dabroli

    Nano Build 26 gallon Red Sea MAX nano peninsula, Caribbean build

    My local fish store had the desktop version of the aquarium for sale at a cheap $350 so I couldn’t resist. Unfortunately had to source some of the parts online to match the actual full package that’s been sold out everywhere. As I wait for all the parts to come in I’ll start a build thread and...
  2. S

    Nano Build Red Sea Nano Max Peninsula ~ Stock Ideas?

    Hello everyone! After doing a ton of research as a newbie, I have decided to purchase the Red Sea Nano Max Peninsula. With the limited square footage, I'd like to ask for some feedback on what stocking ideas would do great in this tank? I plan to use everything from the kit (stock) and would...
  3. AJnanoreef

    Nano Build 26 gallon Red Sea Max Nano Peninsula build

    Hey Reef2Reef members I’m starting my build thread I have a 26 gallon AIO Red Sea Max Nano Peninsula I just cycled my tank using Dr. Tims fishless cycle took 18 days and a 50% water change on day 14 used Marco rock about 15 pounds I ordered 20 and it was plenty and used Caribsea Fiji Pink...
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