1. F

    AI Nero 3 Problems

    Hi Everyone, I just bought a whole bunch of used and new equipment off my mate as he was upgrading tank size. I bought an MP10 (2 months old), 3 Nero 3s (bought within the last 6-10 months) and a few other parts. I collected them from his running tank yesterday and they spent a few hours in a...
  2. Turpstur

    USA Nero 3

    Setting up a new tank, looking to purchase a new Nero 3 if anyone knows a vendor online who still has one in stock or has one lying around. Will pay $180 if new.
  3. Acrofiend

    California 2 Nero 3 wavemakers

    I’m upgrading tanks and going to purchase a couple gyres. $225 shipped for both. $115 shipped each. Manufacture date: 01/15/21
  4. Reefer825

    Maryland BioCube16, Stand and many extras. Full Setup! $400

    Selling our complete BioCube 16 setup with matching stand. There are no scratches on the glass and the cabinet is in excellent condition. It's five months old, we upgraded to a larger system. This is the newest version with the LED lights and the programmable light schedules. Comes with Caribsea...
  5. Ttw10

    North Carolina WTB AI Nero 3

    Hello, I am looking to purchase a used Nero 3 powerhead. I’m hoping to spend around $100 shipped as that seems to be a common price across sales of this powerhead. I am willing to pay more, but would like to stay close to that price point. Thanks in advance!!