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  1. RSNJReef

    New Jersey New York Pennsylvania Live Goods Tank Pruning Sale - Torches and CSB Anemone Up For Grabs

    Hi All, *Edit with updated pricing and item availability. Just had to cut down some more of my torches again cause the tank was getting overcrowded. Pictures and pricing below. Not looking to ship at this time, but am willing to drive up to 45 min from zip code 07054 to meet you half way...
  2. southd14

    New Jersey Livestock Trade Livestock Trade Long spine urchin for a frag

    I have a small long spine ur him that came on some live rock from the gulf. It’s going to get too large for my tank and I already have a tuxedo urchin. I’m looking for someone yo give him a good home. If you want yo trade for a frag or something that would be cool. I’m in NJ zip is 08551
  3. Zainav

    New Jersey New York Lighting LED Drygoods SOLD Ecotech Radion xr15 G5 Pro with XHO-K15 LED Add-On Kit, RMS Tank Mount | 48" 3rd Party Supplemental ligt bars | FREE SHIPPING

    Selling Ecotech Radion xr15 G5 Pro comes with XHO-K15 LED Add-On Kit, RMS XR15 G5 Tank Mount = SOLD No problems at all and was used at 65%. Will part when needed. 48" 3rd Party Supplemental light bars asking = SOLD can include the aluminum bars. Local pick up preferred. Free shipping. pm me...
  4. N

    Connecticut New Jersey New York Live Goods GMK zoas meet at RAP NY

    Got GMK zoas available from Bristol CT but will be at RAP NY on Sunday around noon. 20$ per polyp. message me with any questions. Thanks.
  5. InterstateCorals

    Maryland New Jersey New York Pennsylvania Aquariums Drygoods Innovative Marine NUVO SR Pro 2 | 60 Gallon AIO Aquarium with White APS Stand Included $900 (4 months old like new)

    I am moving so unfortunately have to sell my Innovative Marine 60g aio frag tank with white aps stand. Just got it about 4 months ago so it is like new everything in great condition. Comes with tank, stand, 2 return pumps, biomedia, lid and rock so you won’t have to go through cycling process. I...
  6. InterstateCorals

    Maryland New Jersey New York Pennsylvania Live Goods 5 Stratosphere Zoas ($250)

    Stratosphere zoa 5 polyp colony ($250) wysiwyg pick up or meet up in central NJ can also ship just pay shipping! Apologies for the bad pic quality getting new lens in soon thanks!
  7. D

    New Jersey Live Goods Nepthea - Prefer to trade but will just sell as well

    It’s the small one, thought I’d show the mother as well. No delivery - local pick up only. PM if interested Thanks
  8. RSNJReef

    New Jersey New York Lighting Drygoods SOLD BNIB - Maxspect Jump MJL-165 Blue Led Light

    Hi All, I have for sale a brand new, never used Maxspect Jump MJL-165 Blue light. I had planned on putting this over one of my cube tanks, but decided to go in another direction. I opened the box only to take the pictures below.Selling it for $210 shipped. Thanks, Rishi
  9. RSNJReef

    New Jersey New York Live Goods Selling off overstocked corals- running out of room

    NOTE TO ALL: all corals listed currently pending sale. If anything changes, will let you all know. So recently been fragging corals from my tanks and basically out of room. Selling off the recent frags I cut around 2 weeks ago. Anything with an X on it right now is a recent cut from 2 days...
  10. RSNJReef

    New Jersey New York SOLD Sold

    So I’ve decided to get out of the seahorse game for a bit. I’ve traded off my prior 4 seahorses, and now am looking to sell of these remaining two at a discounted price to the right person. One of them is a wild caught female erectus that has been dewormed and has been eating frozen food for...
  11. TheDragonsReef

    Jf the thing anacropora, milky stylo and gsp colonies

    Pick up only in Warminster Pa 18974. Can Provide pictures of frags if interested. Jf The Thing Anacropora Small frag $25 Large frag $40 Small colony #1 $100 Small colony #2 $80 Large colony 4in $175 Milky Stylos Small Frag $15 Large frag $25 Colony #1 $60 Colony #2 $80 Branching Gsp...
  12. RSNJReef

    2x AI Prime 16HDs with mounts

    Hey All, I have two AI Prime 16HDs for sale with the rigid mounts. These were used for around 2 years over my 55 gallon and then put into storage after upgrading my lights. The lights were never run over 60% for more than an hour in total over the 2 years of use. Over the last 6 months of use...
  13. RSNJReef

    Aquamaxx Cones Q-3 Protein Skimmer

    Up for sale is an Aquamaxx ConeS Q-3 protein skimmer. I had purchased this unit a while back for a 220 gallon system I had, and frankly the tank bioload was never heavy enough for the skimmer to pull out much. It works well, but this is definitely more ideal for a 300-500 gallon tank. I ran this...
  14. S

    WTB Peninsula tank

    Looking to purchase a peninsula tank/full setup, preferably around 100g-130g. Open to redsea p500 or water box equivalent.
  15. InterstateCorals

    Biocube32 w/ Stand, Sand & Custom Krakens Reef Lid

    Making some room getting rid of one of my tanks biocube32 had it for about 8 months looks like new comes with stand w/ heavy duty wheels, custom kraken's reef lid, also comes with sand. I took off the stock light lid that comes with the tank to mount a radion but new stock lid is also included...
  16. officialreefbros

    Cheap Coral Frags

    Coral frags are available in various sizes, including the pictures shown and others. The price depends on the number of heads. Located in Califon, 07830. --Zoas-- Rasta 14h ($50) Gobstoppers Sunny D 8h, 8h ($50) AOI Pink Diamond 6h ($50) Fire and Ice Combo Frags --LPS-- Bi-Color Hammer, 2+h...
  17. InterstateCorals

    EcoTech Multi-Light RMS Arm Kit + EcoTech Multi-Light RMS Track 60.5" ($150)(Pick up only)

    Got a different tank so no longer need this light mounting setup so I am selling. Asking $150 for 60.5" ecotech track and multi light rms mount arms (2). Pick up in central NJ no shipping thanks!
  18. N

    Large GruBer’s Gorgonias for Trade

    large size Gorgonia for trade Gruber’s are photosynthetic gorgonias easy to grow out once established Time to trim the hedges and figured I would offer larger pieces vs the standard 3-4” Open on trades. Always interested in mushrooms, zoas and cleanup
  19. InterstateCorals

    New Jersey Skimmers Drygoods Nyos Quantum 160 skimmer ($250) (Can ship if needed)

    I have a nyos quantum 160 skimmer used for less than a year works great just downsizing and no longer need it. Asking $250 can meet up in central NJ or I can ship at buyers expense. Thank you!
  20. InterstateCorals

    New Jersey Powerheads Drygoods SOLD 2 MP40s QD Mobius Ready ($290)

    Selling 2 mp40 qds mobius ready. Had them for about 3 months running 30% I am downsizing and dont need as many powerheads so letting them go. Asking 290 each can do shipped or meet up in central NJ.
  21. Bot587

    New Jersey Live Goods Corals FS in Point Pleasant, NJ 10-25$

    I have read and agreed to the terms. Clearing out Frag Rack in Point Pleasant NJ: Slimeball Anacropora Mini 3+" - 20 Electric Lemonade Anacro 3+" - 20 Tricolora Acropora 3+" - 20 Gumball Acro - 15 Immortal Tort - 10 Haystack Acro - 15 Xmas Tree Mirabillis - 20 pink tip valida - 20 pearlberry...
  22. jeffreefer85

    Build Thread Little Water, Many Coral, Deskmate Build

    Morning Friends, Today I start my R2R journey as I build the perfect little reef for my home office. I am of course talking about the Eshopps Deskmate 4.8 gallon aquarium. Alright, I may have not been 100% truthful, but I didn’t lie. I’m starting the R2R documentation of my tank build, the...
  23. jabx1

    New Jersey Drygoods Tank Breakdown/Moving Sale. MUST GO QUICKLY

    Broke down a tank for a move. Need to sell equipment by Sunday, 11/26. Tank w/ Stand: Deep Blue 58g - $50 Sump: Eshopps RS-100 - $50 Lights x2: Black box, full spectrum 2 Channel w/ built in timer - $50 -- SOLD Algae Scrubber: Santa Monica HOG1 Algae Scrubber - $40 -- PENDING Skimmer NOT FOR...
  24. officialreefbros

    New Jersey Live Goods SOLD Rainbow Bubble Tip, True Branching GSP, Pink Diamond, Purple Green Hammer

    Cleaning off the frag rack! Located in 07830. Never shipped before but willing to test it out! Let me know if you're interested in any of the following: RBTA (4 available) - 30$ Large True Branching GSP (2x 1x available) - 30$ 2 head Purple Green Branching Hammer (2 available) - 60$...
  25. Amado

    New Jersey Dosing Drygoods Neptune DOS

    I am selling apex dos for $150 I have some extra dosing head I can include pick up is in Edison NJ 08820