new jersey

  1. A

    JF Radical Recoils

    JF Radical Recoils, this is a zoa that was only sold at the new England frag farmers market 2015 by JF. These beauties are $25 pp with free shipping at $200. Pick up preferred, if you pick up enjoy 30% off. Take all for $600. I will make deals for packs larger than 10 polyps.
  2. E

    New Jersey WTB WTB Dry Rock

    Would like to set up my first tank soon and I'm looking to buy some dry rock. I'd like to see if anyone had some left over before going to the LFS or ordering online. I'm in South Jersey and Philadelphia area.
  3. Jersey Corals

    Jersey Corals Store Build!

    We have been working for the last few months on creating our store! The store will consist of a show room and grow out warehouse! For the growout we will be using 12 Rubbermaid 50 gal stock containers, plus a 180 gal tank for our initial growout, for a total of 630 gallons to start. Our showroom...
  4. E

    USA WTB Wanted to Buy. Neptune COR 20

    I'm looking to set up my first tank in a couple of weeks and would like the COR 20 if anyone has one for sale.
  5. Stones-Reef

    New Jersey New York Pennsylvania OG Coral Cruze Holy Grail Torch (Two Heads)

    Considering serious inquiries for this double-head OG Coral Cruze holy grail torch, purchased directly from Ben, with proof of lineage. Located in NJ, pick up only, asking $2,500. Feel free to PM for more info, pics, etc.
  6. E

    New Jersey WTB Tunze Osmolator ATO

    Looking to buy a Tunze Osmolator ATO 3155 if anyone has one. Also looking to but a Neptune Apex Cor 20 and Ecotech Marine Vortech MP40wQD
  7. Chrisss

    New Jersey Lighting T5 Selling ATI 48" 6x54w fixture - $220 cash - LOCAL PICKUP ONLY

    Hello! Up for sale is a 48" ATI 6x54w fixture. Info: - Used for 5 years. Bought new from BRS 1/28/16 - On for 7-9hrs a day - Always used the acrylic screen - Bulbs are 4 months old (replaced every year Jan 1) - Bulb combination is 4 Blue Plus, 1 Actinic, 1 Coral Plus - Everything works...
  8. reefpaddy

    New Jersey Red Monti Cap

    $30 Each, pickup 07090 or can meetup within reason at an LFS.
  9. michaelmessinaglass

    Pennsylvania WTB WTB Local Berghia Nudibranchs

    Hey guys Im looking for some Berghia Nudibranchs and hoping to get some locally so I dont have to deal with shipping. I have a 14g so I probably dont need any more than 5 small ones. Im in Bucks County PA but am willing to drive to NJ or DE as well. Let me know if you can help, thanks!
  10. Bmw015

    Argonite Special Grade Dry Sand

    I have 2 bags available. Each are 40lbs. $36/bag or both for $66. Local pick up only.
  11. Dragonsreef

    Fish for sale butterflies, damsels and more

    Located in PA 18974 Yellow Long nose butterfly MED 4in, selling because hes been eating my corals and a new clam. Had him for over a year. He doesnt bother sps or softies just lps and clams. Even leaves my feather duster alone. Fully quarantined went through copper and prazi before putting him...
  12. E

    New Jersey Three Dispar Anthias for sale - Schooling & Happy!

    Friends, I purchased a tank that include three orange Anthias. They are healthy, feed well, playful and stick together in a school. It's a difficult decision to sell them, because they are very active and entertaining. But having a 50 gallon tank limits the number of fish and I would prefer...
  13. duesmortem

    Nebula Palythoa for Sale

    Nebula Palythoa from Aquarium Depot for sale. WYSIWYG 4+ Polyps $10 Ships via FedEx Overnight PM with zip code for shipping estimate
  14. duesmortem

    Zoa Sale

    Selling two separate frags for $25 each with FedEx Next Day. PM with zip code for shipping estimate. WYSIWYG Nebula 3+ polyps frag WYSIWYG Bam Bam 5+ polyps frag
  15. Codeblack88

    Niger Trigger

    I currently have a juvenile niger trigger in my 32 gal biocube (I bought knowing he would outgrow my system) that is roughly 2 inches big. He doesn't bother any of my inverts or other fish and has an awesome disposition. But I know that if I keep him for too long I will stunt his growth which I...
  16. aquariumcarecenter


    Come spend the weekend at ACC. We have pulled out all of the stops! Big sales on all livestock, booth set up in our store ! not to mention over $1000 in Prizes and give-aways. Black Friday Starts Early. Saturday - Sunday 11-5 pm 1105 route 35 Ocean NJ 07712 800-519-9211...
  17. Utubereefer

    New Jersey Big Jawbreaker for pick up/ meet up!!!!!

    Looking to sell my large Jawbreaker mushroom! Asking $1100. Open to offers. I’m in north New Jersey. Willing to do local pick up or meet up at a fish store. Thanks for stopping by!
  18. Arif

    SALE Leaving the hobby for a while

    Ill be out of the hobby for a while. I will be upating prices as I learn them. Please, serious buyers only, i can't deliver pickup only. UPDATE!!! $3450 if you take everything at once. Old school Reefers know the value, wont last, and I wont hold without a deposit. Thank you for your time. 1x...
  19. N

    Rose bubble tip anemone for sale

    Hello guys I'm selling 3 of my rose bubble tip anemone. They are Bright red and 8+ inches when fully opened. Pick up local in Iselin New Jersey.
  20. lagoon360

    New Jersey Aquariums Package Deal Unique Modernist AIO, Innovative Marine Nuvo Atoll

    Innovative Marine Nuvo Atoll Cylinder Aquarium 12g - $450 Located in Jersey City I am selling this well established turnkey setup, with room to add more livestock. The aquascape is something I've wanted to try for a long time. There are two levels, deep sand in the back for planting sea...
  21. lagoon360

    Very Unique AIO Setup

    I am selling my very unique AIO setup soon and wonder what a fair price is for it. The aquascape is something I've wanted to try for a long time. There are two levels, deep sand in the back for planting sea grasses and potentially a mangrove, and shallow in the front to allow for interesting...
  22. Dommerguy

    New Jersey TANK BREAKDOWN Selling all livestock

    NORTH JERSEY 07444, No shipping! Other misc stuff is pretty cheap also dry goods 2 clowns (longin&fancy) 1 midas 1 sixline 1Ruby dragonette Misc cleanup crew Kenya tree, Stunner chalice Acorn x2 one orange, one tiny yellow Long polyp leather splattered frogspawn 4 head. $90 Green/ orange...
  23. Jordan Stone

    New Jersey New York JBJ AIO 65 Glossy White Stand

    Anyone in NJ/NY looking to upgrade to the JBJ 65g AIO aquarium/ in need of a tank stand? I recently upgraded, but received a stand, which was damaged in shipping. I am getting a replacement, and now have this extra stand which has some cosmetic issues. There's a scratch on its door, a slightly...
  24. J

    New Jersey Nj- corals

    Hello I looking for buy coral ( lps, softies , Zoas colonies
  25. J

    New Jersey For Sale Red Sea reefer 750XXL

    For Sale Red Sea reefer 750XXL with Neptune Apex Systems Complete Brand new tank Red Sea reefer 750 XXL tank is perfect all equipment 18 months old. Neptune apex with flow monitors, leak detectors, auto top off, Vortech WXM controller, Vortech MP40 QD, 2 reactors, 57 Watt UV Sterilizer, reef...
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