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  1. NIB Reef Octopus VarioS6

    For sale Pennsylvania NIB Reef Octopus VarioS6

    NIB Reef Octopus VarioS6 pump for sale under MSRP and no taxes. MSRP $375.36 My price: $325 shipped
  2. Apex Set up + DOS Doser

    For sale New York Apex Set up + DOS Doser

    Complete starter Apex package available. Apex and Dos have been well maintained cleaned and calibrated every six months. -Brain, EB832 switch & complete probe package + magnetic holder $650 -Apex DOS dosing pump $250 Location -10457 or 10520 ( can meet in Westchester or NYC ) shipping...
    $250.00 to $650.00
  3. Moving sale: beautiful corals up for grabs

    For sale Moving sale: beautiful corals up for grabs

    everything is for sale: indo dragon soul torches: $160 single head (2 available) also have ~8 frags with more heads wwc grafted montis: $50 frags huge size jason fox beach bum encrusting monti: $300 fat head dendro colony (~10 heads): $210 utter chaos zoas: $50 frags giant candy cane/trumpet...
    $30.00 to $400.00
  4. Indo Dragon Soul Torch Frags MOVING SALE

    For sale Indo Dragon Soul Torch Frags MOVING SALE

    Indo Dragon Soul Frags; mature, vibrant specimens with crazy extension. Mother colony pictured below. 1 head: $175, firm (2 available) 2 heads: $340, very fat heads (1 available) 2-3 heads (pinching): $425 (1 available) 3 heads: $500 (3 available) 3-4 heads (pinching): $600, also fat heads (1...
    $175.00 to $660.00
  5. L

    New Jersey WTB WTB Superman and Candy Apple Red Zoanthid frags - prefer local pickup in NJ area.

    Looking to buy Superman & Candy Apple Red Zoa frags. Would prefer to buy locally, but open to shipping if you have both.
  6. Indo Dragon Soul Torch Frags

    For sale Indo Dragon Soul Torch Frags

    Exquisite Dragon Soul Torch frags up for grabs. I've grown this colony out from one head to ~24 heads over the last 4 years. Mature torches all with impressive extension, one of the most vibrant specimens I've ever come across. The mother colony is pictured are where all frags are derived from...
    $175.00 to $700.00
  7. 2 AI Hydra 32 HD's with mounting arms

    For sale 2 AI Hydra 32 HD's with mounting arms

    Lights work great just getting out of the hobby. Willing to ship
  8. 40 gallon reef tank

    For sale 40 gallon reef tank

    This is a 40 gallon cube tank with stand. Great overall looking tank. Comes with everything you need light,sump,pump,wavemakers,heater. Just add water and rock! List of items include AI prime hd 2 jebao wavemakers 200 watt finnex titanium heater DC controlled Return pump Icecap 15 sump Any...
  9. Apex Equipment - NJ 07090

    For sale Apex Equipment - NJ 07090

    Looking to sell as a package - $500 to move quickly. Includes everything below: - Would prefer not to part out but if enough interest in separate parts, may consider it - Preference will be given to local pickup over shipping (Westfield, NJ) - Willing to trade for GHL ProfiLux 4 Starter Set or...
  10. Sps and zoas for sale in Bucks County PA

    For sale Sps and zoas for sale in Bucks County PA

    Local pick up only but can ship after the holidays. Lots of frags and some mini colonies up for grabs. Procillapora colony $40 (one from picture sold but i have another.) Green staghorn frag SOLD Rainbow Incinerator plug SOLD but can cut to order more just pm me. White zombie 3...
    $10.00 to $150.00
  11. Pentair 18 Watt UV Sterlizer (New Jersey)

    For sale Pentair 18 Watt UV Sterlizer (New Jersey)

    Pentair 18 Watt UV Sterlizer Used 6 months Includes (1) mounting bracket All original packaging & fittings Pickup in North Jersey
  12. Corals local pickup only Jersey 08822

    For sale Corals local pickup only Jersey 08822

    Hi all, I made a few frags of some higher end zoas just cut them on Thanksgiving so will need a few weeks. I will be back sometime of the week of December 13th I’m at college but just wanted to put these out now as I will need to make room for SPS frags out of our bigger tank when I get home...
    $123.00 to $20,200.00
  13. N

    Connecticut New York Livestock Trade Shrooms, etc for trade

    Purple Blue Plating Photosynthetic Sponge Pink Grube’s Photosynthetic Gorgonian Jason Fox Blue Spot Shroom Green shroom with bubbles Rainbow Bubble Tip Anenome
  14. K

    5" Blue Hippo Tang

    This thread is for the general discussion of the classified ad 5" Blue Hippo Tang. For more information about this item, please click the link or ask a question in this thread. Please add to the discussion here.
  15. 5" Blue Hippo Tang

    For sale 5" Blue Hippo Tang

    5" Blue Hippo Tang - Beautiful & healthy. I've had this fish for 3 years. Never had ich or any diseases in tank. Can send more pics through PM.
  16. M

    New Jersey Dry Good Trade LTT miter saw for tank

    I have a rigid 12in miter saw, basically in new condition other than the guard thatbroke during a move. Works perfectly. Looking to trade it for an AIO or a rimless tank. Lmk what you have local to NEW JERSEY thanks guys
  17. MSarro27

    Bubble Tip Anemones 4 Sale

    1- Fairy dust 8” BTA 180.00 2 - Funburst 4” BTA 150 or 2 for 250 Old Bridge, NJ 08857 - pickup only
  18. MSarro27


    This thread is for the general discussion of the classified ad BTAs NEMS 4 SALE. For more information about this item, please click the link or ask a question in this thread. Please add to the discussion here.
  19. duesmortem

    New Jersey Livestock Trade Indo Dragon Soul Torch (1 head)

    Hello! Recently cut up my mother colony. Selling a single head frag for $175 Looking for Local Pick up in 07601 Please send PM to arrange pick up
  20. BTA

    For sale BTA

    BTA (Bubble Tip Anemone) usually sells for $200 dollars, my large BTA split into a second large one and it is just too much in one tank. Please take this second one off my hands : - ] BTA may seem smaller than actual size in picture due to current confinement. Please bring own container for...
  21. codee

    Mantis Shrimp Needs Home (Free)

    This mantis hitchhiked into my display on some live rock from KPAquatics (amazing rock, btw!). I successfully got him out - now he's in my quarantine tank and looking for a home. He's of the "smashing" variety (my guess is a Wennerae) and he is about 3" long and quite active (as evidenced by...
  22. E

    New Jersey WTB Aqua 25w UV Sterilizer w/o wiper

    As the title says, I'm looking for an Aqua 25w UV Sterilizer if anyone has one available.
  23. S

    21 tall aqueon frameless QT setup 18951 $100

    I’m selling a frameless aqueon 21 tall tank with aquaclear 50, mesh top, glass top and stand. Just add a heater for a great QT setup. The tank does not leak and has no scratches and is made with low iron glass. The aquaclear works as expected and I’m only selling this because I’m moving and it...
  24. S

    New Jersey Pennsylvania Frag tank with everything, 6 x T5 light 18951 $150

    I am selling a frag tank that I bought on this forum and made improvements then I had it set up for a while but I’m moving so it’s got to go. It is approximately 15-20 gallons total with a 10 gallon sump with diy baffle kit, aquaponics tray, with both gate valve controlled durso and emergency...
  25. O

    Selling my 4.5" chrysurus angelfish

    I'm selling my chrysurus angelfish, $350. The fish is super healthy and eats like a pig. Selling him because my regal angel is intimidated by him. I'm located in Teaneck NJ, and can meet halfway.
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