orphek bar led

  1. Rusticman

    Added 2 Orphek OR3 99 Blue Plus to Red Sea E260

    Liked the bar on my Planet 155gal. so much I added two of them to my Red Sea E260 tank.
  2. BighohoReef

    Hanging with Orphek the light bar

    Hey all, I'm looking for some specific lighting advice on the Orphek OR120 LED light bar. We're currently moving 30g LPS/Euphyllia dominated tank to a new WB 135.4. I've been testing out our T5 lights and just find the spectrum to be flat and uninviting (I'm aware it probably is amazing for...
  3. Orphek

    Buy Today! THE NEW Orphek OR 120/ 90 /60 - Bars LED Lights

    *Update 29/4/2020 :New version of Orphek OR3 reef bar LED light So please check the new product page here : https://orphek.com/or2-150-120-90-60-reef-led-lighting/ Orphek OR series are the coolest LED Lighting Bars for aquariums. For optimal SPS/LPS coral growth, color and illumination...
  4. gilman

    Build Thread 40 breeder build .

    So after taking a few years off from the hobby Ive decided to jump back in . This time around Im going small and building a 40 breeder mixed reef . Im going all out on this one and starting with everything brand new . The tank is a standard aqueon 40b I drilled for a eshoppes M internal...
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