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  1. Coulter Schmidt

    Overflow Box for HOB filter (No hanging bracket)

    I ordered an overflow box for my filter but it didn't come with a hanging bracket, they don't specify on their website whether or not they come with one but some pictures I saw had one. I emailed them asking if it was a mistake or it was my misunderstanding. I'm waiting for their email before I...
  2. nickkohrn

    Need Assistance with Plumbing Decision

    I am working on putting together a new frag system. It will consist of a 40-gallon breeder and a Bashsea Smart Series sump. The sump has three 1.5" drain connections, which is helpful as I intend to use a Bean Animal configuration. However, that is where I need your assistance as I decided to...
  3. Tiwo

    WTB: External overflow

    Looking for a external overflow as my tank is tempered and i cannot drill. (40 gallon breeder) Preferably 2 pipes. If you are someone or know someone who can make one/makes them pm me and we can talk
  4. Jeremy K.A.

    Safest HOB Overflow

    Hey R2R members I'm going to set up a 40 gallon breeder tank for frogfish and have a few other tanks, none of which have sumps etc, that being said I'd really like to do this one "right". I'd prefer not to drill the tank, and would rather use a HOB overflow, but have heard of them being a key...
  5. K

    BRSTV Investigates - New Topic Idea

    Hey guys, I follow the team on a lot of different outlets, R2R, Youtube, Instragram, etc. I noticed a post on Instagram from you guys on May 12th showing someone drilling a tank after its already been setup and running. https://www.instagram.com/p/BUATRvqD-SO/ It would be great to see how you...