oversized skimmer

  1. M

    Oversized Skimmer

    I found a My Reef Creations MR-3 skimmer on the side of the road last weekend. It appears to be on good condition as side from needing some o-rings. I'm planning a 120-200 gal tank in the next few years. I know skimmer ratings are not an exact science and shouldn't be followed too closely but...
  2. Reef of Fillory

    From 75G to 32G, what stocking level is acceptable?

    Hello, I've had a 75 Gallon with 40G sump for the last 6 months. I have sold my house and now need to downgrade tanks, and sell/trade for credit any fish that I can't keep in the new tank. I bought a CoraLife Biocube 32Gallon with LED hood etc...
  3. serenade

    Help choosing icecap skimmer size, or comparable

    I'm looking to finally take the plunge and upgrade my skimmer , very limited sump space. I'm mostly looking at icecap eitherthe k2 160, or the k2 200. I just dont want to go way to big for my current system. I was considering a skimz monster 163, but from reading reviews they're customer...
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