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    Anthias - 13 Species in Stock Now - Including Randall's & Pictilis (Male/Female/Pair)

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  2. FishyBusinessAq

    RARE FISH - we have some rare fish (and pairs) in right now!

    Interruptus Angel; Japan - Centropyge interruptus Line Spot Trigger, Male, Large Hooded Fairy Wrasse Pair, Australia Flame Wrasse Pair, Hawaii Blue Jaw Trigger Pair, Hawaii Some amazing puffers (very large) We also have Venustus Angels, Cherry Anthias, Dragon Eels, Orangspot...
  3. 'Pairing' Wrasses: That's Not How Any of this Works!

    'Pairing' Wrasses: That's Not How Any of this Works!

    It is something I read often: “Where can I buy a female for my male ____ wrasse?” Or: “I want to buy another ____ wrasse and pair them up!” Wait! Time out for a minute! First, we really need some understanding of how wrasses interact and live in their natural environment. In the ocean, most...
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