par level

  1. CMO

    California (SOLD) ITC Reefculture PARwise USB Par Meter

    Purchased new about a year ago. Used once and has been in storage since. Excellent condition, nearly new and works great.
  2. Erik the Red

    Adjusting light in gorgonian tank after PAR reading

    Hello! I’m seeking for some help regarding PAR values for gorgonians. I’ve been measuring the PAR in my tank with the Photone app and a diffuser. I have 2 AI PRIME set at maximum height on the rigid bracket and are using the Stuart Bertram schedule at 100% These are the PAR readings If...
  3. phil bevilacqua

    Alabama Par meter Apogee MQ 510 with wand

    This is the 510 model that measures LED . It’s Two year old with 39 inch fiberglass apogee wand not the knock off . I have used it may be five times over the years call. Perfect condition just like new.
  4. F

    LPS PAR & Aggression Questions - Acan/Micro, Blastos, and more

    New to having a reef tank at a little over one month in, tank fully cycled, and have some Zoas and one Rhodactis Mushroom coral already. I have some important compatibility, PAR, and placement questions namely about Acans/Micromussa, Blastos, and more, that are probably all very basic questions...
  5. J

    XR15 G6 on IM 25 Lagoon Settings

    Hello, Has anyone figured out the best settings for PAR and coloration on the above for a mixed tank? The Lagoon style is only 12" deep and the G6's seem very powerful.
  6. W

    Does the XR15 Pro G4 still hold up in 2022?

    Hi all, I’ve been looking at upgrading my lights. I currently have a kessil A80 Tuna blue. Would the xr15 pro gen 4 be much of an upgrade? And does it still hold up in 2023?
  7. TheSheff

    Measuring PAR of LED and T5

    Just curious if anyone has used photone or another cheaper lux/par meter to measure the par of an LED and T5 combo. I am about to add two t5 bulbs to supplement my two kessil leds on my tank and i’m not sure how that process would work. Seems like the kelvin of ATI T5’s are higher than any...
  8. Houdinijosh

    Par testing

    T5 hybrid with A360WE Kessil. I tested a couple heights and intensity settings. I do not have ability to ramp up or down. What I was guessing was to do two hours of Kessil at 75% and then T5 comes on for 4 hours with both and then the Kessil alone for 2 hours. What are your thoughts.
  9. ajskennes

    Alabama sq-420 par sensor

    getting out of the hobby so selling my par meter, i dont have a actual pic at the moment but i added a stock pic from brs, it plugs into your computer, it comes with the wand, $200 shipped, paypal only, text for more info 251-472-5002 and ill get some actual pics up later, thanks
  10. stephanjupillat

    Is this enough PAR? Two XR30 G6 blue and two 60" reefbrite XHO

    Future tank will be 6'Lx28"Wx26"H. I'm tall so figured I'd add 2" in height and hopefully still be able to reach the bottom. I know three XR30 G6 blue's will be enough to light this tank for SPS. However I wanted to add two 60" reefbrites blues, 1 on each side and maybe angled in a little to...
  11. Stu_Tanks

    AI Prime 16HD PAR Levels

    Hey everyone. I just recently got an AI Prime 16 and tested the PAR on it today. It was a headache trying to research what kind of schedule I should go off of. I ended up sort of mimicking the schedule recommended by BRS. I found the PAR levels they recommended too high for my LPS dominant...
  12. kennedysherman

    Best Types of Coral to Place on a High Arch?

    What type of coral would be happiest/safest going on the arch of the rock? Currently none of my coral are glued down because I wanted to make sure that they will thrive in their location before it becomes their permanent home. There are plenty of spaces on the main sections of the rock...
  13. agame2021

    Rose bubble tip anemone lights

    First off who has BTA’s and what are your favorite lights that have helped them thrive for 2+ years(obviously I want longer but some people haven’t been in the hobby for 5+ years…) 2. what should I be looking for in a light? Is Par really everything? Controllability?(honestly would like to set...
  14. Karen00

    Determining PAR based on manufacturer's rating

    Hello fellow saltines, My tank is a small 5g (16"L x 8"D x 11"H). This is my first tank. No corals yet because the tank is only 1 month old but I'm planning to add some down the road. The stock light most likely won't won't because the tank was made for freshwater so I'm thinking of getting the...
  15. cheykaser

    PAR? The importance and understanding it?

    I recently saw a post on PAR and how important it can be "IF" you understand I've been doing a little (very little) search on the subject and that is a Pandoras box ! I currently have a 25 nano and a 55g (currently cycling) both are running radions...I would like to know a...
  16. G

    Upgrading from two to three Radion G5 XR15 Pro fixtures

    Hey guys, Last year I bought two XR15 Pro fixtures and I'm really happy with them. My Acros on the top are starting to shadow themselves and so I ordered another fixture. Tank: RedSea Reefer 425XL (Mixed-reef) Currently running the two fixtures at 90% intensity. (and the fans sometimes do get...
  17. ajtomase

    Vivid Aquariums vs Tidal Gardens par level suggestions

    Hello everyone, I'm trying to plan my first LPS dominant system and I've been doing researching on corals, especially when it comes to par measurements. I saw the these two company give par recommendations for all their corals, but they couldn't be any more different. Has anyone used either of...