pax bellum

  1. JSpen

    Michigan WTB pax bellum arid 18

    Looking for a pax bellum arid 18 chaeto reactor.
  2. H

    Virginia PaxBellum arid 18 algae reactor

    PaxBellum Arid18. Works great! As pictured. $200 shipped best way ground.
  3. dRsLy

    Ohio Pax Bellum n18 Algae Reactor- brand new

    I bought this reactor and never even hooked it up once, so it is in brand new condition. I’m currently taking a break from the hobby and need to move some of this equipment that is taking up space. Asking $400.00 shipped to anywhere in the continental US.
  4. A

    New York SOLD. Pax Bellum n24 for sale

    Sold. I purchased this arid 2 months ago. I never use until my 1st batch chaeto delivered on 2/16/2019. Only 6 weeks used. I'm thinking of upgrade to larger size. Looking for $600 and local pick up preferred at Queens, New York.
  5. ReefBum

    ReefBum's Latest SPS Journey

    Back in mid-2015 I started my latest reef tank, a 187 gallon aquarium. For the first time I decided to use dry rock instead of live rock and I had one problem after another, including diatoms, a bacterial bloom and the worst pest I ever encountered, dinos. Ultimately, I was never able to grow...
  6. Scurvy

    Massachusetts Sold - Pax Bellum N18

    I have a brand new in box Arid N18. Only opened to check out build quality, Parts/Power box un-opened. Decided to go with an in sump fuge. Asking $400 shipped.
  7. Wrasse-cal

    Geo Calcium Reactor with Pax Bellum Algae Reactor

    I am having some concerns that I may not be installing the CA reactor assembly properly. Presently, I have the Pax Bellum N18 algae reactor hooked up to a Geo 618 calcium reactor with a 415 secondary media chamber. I have the output of my secondary media chamber feeding into the low...
  8. MarineDepot

    And the winners are ...

    And the winners are ... Marine Depot Best of 2017 Award Winners!
  9. uniquecorals

    Extra Extra! Meet the inventor and maker of the Pax Bellum - Tristan Wilson!

    Ok Ok, we are getting really really excited for MACNA. But hey, who isn't?! Wow! Come and meet the designer and inventor of the #PaxBellum, Tristan Wilson himself, at the Unique Corals booth at #MACNA! #166 Ask the man himself all the questions you have about this amazing product. Hear all...
  10. MarineDepot

    NEW @ MD: Pax Bellum ARID Algae Reactors

    NEW @ MD: Pax Bellum ARID Algae Reactors Grow Chaeto to export nutrients in systems 40-1000 gallons!
  11. Broadfield

    Pax Bellum ARID N18 Macroalgae Based Bio Filter - BNIB

    ***SOLD***Selling a brand new Pax Bellum ARID N18 Macroalgae Based Bio Filter I first want to say this thing is a work of art. I'm one of those guys that places importance on build quality, cosmetics, craftsmanship etc. So I don't mind spending top dollar if it works as advertised and meets...