ph 7.4

  1. W

    Ph probe and Temp link to Easy IOT Cloud

    Ph Temp Probe is used to detect PH and Temperature in a aquarium / fish tank, the code will also create a EasyIoT entry on the cloud. 3D plastic cover decrease the flow of water for more accurate reading. 3D DIY print cover: code...
  2. Sakosreef

    Introduction to dosing

    Hi everyone hope you’re doing well. So today I tested my water for the first time and here are my numbers Calcium: 350 Alkalinity: 7 Ph: 7.8 I have brightwell aquatics calcium, alkalinity and ph ready to be used. I’ve been doing some research on dosing but it’s hard to wrap your head around...
  3. lonewonderer

    Ph dipping at 7.75

    hello guys, kinda worried this winter season because of my ph dipping at 7.74 and peak at 7.9 ... will my corals get affected with this parameters? They look ok at the moment but I’m just really worried and know that i don’t have to chase Ph. Any input is appreciated. TIA!! Steps made: Air line...
  4. tonybwill

    my ph is 7.4

    Will soda ash help?