1. I

    Texas Phytoplankton

    I have some fresh phytoplankton it's a mix of nano and tetra. Each bag is 300ml or 10oz can sell each bag $10 shipped.
  2. KeyloBeatz

    LED lights for phyto growing

    I’m getting rdy to start growing my own Phyto and my question is. I want to use LED,s to grow phyto but I’m not sure what to get... I’ve read a few different things but I’m not really finding the answer I’m looking for... I just don’t want to to waste money I want to buy somthing that’ll work...
  3. mario4933

    Algaebarn is awesome!

    Hello everyone! I wanted to express how happy I am with @AlgaeBarn and their costumer service. I ordered pods and phyto for the first time ever, not just from them but ever in general. The package was held by USPS at their sorting facility for almost 3 full days before being shipped out to me...
  4. Jeff@CoralVue

    Phytoplankton: Single Doses, Manually Dose, or Connect to a Doser!

    EasyReefs EasyBooster Phytoplankton Gel PRODUCT LINKS: In nature, there is one key organism that stands alone as the base of the marine ecosystem. Without this small giant, life in the ocean would be impossible. Phytoplankton or...
  5. ToesInTheSand

    Phytoplankton Production

    Hey guys, we started a phyto culture and the first batch took 14 days before we could split it. This time it only took 4 days and it looks like we can split it again. Should we let it go longer or do you think we should split it? What it looked like when starting What it looks like right now
  6. AlgaeBarn

    B.O.G.O. Flash sale is Over :(

    We are sorry, but this is no longer an active promotion!
  7. E

    Idaho Live, natural phytoplankton. Nannochloropsis and/or Tetraselmis

    Live, natural phytoplankton. Nannochloropsis and/or Tetraselmis. (Photos to follow) 16-ounce bottles - $8.00 each. Mix and Match - I can send separate bottles of either type, or mix them in the same bottle – whichever you prefer. I also have some Guillard’s formula “f2” fertilizer (micro algae...
  8. GrumpyAlison

    Self Sustaining Pod Culture - I think I accidentally made one?

    A while ago (Oct/Nov of last year; 7-8 months ago) I set up a little pod/phyto culture in a 2.5 gal tank. It's just regular reef tank water, a bubbler with a wooden air stone that I weighed down with a piece of dry rock and the whole thing is lit by a 9 watt 6500k pendant LED for 8-16 hrs a day...
  9. Wirat

    Florida Live Phyto

    Have some extra phytoplankton if anyone is interested. I currently have [7] 16.9oz water bottles full of it. Nice and dark. Grown using F/2 fertilizer (micro algae grow) from Florida Aqua Farms. Culture started with Nanno, Iso, Tetra and Thal (Ocean Magik live phyto). $15 each. If you want to...
  10. Brad Miller

    Culturing and feeding Phytoplankton to Coral, Pods and Fish

    I've exhausted myself over the course of several months researching this and still can not seem to find the answers I'm looking for. I did order "Ocean Majic" Phyto from Algae Barn (4 strain mix) and have been doing their recommended dosing once a day by adding to my refugium for just over 1...
  11. wesman42

    Michigan Chaeto + Nannochloropsis Phyto

    I have: 4 Quarts of Chaeto for sale. I'm asking $15/each shipped. 5 - 16oz bottles of Nannochloropsis Phyto. They were cultured using f/2 WITHOUT silicates. For this reason, and due to the nature of Nanno, it's not quite as dark as other phytoplanktons. This phyto is alive, and it's dense. I'm...
  12. shiftline

    Is it possible to build a self-sustaining pod/phytoplankton culture?

    I'm convinced it is possible and have started a series of experiments to find out that magical combination! So why would you want to do this? Well, Phytoplankton is the base food of the ocean.. it feeds your copepods.. which intern feeds your fish and coral.. Self-sustaining live food? yes...
  13. MarineDepot

    PhycoPure SeaPro: The First Living Frozen Phytoplankton!

    AlgaGen’s Erik Stenn Tells Us Why We Should Feed PhycoPure SeaPro, The First Living Frozen Phytoplankton, To Our Reef Tanks—And Teases More Live Frozen Foods May Be Coming PhycoPure SeaPro is a live algae culture delivered to you in “suspended animation.” Once thawed, the phytoplankton...
  14. Jeremy K.A.

    Bivalve question!

    Hey everyone, this is my first post! I have been searching quite a while for mussels/ mussel cluster, or other unusual bivalves. That being said, does anyone know of any sites that sell them? Thank you very much for your time! IF YOU HAVE SOME IN YOUR TANKS SHOW'EM OFF, POST THEM BELOW!
  15. Reef Nutrition

    The Case for Concentrates: How Reed Mariculture is helping bivalve farmers succeed like never before

    The Case for Concentrates by Tim Reed, Eric Henry July 23, 2014 Bivalve aquaculture production is more dependent on high quality microalgae than any other aquaculture sector. Because bivalves filter-feed almost exclusively on microalgae, the quantity and quality of available microalgae is...
  16. DipSpit

    Shelf-stable food dosing - is anyone doing this?

    BLUF: What food can I feed via dosing pump? After a quick search around R2R with some keywords I couldn't find much on shelf stable food products for corals/inverts. Let me put this into context, though, of what I am trying to do. I recently switched from the KZ coral system (1-4) to the FM...
  17. AlgaeBarn

    April Contest Thread: April Discounts Bring May Copepods

    Greetings Reef2Reefers, Spring has sprung here at AlgaeBarn, and we have new products in bloom to help you maintain a clean and happy tank. In honor of Earth Day (April 22nd), go ahead and treat your tank with Premium Live Copepods and Phytoplankton from Our pods and phyto...
  18. Reef Nutrition

    Live Feeds Topics

    Hey everyone, Chad Clayton here. I am gearing up to present at the Ocean State Reef Aquarium Society's annual event in April. I am going to discuss live feeds and how they are applied to aquariums (also a little about aquaculture). I have a lot of information from past experiences on brine...
  19. isaacalves

    Type of Microscope/Mag level for identifying phyto cultures

    I'd like to get a microscope to check my phytocultures, but not sure which make/model/or even just magnification I should be looking for. If all that's needed is magnification of a certain level then I can go cheap :) thanks Isaac
  20. A

    Idea for a phyto drip system

    I had an idea for a phyto drip system. I am considering trying to make it when I have more time to devote to it. Would love to hear everyone's thoughts on this.
  21. AlgaeBarn

    October Discount Thread: These Discounts Are Scary Good

    It's October good people of Reef2Reef, We have a TON of new products and services we are very excited to tell you about this month as well as some scary good discounts and exclusive offers. Interesting fact: According to our fancy shipping software, AlgaeBarn has shipped over 5.6 TONS of live...