1. psumms

    International Optical Sensor Mount for Neptune APEX Utility Pump PMUP v2 / ATK v2

    Hi all, there were dozens of designs for the old style PMUP sensor mounts, but nothing much for the new version - so I made one! I've been surprised by how popular they been! The collar provides a perfect fit to the pump body, holding a Neptune Apex optical sensor firm and secure - with cable...
  2. MattJS

    North Carolina Sold

    Pm is the best way to get in touch with me. PM2 Orange Label module- $55 shipped It’s like new and works perfectly.
  3. Roggio

    Customized Apex ATO. Consensus was it couldn't be done

    I have my reservoir 20-25 feet from my tank in a laundry room. I lose 30-40 gallons a week in evaporation. The reservoir under the tank took up too much room and I had to refill it weekly. I made a jumper out of 18g speaker wire and ran it, and 1/4 tubbing through the attic. The whole thing...
  4. ReeferDave01

    Neptune Apex PMUP

    Does anyone know what Neptune PMUP GPH rating is? Im also trying to run it for about 30 seconds a day to pump water into the tank. Whats the OSC command I should use?