premium aquatics

  1. Jeff@CoralVue

    Win a Gyre 2K pump from Premium Aquatics!

    I saw in @premiumaquatics / @Premiumaq latest email newsletter that they're giving away an IceCap 2K Gyre pump! There is no purchase necessary to enter or win. Just do the following: Watch the video below Subscribe to their YouTube channel Comment on the video on YouTube That's it! Good luck!
  2. Mical

    Shout Out to Premium Aquatics

    I wanted to give a shout out to Premium Aquatics for fast service and quality products. I usually buy from BRS because they're dang near in my backyard. Standard shipping is 1-2 days. But to keep BRS honest I check others and there are some things BRS don't carry (IE: Mag pumps, Bubble Magus...
  3. AiKkz

    Premium Aquatics

    @premiumaquatics Just wanted to take a second to express how impressed I am with this company. I bought most of my equipment including rocks and sand for my 300 gallon and they never skipped a beat. Extraordinary customer service with Luke and the others. Also just got my trident from them so...
  4. M

    Premium Aquatics / Coralvue

    just a note to say what a pleasure it is to do business with high quality customer service focused companies. I ordered a new Kamoer peristaltic pump from Premium aquatics that arrived last Friday very fast shipping as I had ordered on Wednesday When I opened the box sorry to say one of the...
  5. ReefFreak@

    Premium Aquatics = great customer service

    Just like the title says. I recently bought a skimmer from Premium Aquatics, upon arrival of the skimmer i realized i purchased the wrong size( long work day followed by late night purchases). I quickly contacted Premium Aquatics, and within the same day was emailed back and given an RA number...
  6. PbMan26

    Premium Aquatics - The Best!

    I've tried many online suppliers and I've settled on Premium Aquatics. Today proves again why. I needed something at my house tomorrow. I emailed them... Even though Next Day is not an option listed on their website, they said its possible. They said UPS just showed up and it would be tight...
  7. Premiumaq

    NEW GIVEAWAY Bubble Magus Filter Roller

    Today we are taking a look at the Bubble Magus Filter Roller available at Premium Aquatics. Thanks for watching and don't forget to subscribe and hit the bell to stay up to date. Bubble Magus Filter Roller: Visit Premium Aquatics: For a...
  8. Premiumaq

    NEW GIVEAWAY: Aqamai KPM Powerhead

    Today we are taking a look at the Aqamai KPM Powerhead. We are going to unbox the KPM and compare it to the Aqamai KPS Powerhead. Thanks for watching and don't forget to subscribe and hit the bell to stay up to date. Aqamai KPM Powerhead: Aqamai KPS Powerhead...
  9. Premiumaq

    NEW VID & GIVEAWAY: Inland DB-100 ReefKeeper Saw w/Diamond Blade

    Today we are taking a look at the Inland DB-100 ReefKeeper Saw w/Diamond Blade available at Premium Aquatics. This saw will help you step up your coral fragging game. Thanks for watching and don't forget to subscribe. Inland ReefKeeper Diamond Blade Saw: Visit Premium...
  10. AquaNerd

    Please Welcome Premium Aquatics to AquaNerd!

    Please welcome Premium Aquatics to AquaNerd. 21 years and counting since Jason opened the doors - this probably makes them the 1st company to ever sell WYSIWYG corals and aquarium dry goods online in the US. Click the link to learn a little Premium history...
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