radion gen 4 pro

  1. JDtimk

    New York Radion Pros, Alkatronic, MP40s, Korallin CaRx, Kamoer Fx-STP, Co2 Reg, more

    Hello. I am getting out of the hobby for awhile after a tank leak and am selling my equipment. I am starting with what is listed below, but I have tons of other stuff including MH setups, Kalk reactor, dosing pumps, testing supplies, etc. Couple hundred pounds of live rock if you are local. If...
  2. CHUCKB973


    Hey everyone I’m new to R2R and I’ve Decided to share the progress of my new build! I bought a used SCA 50 gal cube aquarium with stand and sump for $200. After cleaning it up a bit I decided to remove the black vinyl backing. I went ahead and painted the back as well as the bottom of the tank...
  3. Romeo007

    Ohio Ecotech Radion XR15 gen 4 Pro

    got one Ecotech Radion XR15 gen 4 Pro fresh water for sale , great for planted tank for your refugium. -$25o Shipped includes PP.
  4. El.Kae

    California RADION XR30 GEN4 PRO

    Forsale Radion Xr30 Gen4 Pro and RMS Mount. Light ordered July 2017 from BRS. $700 shipped/Paypaled. Pickup available in Sacramento, CA
  5. Az reefer

    Can't decide Orphek or Radion/T5

    Please help!!! I cant decide between 2 Atlantik V4 Orphek lights or 3 gen4 pros with a coralife t5. This is going to kight an sps dominant 165gallon tank. 72wide 20 deep 26 tall. Opinions and comparisons would help out alot. I like the idea of the radions programming and the t5, I have also seen...
  6. B

    Pennsylvania Radion Gen 4 Pros x3

    Looking for 3 - gen 4 pros used. Whatcha got?
  7. Why-Me

    SCA 50 Gallon PNP System EcoTech Marine Edition

    So at 7:00pm last night I received shipment of my new SCA 50 gallon cube, rustic grey stand, SCA 301 skimmer, atman ph2500 return pump, filter floss, media balls, sponge media, overflow cover, 18.5 gallon glass sump, Reef Link, G4 Radion XR15 pro. I'm still waiting for a backorder from SCA of an...
  8. jordimex

    Red sea Reefer 350 full SPS

    Hello, guys I just bought a one-month-old used red sea 350 from a friend here in Florida. I decided to have an SPS dominant tank I will be posting pictures here as I go on, but for now I have a quick question about lighting, almost everywhere I read the desired LED for SPS is Radions, but I...
  9. Ch3tt

    Radion Gen 4 Pro *New in Sealed Box*

    Brand new never opened Radion XR30w Gen 4 Pro up for sale. Asking $780 Shipped
  10. Centerline

    Centerline's RedSea Reefer 525 XL +25 +25 Build

    Ironically, I'm sitting at my desk looking at a RedSea 450 I set up a couple of months ago at my office (not the picture before you) and did not manage to get enough good pictures to really consider a build thread. I plan to do better with the 525 XL +25 +25 and am looking forward to hearing...
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