rainbow acan

  1. Underwatergardeners


    Hello everyone, I have a 8 coral frag pack for $200 shipped any questions feel free to send a private message. Thanks :) Reading Rainbow Acan 7up Micromusa Orange Rainbow Chalice Dragon Soul Favia Og Mummy Eye Chalice Blasto UG Sour Apple Monti JF Burning Banana
  2. Underwatergardeners

    Livestock *New Sponsor* Underwatergardeners Huge Website Update

    Hello everyone, we are Underwatergardeners and new to Reef2Reef but have been around about 10yrs now. We travel doing fragswaps and trade shows and also sell locally and online. If you have seen us around please feel free to say hello in here :). Please take time to check out our website HERE we...
  3. ChaosAquaculture

    Livestock Chaos Aquaculture 50 Piece auction Friday Night

    We have an auction in our Facebook group Chaos corals ending Friday night. The folder is posted now so you can scroll through and check for yourself here https://www.facebook.com/media/set/?set=oa.3287283048077605&type=3 In addition, you must be a member of the group in order to...
  4. C


    9 PACK of Acans including 4 rainbows and 5 rare frags. WYSIWYG some of these frags are large! $500 shipped for the pack.
  5. Joshua Warne

    California All the corals! Come take a peek. (Prize at the end)(Low shipping)

    Hello R2R, I have a few nice pieces for sale. Mostly zoas, but some have some acans, favia, chalices you might enjoy! Please let me know if I can answer any questions or provide further information. Hope you all have a great weekend! All support is greatly appreciated. Best, HookedReefer I...
  6. Yuri Prigodich

    Livestock Awesome Frags At Sea City Corals!

    Spend $200 or more at Seacitycorals.com and be automatically entered to win a large Gold Tipped Torch and a 10 Ultra Frag Pack!! $525 value! First 50 orders of $200 or more starting at 7am on 7/11/19 will be automatically entered! Winner will be randomly picked on 7/14/19. Results will be...
  7. ChaosAquaculture

    HOT DISCOUNTS Chaos R2R Sizzling Summer Sale

    Chaos Aquaculture is offering a 20% discount all month long to Reef2Reef members. We will be doing site updates daily throughout the month. And when you do place that order use code R2R20 to take 20% off. We appreciate the community that R2R brings to the hobby and as a token of our...
  8. ChaosAquaculture

    Livestock Chaos Aquaculture Post Fathers Day Sale

    SHOP WYSIWYG Softies LPS Click the photos to be directed. We figure a post Fathers Day sale is in order. Use Code Chaos15 to take 15% off your entire order. If you have an order shipping this week click add to order on check out, you only pay shipping once. Shop Now...
  9. FishyBusinessAq

    Davy Jones Locker Has Just Been Refilled! (New WYSIWYG loaded!)

    Over 75 more Aussie Acropora being loaded tomorrow! Free Shipping at $149 Father's Day Specials: 10% off at $179 (code: fathers10) -or- $50 off at $299 (code: 50off)
  10. ChaosAquaculture

    So Facebook changing rules again? No worries, we got it covered.

    All new Website updates, click the photos to go to site Rock Flowers, Torches, Hammers, you name it!! We are constantly updating our site to bring you the absolute healthiest most vibrant coral we can. Check out the site by going to http://www.chaosaquaculture.com or click the photos below...
  11. ChaosAquaculture

    Livestock We got a killer auction going tonight starts at 830PM EST

    Just a couple photos of what is up for grabs tonight, we got a real heater going. Copy and paste the link below and please join the group to bid.
  12. ChaosAquaculture

    Chaos Facebook Auctions tonight...

    We got a real heater going tonight, Rainbow Acans like I have never seen, new release bounce, check out the link below, would love to have you, join the group to bid Official Frags Auction House https://www.facebook.com/media/set/?set=oa.509547512782267&type=3
  13. FishyBusinessAq

    FLASH SALE - 30% Off all ACANS in Davy Jones Locker (today only)

    Shop here: https://fishybusinessaquatics.com/wysiwyg/acans/
  14. FishyBusinessAq


    We just posted some acans in Davy Jones Locker that are AMAZING!!! Here are a few to tempt you... see them all here: http://ow.ly/SaoT30mgZy5
  15. Darbna

    Up to 50% off all coral, our biggest sale yet!!!

    OUR BIGGEST SALE EVER!!! YOU WON'T WANT TO MISS THIS! EVERYTHING UP TO 50% DISCOUNT We owe it all to you. This is our way of saying thanks! As an offer of appreciation to our customers, we have slashed prices across our entire website. All prices are up to 50% off and will remain that way...
  16. Darbna

    Insane Colony's added to our WYSIWYG section

    I've added a few ridiculous colonies to our wysiwyg section on our our website. Several are marked down for the next 24 hours. And as a show of our appreciation for this community and forum we wanted to offer an exclusive code: Reef2Reef so members can get an extra 10% off. Feel free to PM...
  17. K

    Alabama Cornbred Rainbow Chalice, Acantho, JBs, Red Devils, & More

    Hello! Thinning out some corals so I can redo my rock work. That said, shipping a flat $45; I'll eat the cost if more, via UPS Next Day Air AM. 2 hour DOA. Contiguous USA only. I've shipped a large number of items. SOLD Scoly $200. About 4" across. It is much lager, fatter than it appears...

    Livestock Rainbow Acan 4 Pack from Coralust Reef Solutions

    These are 4 beautiful hand picked rainbow acan frags from Coralust Reef Solutions. The pictures, one white light and one actinic, are WYSIWYG. This coral pack can be purchased right now on R2R using paypal. Just click the top right "buy now" button. Feel free to browse our website...
  19. reeferman0767

    rainbow acan supplier

    I am located here in florida, moved here from minnesota (where i ship a lot of stuff back to a buddy to sell) and i am looking for a new rainbow acan supplier\ wholesaler. I have my fl lisc if you want that but does anyone know who i should be getting ahold of or any recommendations? I was...