rainbow splice

  1. Thakki

    Virginia Live Goods Moving/Tank teardown sale - Rainbow Splice, Jellybean, SC Dynamite, Crayola Meltdown, HG Micromussa, Amazeball, Ironman goni and others

    Moving out of state and everything has to go!!! Local Pickup in NoVA available. All of them are wysiwyg unless mentioned otherwise. Standard DOA rules apply. Free shipping on orders $400+. Chalices/Micromussa and others most of them are on 3x3 tiles...
  2. Pieces of the Ocean

    Live Goods SPONSOR RRC Rainbow Splice Mini Colony

    1200 shipped. Purchase at: https://www.piecesoftheocean.com/collections/wysiwyg/products/rrc-rainbow-splice-mini-colony
  3. CoralExotic

    California Live Goods High End SPS 6 Pack Homewrecker, Rainbow Splice, Cherry Bomb…

    Sps 6 pack RRC Rainbow Splice TGC Cherry Bomb JF Homewrecker TCK Disco Infero BC Rainbow Melon TSA Wooly Mammoth Seven packs available $550 shipped to the lower 48 states Located in SF Bay Area. Discount for local pickup Live arrival guaranteed
  4. Thakki

    Virginia Live Goods RRC Rainbow splice frag FS

    I have an RRC Rainbow splice frag for sale. Bought it from TCK corals. I am upgrading to a bigger tank and I want to minimize the risk of loosing corals. The frag is about 1/2 inch give or take. Asking $500. Local pickup only. Last pic you can see my splice before fragging.
  5. jgg1133

    Ohio Live Goods RRC Rainbow splice colony. Local P/U in Ohio

    Selling my RRC Rainbow Splice colony. I would prefer local pickup at this time due to the size. Mounted to a 3'' disk, approximately 7 inches tall with branches and basing out. You can see red, just seems to be developing. I don't have time to care for my SPS system any more. $750...
  6. chuckfu5

    Utah Live Goods RRC Rainbow Splice Frags

    Selling Terms Of Service YES I have read the terms and agree to them. I have two RRC Rainbow Splice frags for sale. Original frag was obtained last year from TCK Corals. Both are mostly green with frag #1 having a small amount of red in it. Frag #1 ( first picture and to the right ) is...
  7. CoralWealth

    Pennsylvania Live Goods 3 Large Rainbow Splices for sale

    Hello everyone! I have 3 nice RR Rainbow Splice Frags for sale. I have been growing these out and was going to glue them all together to make a large colony but I have decided to go another direction. All of these photos are under full daylight with my T5s. 4 Blue Plus and 4 Coral Plus is what...
  8. Dr_Steve

    Florida RRC Rainbow Splice Frags

    Lineage direct from RRC Actual Mother Colony Pic on 5/26/21 Frags cut to Order so please allow 2 weeks heal time. Small 1/2 inch $1000 Medium 3/4 inch $1200 Large 1 inch $1400
  9. A Reef Creation

    RRC Rainbow Splice Acro finally cut

    We cut a frag of the RRC Rainbow Splice Acro. We were only able to get one frag of this acro to sell so it will be going into a large pack we put together. The pack will be posted on our website Thursday 6/4 at 8PM EST AREEFCREATION.COM I will start another thread with the pack in it but wanted...