red dragon

  1. Red Dragon Macro

    Red Dragon Macro

    Red Dragon Acropora macro
  2. A

    Red Dragon acro suddenly peeling

    Hi, this morning I noticed my red dragon frag’s tissue suddenly started peeling. I believe it’s a goner but I was wondering if anyone knows why this happened? Thanks!
  3. jwilliams860

    North Carolina Royal Exclusive Red Dragon RD3 50w speedy BNIB

    I have a brand new 50w rd3 pump. I bought it new for a smaller tank build that never got off the ground. The pump is good for 1300gph, DC controller. Extra fittings that came with it. It has metric and standard sizes. $600 shipped
  4. Rsaalman

    Georgia Royal Exclusiv RD3 150 $800

    this thing is a powerhouse and dead silent. Was only ran at 90watts for a year on my 130. Downsized to a 30 so it’s got to go.
  5. AquaNerd

    Royal Exclusiv's new 100 watt Speedy 3 pump
  6. AquaNerd

    Royal Exclusiv releases info about the new Red Dragon 6 Pumps

    Learn more here...
  7. fredro

    New York Royal Exclusiv RD3 50w DC Pump new in box

    as title says, brand new in box RD3 50w Royal Exclusiv pump. Will ship. PayPal $425 11955 eastern LI
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