red sea 200xl

  1. design.maddie

    200 XL complex algae issues

    I have been trying to get a handle on my algae issues for about, well too long. I am calling in the cavalry because I am at a loss of solutions. I know there are going to be recommendations that scare me, suggestions that undermine my intelligence and news that breaks my heart at some point...
  2. NanoSteam

    Back in the game! RSR 250!

    There have been reef tanks in my household from the day I was born thanks to my dad. I've been personally reef keeping on my own since 13? I don't recall, it was a long time ago. I'm not 31, my wife and I purchased our first home and are expecting our first baby in November. I'm ready to setup a...
  3. T

    Georgia BNIB Red Sea Reefer 200xl White

    I have a BNIB white Red Sea Reefer 200xl that I won’t be setting up. Everything is in the box still. Located in North Metro Atlanta area. Asking 1100
  4. K

    Cube Build 32 hydra light settings

    Hey guys I have a Red Sea Reefer 200XL and I have a AI 32 hydra for it but I don’t know what lighting to use I would like some kind of blue look to make the coral color pop out. It’ll be mostly a LPS dominated tank maybe some SPS but all the way in the top. I would greatly appreciate it to get...
  5. K

    AI prime 16HD setting for a Red Sea Reefer 200XL LPS dominated

    Hey guys I just this tank and have no idea on the settings to put. I plan on having the tank LPS dominated. Also should I just buy the 32HD instead?