red sea max e170

  1. BraindeadBiologist

    Good return pump for MAX E 170 aoi?

    I have a red sea max e 170 and have a love hate relationship with the rear sump aoi design. My biggest gripe is that in order to alter the flow of the return pump I have to take out the sponge, unscrew the pipe, pull the pump out, adjust the know with no real indication of what each click...
  2. BelleReef

    Build Thread Mixed Reef Journal

    My first saltwater tank is about to turn 1 year old, so I have decided to start this build thread journal. I will post all about my progress over the past year and keep a running thread of new updates :) A little background about my tank: My boyfriend surprised me with a tank of my choosing as...
  3. R

    Hello Newbie reefer with a Red Sea Max E170

    Currently in the 2-3 week of the fishes cycle process and not much is happening after adding Dr. Tims and ghost feeding every other day. Wondering if I should be adding some live rock vs fish vs cleaner crew to get some things growing?
  4. Jnorthlaw

    Red Sea Max E-170 Red Sea in-cabinet sump upgrade OR Alternative?

    Hi my friends. I'm a new member, so excuse me if this post should be somewhere else. I have a Red Sea Max E170 AIO. I've tried to locate the optional Red Sea sump upgrade kit that no one seems to have, and that all the LFSs in a 200 mile radius, can't seem to find for me, that's with a week of...