red sea reefer 625

  1. ajtomase

    ClariSea SK5000 roller filer in Red Sea Reefer 625

    Hi Everyone, I'm planning on getting my first tank soon, Red Sea Reefer 625. I'm interested in having a ClariSea SK5000 roller filter installed in my tank, but I heard it involves a lot of heavy modifications. Since I'm new, and really need a basics 101 on plumbing and what needs to be...
  2. Smirkish

    Build Thread Red Sea Reefer 625XXL - "The Big One"

    Red Sea Reefer 625XXL System Volume: 169g (on 6/11/21) Welcome to my build thread for my RSR, affectionately known around our household as, “the Big One”. (You know, when someone asks, “Which tank?”) I will continue to update this post with a current photo of the tank and what my setup...
  3. P

    Maxspect RSX 300 Watt on Red Sea 625

    As stated, Red Sea reefer 625xxl about 8 months old. Mostly soft corals, anenome's and zoas throughout. I've got the maxspect rsx 300 on it's stock mounting legs which sit the light on the left/right of the tank and about 8" above the water. I've got the following schedule and settings going...