reef led

  1. Orphek

    Buy Today! THE NEW Orphek OR 120/ 90 /60 - Bars LED Lights

    *Update 29/4/2020 :New version of Orphek OR3 reef bar LED light So please check the new product page here : Orphek OR series are the coolest LED Lighting Bars for aquariums. For optimal SPS/LPS coral growth, color and illumination...
  2. Sunshine22

    SB Reef SBOX 16 Reef LED

    Only 2 months old SB reef 165 watt runnable 2 channel led light, downsized tank so don't need as much power, perfect condition has always been 15" above water so no salt splash or anything on it, have the original box and warranty info so it will ship clean and in perfect condition 100$ plus...
Light quality you'd expect from T5 or Metal Halide