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  1. Skunk Shrimp

    Good clean up crew

    Hello, I was wondering what would be the best clean up crew for a 65g tank? mixed reef with corals and fish, what should be best? I've done some research but cant pinpoint the quantity Current stock: -conch -6 nassarius -4 trochus -3 hermits -5 bumble bee -soon to be 1 Halloween urchin Thanks!
  2. nycfreshreef

    Small new mini hammer heads all over hammer stalk/skeleton & posting cool pics possibly

    Happy Friday , Happy Weekend Everyone Just wanted to post an interesting photo in one of my tanks Got this hammer several months ago as a smaller 2 head frag , it has since split once and then started growing little mini heads all over its stall , so far I can count 9 all around looks to be...
  3. nycfreshreef

    Are my clown fish pair going to have babies (video in post) they are dancing and shaking a lot

    Hello Everyone I just wanted to get your thoughts on this clownfish pair that host the corner of the tank, they have been wiggling together a lot and it seems the male has also started chasing the female a lot these past 24 hours , do you think they might be getting ready to have babies ? If so...
  4. A

    Do Blue Porcelain Crabs Need To Be In A Reef Tank

    Do Blue Porcelain Crabs Need To Be In A Reef Tank With Coral Or Can They Be In A Tank Without Coral