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  1. Terry C

    Waterbox AIO w/stand for sale.

    Hi, I am upgrading to a SCA PNP 50g and want to sell my my other set up. It's a waterbox 20 gallon AIO cube with a black wood aftermarket stand. Its only been set up for about 6 months, in perfect condition. I also will throw in the skimmer, the skimmer is a Macro Aqua m-50 Hang on Back. Tank...
  2. Reefman603

    Mimic tang with flukes

    Picked up a mimic tang this past weekend and believe he has flukes.. What can I treat him with to cure and rid the parasites? I was hoping to use prazi pro but no local store around me carries it, wondering what else I could use to treat it? I want to start treating ASAP before it gets worse.
  3. Reefman603

    What could these worms be?

    Hello everyone, so tonight i decided to look further into why one of my zoa frags wasn't opening up all the way and came to notice these tiny and I mean super tiny little worms around the base of the frag. So I decided to pick up the frag and look underneath it and there were these small almost...
  4. Hausser

    Idaho Redsea Reef 450 (92 Gallon)

    I will not ship, pick up only. I have a Redsea reefer 450 that has only been going for 4 months. I purchased the tank only, it has a crack towards the top of the overflow and does not affect the tank functioning at all. The crack is not on the tank glass, only on the overflow. I built the stand...
  5. T

    Kessil Lighting

    I'm starting this thread for everyone who has questions on kessil lighting. I am currently running 5 kessil A160 tuna blue's over my 6' L x 2'W x 3' D aquarium. I running them from 7 AM to 11 PM the blue line is the a mount of white light vs blue. What I am looking for is what other peoples...
  6. Peter K

    Upgrade #4 (and not the last) - 360G Main Display

    Hey everyone, To start off, I figured I'd say a little about myself and my fiance and our experiences in the hobby. I am lucky enough to have a partner who is as enthusiastic about the hobby as myself (at some points she can be even a bit too enthusiastic...) We have now been in the...
  7. Jeremy Lain

    Phosphate 2.0 in my reef tank is this bad for the livestock?

    Hello, I tested my water parameters and the test said my phosphate is 2.0, is this bad? My protien skimmer was off and now it is back on, will my protien skimmer pull the phosphates out of the reef tank?
  8. Jeremy Lain

    Did some research on if it was alright to leave night time lights on all night anemones closing?

    Hello, I did some research to see if its alright if I leave the blue night time lights on all night, and I found some people saying it was, so I tried it, all night last night my blues where on and my anemones stayed open, but today some of them have closed should I turn off my lights for some...
  9. Jeremy Lain

    Talk to me about filtration, protein skimming, the importance of them, and why and what you use?

    Hello, Talk to me about the filtration, protein skimming, the importance of them, and why and what you use? I think it would be cool if some people posted some pictures of their filtration and protein skimming methods, some videos, links, and talk about why and what you use what you use for...
  10. Jeremy Lain

    Have been feeding anemones sardines and have had no growth could sardines be the problem?

    I have been feeding my anemones sardines with no growth, could sardines be the problem? Should I change to feeding them shrimp?
  11. LiveWire

    Maryland WTB Frag Tanks

    I'm looking to buy some 4-6' long (Acrylic, Glass, Blue) basic frag tanks. If you have anything please let me know. Looking to pick up locally. I am located in MD close to VA, PA, WV and DC and don't mind driving a little.
  12. CSJIII

    Illinois 93 Marineland and stand Chicago

    This 93 gallon reef tank is for sale in SW Chicago suburb. The tank is still up and running but I’m looking to give it a good home at a steal of a price. No delivery. You must pick it up and move it. Only Tank and stand are for sale and will negotiate on live rock. I am moving and hoping to...
  13. Jeremy Lain

    Can someone help me understand what trace elements are?

    Hello, Can someone help me understand what trace elements are? How to dose, and how often?
  14. choss

    Friend or Foe - snail ID

    I found this small orange snail in my tank this morning. He would have originated from some live rock that was acquired through gulf reef live rock. Thanks as always for your help!
  15. Jeremy Lain

    Fluval 406 how much water does it hold?

    Hello, Does someone know how much water a fluval 406 canister filter holds?
  16. Jeremy Lain

    Does calcium, alkalinity, magnesium, and pH parameters affect anemone growth?

    Hello, Does calcium, alkalinity, magnesium, and pH parameters affect anemone growth?
  17. Jeremy Lain

    High Magnesium Question

    Hello, My magnesium is at 1395 and calcium 420 and 9.6 dkh. I know that magnesium level is high. Since calcium and alkalinity are attracted to each other to cause calcification and magnesium is to balance out the process of that, can that high of magnesium cause calcification to be slower?
  18. Jeremy Lain

    Methods to raise PH in a reef tank, please list them and instructions?

    Hello, I am wondering how to raise my pH from 7.8 to 8.1-8.3? Can someone please list the methods to do this with instructions, possibly with links?
  19. Jeremy Lain

    My anemones are not as colorful as these, what can I do to help them be more colorful?

    Hello, My anemones colors are not as colorful as these in this picture: This is what my anemones look like, they are colorful but not like these. My camera is not good so that has some to do with the colors in the picture, but they are not as colorful as these. Here is a picture of my...
  20. Jeremy Lain

    What do I need to do to get coralline algae to grow like this?

    What do I need to do to get coralline algae to grow like this?
  21. B's Reef

    B's Reef 210 Gallon Build Thread!

    Hey guys, finally getting around to starting my build thread. This is my second build and I regret not doing one of these on my first tank. Ive been in the hobby right at 2 years now. I started off with a 100 gallon drilled tank with a 30 gallon sump. I learned so much in that first year, Ive...
  22. CookeRS

    Made a video of my aquarium, just wanted to share - enjoy.

    Decided to make a video of my reef tank this weekend. The tank has just about hit the 3 months old mark. Enjoy, and if any comments or thoughts please feel free to share with me :)
  23. Nart

    MightyNanoTank's Skunk Clownfish Harem Journey

    Hey All! I am very excited to share with you all and take you along this Skunk Clownfish harem journey with me. Let's hop right into it! The specific clownfish I chose for this harem project is: Amphiprion sandaracinos Also known as: Orange skunk clownfish Why did I go with orange skunk...
  24. Crystal Reef Aquatics

    Custom Rimless Aquarium by Crystal Reef Aquatics

    Check out this custom 48x32x19 rimless aquarium with 3 sides starfire. ABS insert, corner guards and black acrylic trim. Please share pictures of your rimless aquarium! If you don't have one,what would the perfect tank size for you?
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