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  1. Reefer37

    Switching Sand on 7 Month Old Tank. Live or Dry?

    Well I originally got CaribSea Hawaiian black live sand for my tank when I started 7 months back. Between parts of the sand sticking to my magnetic cleaners and scratching my glass and the creeping suspicion it is leeching metals into my tank, I want to change out the sand completely. It's...
  2. Reefer37

    Orange Spots on Back Wall?

    I can't get a decent picture of them for the life of me because you can really only see it with the blues on, but I've started noticing orange (almost looks rust colored) spots along the back wall of my tank. Anybody have any idea what it could be or if anyone else has had this? It's only on...
  3. Plzpizza

    Puffer got ich! What to do!

    Hello, I found out yesterday my puffer has developed ich. Picture below. I have a total of 4 fish in my tank including my puffer. How do I go about treating it in a QT. I just set one up today. Can I put all of them inside with out cycling my QT tank. When I hit the therapeutic levels of...
  4. Reefman603

    RSM Skimmer problem

    Hey everyone! So I have a RedSea max250 AIO reef tank and the skimmer won’t stop over skimming with lots of bubbles.. I’ve done about everything I can think of to try and fix it but it just wont stop over bubbling/ skimming ? Anyone have any ideas as to what is causing this..
  5. Reefer37

    Fish Recommendation for 45g

    So I have a little over 6 month post cycled JBJ45 cube I've been thinking about adding a new member to. This is a mixed reef tank, so would need to be reef safe. So far I have: A pair of Clowns Randall's Goby w/ a pistol shrimp Purple Firefish Bicolor Blenny I've thought about a captive...
  6. J

    Could my yellow clown goby have stressed my pygmy filefish to death? Is getting another filefish a bad idea? Newish reefer feeling very discouraged.

    Hello all, this is my first post on this forum over the past 8 weeks I have been setting up my reef tank with my LFS and everything was going pretty well until yesterday. Cycled water for 4-5 weeks then added a black and white clownfish followed by a yellow clown goby a week or so later. Fast...
  7. ZooMontana88

    New Reef Hitchhiker Discovery

    Hey y'all! So I just discovered a new hitchhiker in my reef community tank. This hitchhiker resides in a live rock I've had since mid-February of this year (2 mths). I am having a hard time identifying it. I have included a video I took today...
  8. J

    Best Nano reef tank Filtration

    I started up my 12 gallon all in one cube reef tank, have a pair of clowns and am adding coral over time. Right now currently have just live rock in one chamber and regular sponge in the first. Just trying to figure out if protein skimmer is necessary, carbon or anything else. I’ve done...
  9. Peter K

    Battlecorals first purchase. Shouldn't have expected anything but perfection.

    I am typically not one to leave reviews unless I feel very passionate one way or another, but I had to leave one for Adam with @Battlecorals after having one of the most pleasant, stress-free, and downright perfect coral purchases I have ever made. The frags were extremely chunky bordering on...
  10. RiversideReefer

    My first piece of the ocean! - JBJ RF-45

    Hey guys I'm brand new into the world of reef tanks. I am a few days in so I'll post what I've done so far... Here begins my journey. Quick background information, I bought the JBJ RF-45 w/ matching stand from somebody selling it on offerup. Along with the tank I was given some used crushed...
  11. Helkel450

    Help something’s growing on my snail!

    Howdy! a couple days ago I noticed this white stuff growing on one of my snails and I’m not sure what it is or if it’s dangerous for the rest of my tank. I’m still kinda new and learning any help would be much appreciated!
  12. Reefer37

    I need some help...

    Alright guys, I'm getting a little frustrated over dosing and what is going on in my tank. I'm still pretty new to this as this is my first saltwater tank so bear with me. So I'll give you all the info I can: JBJ 45 Lighting: Hydra 52 HD (ran around 30%) Filtration: Stock media baskets...
  13. Jeremy K.A.

    Cleaner clam? Mercenaria mercenaria

    Hey everyone just stumbled across a site selling these today. Cleaner clams "Mercenaria mercenaria and I was curious if anyone has any experience with them? I'd love to give them a shot in a reef tank
  14. Reefman603

    Indo Gold torch

    Picked up this single head Indo gold torch yesterday at a local reef shop! Can’t wait to see it hopefully grow into a nice show piece!
  15. Reefman603

    Aqua forest amino mix

    Anyone here used the aqua forest amino mix ? Just picked up a bottle yesterday. Going to start dosing three drops every other day and hopefully see some results
  16. reefs4less

    Livestock All of the gold without the pesky leprechauns. Gold nugget maroon clowns on sale now! Care Level: Easy Temperament: Moderate Reef Safe: Yes Diet: Pellet, Flake Origin: Aquacultured Acclimation Time: 2+ hours Coral Safe: Yes Invertebrate Safe: Yes Minimum Tank Size: 30 gallons Approximate purchase size: 1.5-2.5...
  17. Reefman603

    My Zoa colony

    - Rastas, Purple monsters, Utter chaos, Fruit loops, Watermelon
  18. Reefman603

    Video of the Red Sea max 250

    Quick video showing the reef today. Let me know what you think see my earlier post for details on the system/ live stock.
  19. Reefman603

    Red Sea max 250

  20. Reefman603

    My Red Sea max 250

    Here’s is my Red Sea max 250 reef tank. Live stock : - Black frostbite clown fish mated pair - Yellow tang - Red hawkfish - Green chromis - Malanaurus wrasse Inverts : - A few peppermint shrimp - Tridacna derasa clam - 8 Blue leg hermit crabs - Various snails Coral : - Hammers ( wall and...
  21. BabyShark

    Show me your aquascape

    I’ve rearranged my aquascape a few times already. I never seem to be happy with the way it looks. Now I’m curious to see how anyone else’s may look! Please share how yours looks and the inspiration behind it!
  22. BabyShark

    What’s taking over my tank?

    So I’ve noticed for a while I had some brown stringy stuff in my sand bed, but it never became a nuisance. Recently I’ve noticed it becoming more active and on the rocks. I’m leaving a link to the video I took: Anyone know what this is?
  23. reeftanknewbie83

    Tsunami vs Aqua Vim half cylinder tank combo?

    Hi everyone, So I've been wanting to keep a reef tank for a while, and finally decided to jump the gun for my 2020 New Years resolution haha. Was looking at curved tanks and found a half cylinder/half moon style that I really liked. The two that I'm debating between: 1. Tsunami 150 gal half...
  24. P

    Noob at Reefing

    Hello, I am new to the saltwater world and would like to ask a few questions. I want to start up a saltwater tank, reef if I can, using a 40 gallon breeder I have laying around. My main goal is to filter it using HOB filters, water pumps, and live rock/sand. I have seen multiple YouTubers do...
  25. Megan Smith

    Ultraviolet Tongs & Tweezers Stainless Steel Polished

    Several Ultraviolet Coral Reef Tongs Non-toxic For Sale $30 for (2) 10 inches Tongs $15 for (4) 4 inches Tweezers Plus 2 to 4$ shipping Hand painted Cured and Sealed Ombre Rainbow Fire & Ice Rainbow Splatter Rainbow Splatter Rainbow Splatter Rainbow...