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  1. A

    Coral Beauty in a reef - is it worth it?

    Hey all, So for a while now I’ve “Will I, won’t I”’d adding a Coral Beauty Angel to my 55 gallon mixed reef, and after finalizing some things in the aquarium am thinking about taking the plunge at last. Now, my question isn’t necessarily about if these fish are coral safe, since I know they are...
  2. Danny's Aquariums

    Looking for Cool Stores and Aquariums!

    Hello Reef2Reef! Do you have a cool aquarium or know a cool fish store? Let me know! For a big project I am looking for cool places around the world. Saltwater fish stores and unique reef aquariums! At these places, I want to create content and share it with the aquarium community through my...
  3. LAA

    Sailfin Tang vs Foxface

    Hey guys so I have a reef tank that is just set up in the future I would like to add either a sailfin tang or a foxface. I wasn’t sure if one was better than the other in a reef tank setting and at cleaning any algae that may grow. (125 gallon)
  4. LAA

    New 75 Gallon Reef tank stocking

    Hey guys! I am setting up a 75 gallon reef tank all the rock is cycled so will be able to add fish soon and was wondering how many fish could go in a 75? I am also planing on doing soft corals. Any fish recommendations will be extremely helpful!
  5. joefeets1

    New tank internal struggle

    So I am looking to get a new tank. I currently have a 20 gallon cube and 60 gallon cube but would like to upgrade to something bigger. I was originally planning on waiting a while to do this but the seams my 60 cube are starting to get questionable. I bought that tank used (for a steal) and...
  6. J

    Silicone Seal Concerns

    Hello everyone, I have recently set up a 75 gallon aquarium and one of the silicone seals appears to have algae growing underneath it in a few spots. The tank has only been set up for three months and was never previously set up so it is almost brand new. I do not want to name the brand in...
  7. Dad2Wyatt

    Coral Stocking Plan

    How do you all go about deciding where to place your corals? I’m not talking about high or low light/flow, but more so where within the area of the tank they would succeed? I’ve narrowed down a list of possible corals I’d like to add, but haven’t been able to pull the trigger on any because I...
  8. C

    Tank Crashed What To Do Next!

    It pains me to write this but I lost 25% of my corals I was growing over the last 3 years in less then 2 months. The only person to blame is myself and that's the only way one can improve. Watching your coral die slowly is a painful site. What lead up to this and how can I prevent this in the...
  9. xtravism

    How many fish can you put in a 32 biocube

    Wondering how many fish you can have in a 32 gallon biocube that won’t be too heavy of a bio load on my corals. Currently have a clown and a six line wrasse but for sure wanting to get a yellow clown goby and a yellow head jawfish. Would like more fish then that but feel like that would...
  10. ReeferHendrix

    Build Thread Reefer Hendrix 150 gal project

    So I’ve finally have been able to get my dream 150 gallon tank! But she’s a bit of a project so as much as I want to fill it up right away I have some things to do first . It’s already drilled, has over flow, came with a sump, ato water tank, and what I was told are two “China box lights”. I...
  11. Sagess

    New Anemone color ID

    I just picked up this bubble tip anemone for a few bucks. Does anybody have an idea of what this coloration is called? I assume it's fairly common. I just like to know what colorations I have for all anemones and corals.
  12. KM Wrasse

    Divided leopard wrasse turning brown

    Hello I have gotten two female divided leopard wrasses about a month ago … they are doing great, however when they first arrived their color was bright orange whit and black . Over the past month the orange has changed on both of them to an ugly brown color. Neither one is changing to a...
  13. SPS reef tank

    SPS reef tank

  14. RedSeaReefer1

    It’s kinda disturbing seeing how many noobs kill aquatic life with their nano tanks….

    Why do noobs feel the need to buy nano tanks? Despite the massive amounts of research showing they should be utilized only by experienced reefers. Every single day I see on here some noob having trouble with their 5 or 10 gallon tank and their massive parameter swings…fish, coral, inverts...
  15. AquaDaddy

    For sale Brand New just built 400 Gallon Gorgeous tank

    108" x 30" x 30" aquarium made 3/4" annealed with 3 sides being annealed starfire glass. Full floating bottom bracing. Top 4 inch euro braces and three 6 inch cross braces. 16 inch notch cut into the back panel leading to a 24 x 6 x 8.375 external overflow box made out of 3/8 annealed glass...
  16. A

    GHA suffocating corals

    Hello, I am currently battling prorocentrum dinos and am making solid progress. I have a forest of GHA now, but it is now becoming problematic. It is housing stray dinos in it, while also suffocating my Xenia. Even though it is a competitor for the dinos, it is also a major nuisance. I want to...
  17. JamieTotten1996

    Air Pump in a reef tank.

    good or bad? is there anything to be mindful of? any species that could be effected? so on and so forth.
  18. Alphawolfxz3

    Upgrade! Ish…

    Back in February of 2020 I started my fish keeping hobby and started out with freshwater. And after having so many small tanks I finally got a 10 gallon fresh tank. All I have to do to this tank is change the water and clean out the pre filter sponge. Everything else works it’s self out! So then...
  19. bert236

    Looking for advice

    Hello everyone, looking to start my first tank. After some research and a bit of discussion on here I’m leaning towards a 40 gallon breeder. Through a couple local stores I should be able to get the cost to start the tank minus the lights for around $800-900CAD. I don’t want to waste money on...
  20. bert236

    Question about tank placement

    Hello everyone, looking at buying my first saltwater tank. My first option is in the basement (near my desk where I spend a lot of time) with no natural light so I know that’s fine but my mom has taken interest in having a tank and is willing to split it. The only compromise is that it has to be...
  21. KM Wrasse

    Leopard wrasse hydrogen sulfide??

    Hello I have a 93 gallon mixed reef cube with a deep sand bed of about 3-4” in the back and only about 1” in front. I have had several newly added divided leopard wrasses that were very active and eating suddenly disappear? And I just had a new one that was swimming normally and exploring...
  22. G

    What type of GPH wave maker do I need for a 29 Gallon (30x19x13)?

    I have 4 zoas, 5 SPS corals, and 2 LPS. Most require moderate currents except for the 2 Birdsnest I have. It use to be a FOWLR. Im more concerned with the fishes as im running a mini protein skimmer and HOB filter with a GPH of 200 and they stay away from that area of the tank. Ive been reading...
  23. Danny's Aquariums

    Macro Algae Aquariums

    I love the look of macro algae aquariums. I absolutely fell in love with @tigahboy.h2o (on IG) setups. They look so good and really inspire me to start a macro algae tank setup. I’d love to see your macro algae tank setups for more inspiration!
  24. That guy

    Florida Raunchy red, sunkist fireshrooms for sale along with other nice shrooms

    Hello I am selling some raunchy red sunkist and fireshrooms along with some other nice mushrooms. They will range in price. I do a 4hr doa and 25 dollar for shipping I will be updating the thread very frequently so always check the last post for most up to dates pricing and avaiblity. I'm in...
  25. B

    New Royal Gramma

    Hi, probably a but early to be worried. I bought a Royal Gramma yesterday which when added to the tank darted straight for the rocks. It did this in the shop and went inside of the rock there so i think its done the same in my tank. From what ive seen they can hide for quite a while my only...