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  1. G

    Florida Aquariums Package Deal Drygoods Red Sea 525 xl G2+ aquarium set up BRAND NEW $3,000.00

    Brand New in the box Red Sea 525 xl G2+ aquarium set up for sale. White stand. New with tax costs $3850. New in the box for sale at $3,000 - pick up in Palm Beach County FL Exemplar ad for the same tank from BRS is attached which contains the specs of the exact set up...
  2. N

    New Hampshire Live Goods Torches for sale holy grail, tiger, yellow torches

    Hey there, i have a few torches up for sale. Shipping Mondays Tuesdays and Wednesdays inside the usa. Thanks for looking! Holy grail 650$ shipped Tiger torch 450$ shipped Freezer burn 350$ shipped Dragon soul 250$ shipped Skittles 250$ shipped Holy grail repunzel 350$ shipped hellfire...
  3. N

    What additional new tank mates can I add I’m Nuvo 40 any recommendations livestock stocking

    Hello Everyone, weekend is ahead of us finally ! I was looking for recommendations as to a new tank mate or tank mates I could add to my current reef system. It is an IM Nuvo 40 here is my current stock list FISH/INVERTS - 2 oce clowns - 1 royal gramma - 1 Pygmy Angel (cherub) - 2 scarlet...
  4. J

    Plumbing Questions

    Dear all, I am going to be moving my tank in a week and I have a plumbing question. In order to move the tank I am going to have to cut the current plumbing so that I can remove the bulkhead and move the tank. Is there a way to avoid this in the future? I recently moved the tank across my...
  5. W

    Rescape help

    Hi all, I’m planning on doing a different scape for my fluval evo, I currently have a flatworm infestation and it’s driving me insane and want to start from scratch. I’m cycling my new scape on the side in a container. Just looking for some advice on how to keep my corals happy.. I was planning...
  6. R

    help with my reef tank

    HI, im fairly new to the hobby. I have a reef tank just over 8 months old. Ive never tested my reef tank and have always hoped for the best until now. I have alot of corals that have died (Zoa/ Goni / Hammer/ Frogspawn / Favia / Acro / candy cane and even GSP) everything looked well when i...
  7. seafarer's.reef

    walking batfish friend

    Recently bought a walking batfish at the fish store, been wanting one for years. I have a plan to get it eating, however, has anyone else had experience with one? Would be cool to learn something I've maybe overlooked for greater success.
  8. KBlue

    Question. PVC or Vinyl Tubing?

    I’m curious to know peoples thoughts and suggestion on whether or not to use rigid PVC or reinforced vinyl tubing for overflow and returned plumbing.
  9. alexa08

    12g vs. 18g

    Help!! I am undecided between a 12g or 18g. I am planning to fill them with softys and some fish. The 12g dimension are : Width 16” x Length 15” x Height 11” The 18g dimensions are : Width 19” x Length 18” x Height 12”
  10. sealed

    Need Help. Mysterious PH swing

    40 gal dis. reef w 20 gal sump 2/27 Ph 8.2 DKH 11 3/4 PH 8.3 DKH 10 3/10 PH 8.3 DKH 10 3/14 Ph 8.3 DKH 10 3/14 Added G Bubble tip anemone and small drag of GSP 3/15 Ph 8.6 DKH 10 ( 10 gal water change after 8.6 reading) 3/16 Ph 8.6 DKH 10 Calc has stayed at abt 490 ppm Haven’t done anything...
  11. F

    Auto water change?

    I just set up an auto water change. I used a jebao dose pump and ran a test and worked fine. Has anyone had any issues doing anything like this? I have to have one of the lines going in the the sump. Can this cause a siphon? I have the dosing pump higher than the sump. Any advice or suggestions?
  12. CincyReefer07

    How has your experience been with Zebra Morays?

    Looking to get ideas and thoughts from those of you that have kept zebra morays in the past, more specifically in a reef tank. Was the zebra moray any kind of an issue for you? Did you have to do anything special for your zebra moray? Did it demolish your cuc or were they okay? What was the...
  13. ReefStache

    Cleanup Crew refresh

    I brought in a cleaner crew refresh from Reef Cleaners and they are helping me get this algae under control. Corals are looking nice and fluffy. Just trying to get things back in balance after overfeeding the tank the last month dealing with damsels. I caught 3 of the 6 using the fish trap...
  14. CincyReefer07

    Favorite places to buy Acros or just SPS in general?

    Looking to get a list of online vendors that you guys have had good experience with for buying SPS. Whether it’s good pricing, fast/reliable shipping and good arrival guarantee, or high quality or rare specimens. What are your favorite online vendors for SPS and why? And also, having trouble...
  15. N

    California Live Goods Live Phytoplankton Concentrate

    Live Phytoplankton Concentrate •30 mls of concentrate • 2-3 drops per 50 gallons of tank water • can dose 2-3x more than recommended if you have a heavy stocked tank. If your system does not have a positive response to the increase in dosing, cut back to normal dosing. Species...
  16. aquatic engineer

    Illinois Aquariums Package Deal Full reef tank setup for sale for $2K or B/O in Chicagoland

    Moving out of state to a house with no room for my 150G tank. Selling entire set up, but need to sell all fish and inverts first to break down the tank. The 150 gallon tank (72" X 18" X 28") is a dual overflow tank that was purchased in 2021 to replace an old 125 gallon tank. The cabinet it...
  17. seafarer's.reef

    blue boxfish

    Just bought an adult male blue boxfish (Ostracion meleagris). Was not eating in the store, decided to pull the $200 trigger anyways. Fortunately I have aged live rock which he is actively grazing on. Starting to show interest in fish foods.
  18. Protodad

    Build Thread Protodad’s First “Big” Tank

    Hey all, Protodad here. This is probably a long time coming so I‘ll have a lot of back to back posts to catch everything up First up, here is a quick before and after: Jan 1, 2021 Jan 21, 2023 Ok, build thread officially started. Time to dig through all my photos.
  19. C

    Blue hippo and orange shoulder

    Just looking for some opinions on an orange shoulder going with a blue hippo. The orange shoulder is 6” and the blue hippo is still a little guy and only 2-2.5”. Wondering how some people would recommend introducing the orange shoulder if it’s even recommended to add him. I have a 55 gal I could...
  20. R

    Oregon Aquariums Drygoods FS: 120g Rimless reef tank - sold

    Life has got in the way and I don't have the time for it in the near future. Was originally a reef tank, but was using it as a planted tank for a bit as well. The glass is low iron on the viewing panes and silicone is all soft and in great shape. There is a scratch in the glass near the sand...
  21. SkyAquatic

    Build Thread Sky’s 150gal Build

    I just bought a 150gal saltwater build second hand the other day. I will add pictures soon I have to give it an extra good clean to make it pretty. it’s in great condition and you can tell he took great care of it. He had an anemone die and didn’t catch it in time. It killed off the entire tank...
  22. F


    I’ve got a few of these pest in my tank. Not sure if they’re bad nudis or good. Sorry for the picture it hard to get a picture of them. There white
  23. Donjmia305

    Need ID on hitchhiker please

    Hey what’s up guys! I’m new to R2R and this is going to be my second reef tank. I bought several live rocks from the LFS at around $11 a pound and I’ve noticed several hitchhikers from Feather Dusters, Digitate Hydroids, brittle stars and I have seen a slug try to catch a ride on one of my green...
  24. I

    Ai hydra 32hd not working

    I have 3 ai hydra 32s and they all don’t want to seem to connect at the same time. I have tried holding the buttons and unplugging/plugging back in while holding method. I’ve tried doing the multiple tanks in the app. I’ve tried connecting them one by one and all at once. I’ve restarted my...
  25. reeffreak911

    Florida Live Goods Dragon soul candy cane coral

    Dragon soul favia have a couple of frags