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  1. rhpmiller

    Next Fish for 75 gallon tank?

    I’ve got a Nyos Opus 300 G2 that is 75g that has been running a few months. I’ve currently got a Starry Blenny, Melanarus Wrasse, two clowns, and two neon blue gobies. All of them are fairly small and young. I’ll be planning to have a mixed reef in the tank. I’ll add a smaller tang at some...
  2. S

    Saltwater Fish For Sale

    I’m breaking down my tank to finish my house remodel. All fish are 100% healthy and have no diseases. They were all quarantined and dosed prior to joining the tank. Pick Up only. Located in Anaheim. 3” Sailfin Tang- $120 3” Foxface- $100 2 Ocellaris Clownfish- $40 each Six Line Wrasse- $30 2...
  3. Rookie_reefer_420

    Aquariums Lighting Drygoods Selling 220 gallon reef tank with stand/sump/LEDS/over flow/return pump L1

    Selling my California Dynamic Aquarium 220 gallon 72x30x30 starfire low iron glass tank. I sold most of the reefer equipment already and just have the tank/stand/synergy reef sump w/ATO (10gallon)/Vectra L1 return pump/synergy reef overflow/ 2 Kessil AP700 LEDS. Looking to sell all of it...
  4. harrysmarinelife

    Live Goods SPONSOR Livestock Huge Daily Uploads on (We ship everywhere in the Continental USA)

    The uploads just don't stop, another batch of insane Corals and Anemones just went up on! Find these and many more insane Corals and Anemones only at...
  5. L

    3-4 month old 75 gallon GHA problem

    Hello everyone, I have a 75 gallon tank that has been set up for three going on four months now and I am currently battling some pretty nasty green hair algae. I completely understand. There is the ugly stage however it seems like the ugly stage has not given up once on my tank I constantly...
  6. Reefer_E

    Starfish in a 10 gallon reef tank?

    I have a 10 gallon reef tank that currently has a clown fish, a candy cane coral, and a Xenia. I was looking at getting a fire and ice zoa and a star fish I found a Ehinaster spinulosus or orange starfish and was wondering if it could be in my 10 gallon.
  7. LiveAquaria

    Need help identifying corals?

    Need help identifying corals? View this helpful guide for some of the most popular corals found in home reef aquariums. #coral #coralidentification #coralguide #reefaquarium
  8. LiveAquaria

    congratulations! You’re creating your first reef aquarium...

    Read “Popular Reef Corals for Beginners” for help in selecting corals that are great for beginners because of their easier care levels and hardiness. CLICK HERE TO READ #ree#reefawarenessdaye#reefr#coralreefs#fishu#aquariumu#aqualovev#liveaquarial#saltwaterfishs#fishtank
  9. LiveAquaria

    Prepare to be amazed by these Top 5 Reef Safe Fish

    We’ve done the research for those special fish to enhance your reef aquarium. One’s sure to catch your eye.
  10. Tactical Reefkeeping

    New tank question

    I have found a waterbox 70.3 gallon tank on face book marketplace. My budget is around 600 and he is asking for 1,000 but it comes with tones of goods. Here are some 2 hydras 34 lights with brackets Mp40 wavemaker Mp10 and tons of others accessories I already have a reef tank so I have a...
  11. LiveAquaria

    Customer Favorites collection at LiveAquaria® See the Customer Favorites collection at LiveAquaria® These popular fish and corals are going fast, so browse our inventory while they’re still around!
  12. N

    Full Marineland 65 gallon SW setup

    Hello! I have a full 65 gallon Marineland setup that I’m looking to get rid of. We are going to get the floors redone so it has to go unfortunately. Here’s a list of equipment and some pics: - Marineland 65 gallon (36”L x 18”Wx 24”H) w/ corner overflow - Matching Black wooden stand and...
  13. P

    LPS keep dying

    I don’t understand why I am having trouble keeping LPS alive in my tank. The common theme I have is I purchase a new coral and it initially is fine, however, they typically slowly decline over a few weeks and I watch as more and more skeleton become exposed and their flesh starts retracting. I...
  14. D

    Parting out tank or selling as is!

    Selling my tank due to moving houses and opening a new business so won’t have anymore time for the hobby :( Reefsys 255(tank sump & cabinet-white) Protein skimmer - GW7 dalua Light - Raidon Xr30w pro (including mounting kit) Light is only 3 months old! Have boxs for light and mounting kit...
  15. Tactical Reefkeeping

    Reef palooza

    Hi guys, just a quick question is anyone going to Reef palooza this weekend in Orlando this will my first one. If so are you going there for anything specific.
  16. R

    Texas Aquariums Drygoods Complete reef aquarium

    I’m moving and need to sell my entire reef tank. I will list it complete before I have to sell it piece by piece. I am asking $1500 for it, I have over $6000 into it. Below is the list of everything and the price I paid for it. Equipment: JBJ 20 gal AIO aquarium$245 JBJ aquarium stand$268 Rocks...
  17. L

    Shrimp in 75gallon reef tank

    Hey everyone Just looking for advice and recommendations on shrimp for a 75 gallon mixed reef tank. I’m looking to add of my first shrimp and just wondering what would be the best I really like the skunk cleaner shrimp, and the blood shrimp or fire shrimp. However, I do plan or it is in my list...
  18. Tactical Reefkeeping

    50 gallon laggon

    Hi everyone quick question I am wandering how many lights do I need for a innovative marine 50 gallon laggon I am currently using Ai prime lights and the length is 29.92 and height is 16.62 and width is 23.62. Thanks
  19. bajohn32

    Build Thread Aquaforest Oceanguard 605 Build

    After a year and a half in the hobby I have finally upgraded. I will still be invested in my Aquatop Recife 40g cube, but man am I ready for this new journey with the Aquaforest. I have learned a ton in the last year. I have fought the most extreme algae issues and I’m still here, I’d call that...
  20. Tactical Reefkeeping

    New tank

    Hi I am looking for a new tank to replace my innovative marine 25 gallon laggon with a innovative marine 50 gallon laggon or go to another separate brand and do a Red Sea 250
  21. Gari

    California Live Goods Zoa mini colony for sale

    Zoa mini colony. Pickup at Rancho Cucamonga 91730. White zombie $150 Pink Hippo $150 Krak God $175 Magician $30 Candy Apple Red $100 Buttmuncher $100 Nightmare $150 Yoda $100
  22. CraigLiz

    Build Thread First Saltwater Tank 88 Gal

    My wife and I recently decided that we wanted to make an addition to our home. By that I mean I ordered everything to set up a saltwater tank and my wife wasn't entirely mad at me. Once I told her we could have some clownfish everything was ok. I had spent many hours reading forums like this and...
  23. Scaggs1117

    Torch not opening up fully

    Hey guys, so I’ve had a torch for a few weeks, it has opened up way bigger than it is now but for some reason it stays retracted. My Acans seem to be fine. I also have a GSP that isn’t opening up any more either and it used to look like a nice patch of grass blowing in the wind. I believe my...
  24. Reefer_E

    Macro algae in a reef tank?

    I have a 10 gallon reef tank with a clown some live rock and a xenia. I saw a tank with macro algae and decided to look into it… would it be ok with the coral?
  25. hugopapi24

    RED SEA Reef Foundations ABC to All for Reef

    Hi everyone, I’m wondering how can I transition from Red Sea reef foundations abc to All for Reef. I dose foundations A,B,C 15ml…what would the conversion be for all for reef if I’m dosing that much in the tank.