1. ReefKinetics ReefBot V1

    For sale ReefKinetics ReefBot V1

    Great Condition ReefBot V1 with new syringe and tubings. Also has brand new pump heads. Works great, did not have any issues with it.
  2. Reef Kinetics

    ReefBot V2 is here!

    The ReefBot V2 is finally here!! Aimed mainly to stabilize your tank parameters to create a healthier ecosystem for your precious corals and fish. With its 8 vials, the ReefBot V2 can test all the essential parameters of your tank faster and more efficiently than its predecessor. The ReefBot...
  3. Reef Kinetics

    Copper in aquariums

    Different parasites infect both freshwater and marine aquarium tanks, and many of these cause mass mortality among aquarium fish and invertebrates. Copper has been used effectively to treat algae and parasites infection. It works by entering into the parasitic cells, damaging their cell...
  4. Reef Kinetics

    National Cleanup Day

    On National Cleanup day, we at Reef Kinetics encourage you all to take action and clean the areas around you from litter and waste. Post your before and after pictures #WorldCleanupDay. #reefkinetics #reefbot #ReefBotPro
  5. Reef Kinetics

    Q&A Miamireefkepers and Reef Kinetics

    All you need to know about automatic water testing for your aquarium. Q&A with Rabih Krayem Co-Founder of Reef Kinetics will answer questions and share solutions on how the ReefBot can Monitor your aquarium by running tests periodically, analyzing them and sending you real-time updates via...
  6. Reef Kinetics

    For the first time ever, Iodine can be tested autonomously!

    The Reefbot is now compatible with Giesemann Aquaristic Iodine Test Kit. You can read your Iodine levels between 0 and 0.1 ppm! Don't forget to use coupon code rklovesr2r at checkout for a 50$ discount!