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    Can low PH artificially influence Alkalinity test kit results?

    Question: After seeing some suspiciously low alkalinity readings on a new Red Sea pro test kit, I started thinking about some of the RHF articles I'd previously read on the topic. Specifically: That explanation of how standard alkalinity test kits work seems to be mirrored many places across...
  2. Refractometers And Salinity Measurement

    Refractometers And Salinity Measurement

    Salinity is one of the most important parameters measured in reef aquaria. It controls not only the salt balance between an organism and its surrounding environment, but also the levels of a host of ions in seawater that aquarists neither measure nor control independently. Consequently...
  3. pH And The Reef Aquarium

    pH And The Reef Aquarium

    For many aquarists, pH is not something that they have much experience with aside from their aquarium. For many, pH is almost a black box measurement: something to be considered, but whose physical meaning makes little sense to them. This article will describe pH in an intuitive way (as...
  4. What is Alkalinity?

    What is Alkalinity?

    Most reefkeepers know they need to measure alkalinity, and most know it has something to do with carbonate. But what is alkalinity exactly? Why is it important? How is it measured? This article will answer those questions and give you all of the information that you need to fully understand one...
  5. Phosphate in the Reef Aquarium

    Phosphate in the Reef Aquarium

    The phosphorus atom is one of living matter’s basic building blocks. It is present in every living creature and in the water of every reef aquarium. Unfortunately, it is often present in excess in reef aquaria and that excess has the potential to cause at least two substantial problems for...
  6. Nitrate in the Reef Aquarium

    Nitrate in the Reef Aquarium

    Introduction Nitrate is an ion that has long dogged aquarists. It is typically formed in aquaria through the digestion of foods, and in many aquaria it builds up and can be difficult to keep at natural levels. In the past, many aquarists performed water changes with nitrate reduction as one of...