salinity tester

  1. Paul Kachirsky

    Hanna Salinity Checker Error Issue HELP Please

    Anyone use the Hanna Salinity Checker? I am having issues with mine. It was showing 25% battery left and err. So I replaced the battery, and still says 25% and err. Anyone have this issue? Know how to fix it? Help.
  2. frankiereef

    Maryland IceCap Salinity Temperature Digital Tester

    Salinity Temperature Digital tester for saltwater aquarium. Keep your coral frag safe and accurate. Can trade for fishes. Asking $50 + priority mail flat rate cost.
  3. Jeff@CoralVue

    Never mixed saltwater before? We'll show you how!

    Never mixed saltwater before? We'll show you how! Start making saltwater at home: it's easier than you think!
  4. Dcole12


    Hi Everyone, I have seen a couple posts here. I got my water at my LFS store and it looks like the salinity of the water is running at about 1.03.. Should I try to get that number down? As well I do have the diatoms process.. Since this process has started should I be looking to get a cleaning...
  5. Huenemedoe

    Salinity is not rising?

    Hello Everyone! So a week ago I realized my ATC refractometer was calibrated wrong by about .003. No big whoop, instead of being at 1.025 my tank was at 1.021 where it was running stable. I did a PWC of about 30%, brought the water up to 1.022 and figured I would just do some manual saltwater...
  6. C_mo97

    Salinity Probes that work with the Apex

    Does anyone know if there is a cheaper solution for the salinity probes? The only ones I have seen have been in the $120 range and the Neptune salinity probe has bad reviews. Any info on cheaper or even just better probes for the price is much appreciated. Thanks.
  7. AquaNerd

    The New HI98319 Marine Salinity Tester from Hanna Instruments

    Learn more about the new Hanna Instruments salinity tester by visiting the AquaNerd blog. The new tester features graphite sensors for long lasting accuracy.
  8. Sleepydoc

    Hanna Salinity Tester

    I got an e-mail the other day that Hanna has a marine salinity tester (Hanna web page, YouTube Video) Has anyone seen any reviews or have any experience with this? It's $69 on the Hanna web site, so the price is very reasonable. I'm tempted to get one just to see...
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