1. I

    Tuxedo Urchin lost spines

    I recently downsized my 20G reef tank into a 10G, and every animal and coral seems to be thriving except for my tuxedo Urchin. He's acting normal, tentacles extended, but one small section of spines appears to be missing. My guesses are (1) that he's stressed and (2) that my halloween or one...
  2. hds4216

    Help! How the heck do I feed my tuxedo urchin?

    I bought a tuxedo urchin because I think they're awesomely cool and my LFS had them in stock for the first time I can remember. However, I don't have any algae haha. I have some nori, but I cannot for the life of me figure out how to feed it. It never finds the nori clip, and if I try to place...
  3. Reefer18

    Clean Up Crew Help!

    I currently have a 30 gallon soft coral reef and the cleaners in it is 1 scarlet skunk cleaner, 1 dwarf feather duster, and 1 margarita snail. I want to add more to my CUC and want to add 12 dwarf blue leg hermits, 2 mexican turbo snails, 1 more margarita snail, 2 cerith snails, 2 astraea...
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