1. reef fish

    Florida Georgia Apex 2” flow sensor

    Brand new Apex 2” flow sensor Open but never used also include the are 2” to 3/4 bushings schedule 80 all shipped for $85
  2. psumms

    International Optical Sensor Mount for Neptune APEX Utility Pump PMUP v2 / ATK v2

    Hi all, there were dozens of designs for the old style PMUP sensor mounts, but nothing much for the new version - so I made one! I've been surprised by how popular they been! The collar provides a perfect fit to the pump body, holding a Neptune Apex optical sensor firm and secure - with cable...
  3. smartwater101

    California Neptune Apex, PM1, FMK, VDM, Breakout Box

    Fluid monitoring kit with Leak detector. (2x 1/2" sensors and a 1" sensor) SOLD VDM SOLD Neptune Apex ("2016 wifi") Includes Brain, EB832, ORP probe, and 1link cable (waterproof connector attached) SOLD Pm1 module SOLD BreakoutBox SOLD
  4. erk

    Solid State Alk Sensor?!?!

    With all these alkalinity monitors and related equipment that are already on the scene, I was wondering if there was any work being done on an actual sensor that did not require titration. I know Seneye has something coming out, but that appears to calculate the carbonate level using CO2...
  5. D

    APEX FMM Fluid monitoring monitor DIY sensors

    Is it possible to use this water level sensor with the FMM? It uses the same voltage and current as the apex optical sensors and the nice thing about it is this would never touch the water. It works by using the capacitance changes in the liquid container. These sensors can be found online for...