1. Rincoperson

    Wall Hammer Possible Recovery?

    So I had this beautiful wall hammer arrive yesterday 8 hours late via UPS in 93 degree weather with a water temp of 86.5. The seller contacted UPS and said if it doesn’t make it they would cover it. It was shipped with an ice pack but due to UPS being outrageously late it was exhausted. I slowly...
  2. GTM42

    North Carolina High-End Designer Zoas For Sale Cheap!!! Packs available!

    My zoa collection has grown out of control and I had to trim it back! I have 3 frags of Speckled Krakatoa, 2 frags of Reverse Hallucination, and a 3 polyp frag of Seduction zoas. Pics are below in white and blue light, grown under a Radion, and photographed under a Kessil A-160. Each Speckled...
  3. Monroereef

    New Jersey Lighting Atlantik V4 Gen 2

    Getting out of the hobby. Atlantik V4 Gen 2 with Gen 2 gateway. Hardly used. 4 available All 4 with gateway - $3500 shipped in original boxes. Not selling individual for now. Thanks Sunny
  4. Underwatergardeners


    Hello everyone, I have a 8 coral frag pack for $200 shipped any questions feel free to send a private message. Thanks :) Reading Rainbow Acan 7up Micromusa Orange Rainbow Chalice Dragon Soul Favia Og Mummy Eye Chalice Blasto UG Sour Apple Monti JF Burning Banana
  5. Rachid Stoury

    Connecticut Stoury’s Reef - ALOT OF Frags and colonies for sale.

    Shipping included in package deals. PM or text is key. (302) 438-2577 - Sorry no trades because I just don’t have enough space at the moment. Individual prices below but I can also ship great affordable pack prices for $100, $150 or $200 With shipping included. Please feel free, to check out...