1. O

    Skimmer not breaking in?

    I've had my skimmer running for about a month now and it has still not break in?. it does not produce the brown water with bubbles, only clear water with small gunks, and accumulates brown gunks on the lid of the collection cup. What i think the reason is not enough waste being produce, I only...
  2. shootingstar_reef

    When to add skimmer?

    So I have held of buying a skimmer because I thought i'd delay the cost a bit, and add it when needed. But it's been a year now since I've started, and I'm wondering, if the point of a protein skimmer is to eliminate organic waste, and none of my parameters are exceeding the recommended...
  3. Apex Jr, Sump, Radion, Razor, ATO, RO/DI

    For sale Apex Jr, Sump, Radion, Razor, ATO, RO/DI

    I’m getting out of the hobby, everything must go! About 100lbs of dry rock that I never used to upgrade to a bigger tank - $100 300W Maxspect R420R Razor LED Lighting Fixture - 16000K - $400 Emperor Aquatics Smart UV filter 25 Watt - $100 4 Stage RO/DI with TDS meter and auto shut off valve...
  4. 37 gallon tall with stand plus equipment

    For sale 37 gallon tall with stand plus equipment

    Hi everyone, I have a 37 gallon tall tank and stand for sale. I also have tank accessories as well. The tank and stand is just 5 months old and everything else is less than a year old. Everything is in great working condition. Local pickup only right now. I am also accepting offers. Tank...
  5. S

    SEEKING ADVICE: Skimmer and flow

    SEEKING ADVICE: Skimmer and flow I own a gen2 bubble King 200 mini, which i've been thinking to use on my next build (75g display tank + 30g sump). In addition i'll be running a filter roller. My concern is that the skimmer is oversized and that i might be better with a smaller or simply run...
  6. MmeAssoc

    Question about breaking in skimmer

    Hi all, I'm just setting up a new tank, and had a question about using skimmers. I understand they should be run for a week or so to 'break in', is that right? Currently my sump water is deeper than is recommended to operate the skimmer (for either a dry or wet skim). I've ordered a stand...
  7. mherb24

    How do I properly adjust a skimmer?

    How do I properly adjust a skimmer? My AquaTop Recife 40’s skimmer had no instructions, so I’m really not sure what the recommended height is. Once I have the height set, should I be raising and lowering it to keep getting skim mate? Basically, when I do a water change, that day my skimmer is...
  8. Lylelovett

    Who has replaced their skimmer with an algae scrubber?

    Hi all, I installed an algae-scrubber on my 150gal about 5 months ago, and I love it. Since then, my skimmer has collected about 1-inch, MAYBE, of skimmate. So now I'm wondering if I should just remove my skimmer altogether... Has anyone replaced their skimmer with an algae-scrubber...
  9. B

    California Eshopps Nano Skimmer $100

    Hi, Selling a eshopps nano skimmer for $90. It’s too big for my need and has been in the water for only a week. Location: Torrance, CA thanks for looking!

    Cyano, chemiclean, skimmer

    Hi treating cyano with chemiclean….. nearly all gone just doing a second dose….. I have a in tank tunzee skimmer and have took the cup off to help put O2 back in the tank…… This is putting a large amount of micro bubbles inside my tank, will this harm my fish? No corals at the min… Thanks in advance
  11. thereefingguy

    California Skimmers Bubble King Mini 180 Gen 2 w/ new impeller

    A little oversized for my tank and not enough sump space to perform its best. (10”x11” footprint) I bought this used a few months ago ($250) with broken impeller. So I purchased a new one with receipt to prove. ($240) $600 shipped. $500 picked up in Downey, CA.
  12. therremans

    Nano skimmer on a budget.

    Anyone with a smaller tank.. I found a skimmer on a budget. I have been using this with great results and it is only $14 shipped. Link. It may take around a month to receive but worth it. Tim
  13. Miamialum620

    Tunze 9001 DOC

    Protein skimmer in working condition for tanks up to 40 gallons. Comes with original box, accessories, and manual that would've come with it. Skimmer could use a citric acid soak prior to using. Local pickup only. Selling for $50
  14. Jim_Envoi_Gula

    Royal Exclusive Bubble King 300 Protein Skimmer

    This monster skimmer is in great shape and has a practically new reef octopus varios 6 pump powering it. This was used on a large system for about a year. I’m asking about half of what they go for new. Trying to keep it reasonable for what it is, but I’m not going to be using it for some time...
  15. LiveWire

    USA WTB Skimmer

    Looking for an inexpensive but working skimmer for live rock setup. Maybe someone has something in their fish closet they no longer need. Willing to pay to get it shipped also.
  16. hyeclass

    Skimmer Tubing

    Thank you in advance Need help getting my skimmer Tubing in a different chamber, going grow chaeto, it kills the flow not sure how to repipe
  17. B

    Clean your pumps!!

    Thought someone might find this interesting, doing a regular deep clean of my skimmer and had the pump apart after letting it run in a hot water acid bath. when i pulled out the impeller i was greeted with a impeller full of pet hair. Maybe someone will go clean there pumps now.
  18. Z

    Going crazy with the different things I need/don't need the more I read. Can anyone clear things up?

    So I haven't bought anything yet except CaribSea South Seas Aquascaping Base Rock and and still in my research phase. I want to get a 40-50G reef tank that is silent or near silent. I read I need a protein skimmer + filter , then I hear I just need a protein skimmer and no filter, then I read...
  19. O

    North Carolina Equipment for Sale (Vectra M2, Dalua GW-7 Skimmer, Klir Di-4, Heaters, refugium light)

    I have decided to downgrade to an AIO tank, so I'm selling the rest of the equipment that I had for my previous tank. I used all of these for approximately 7 months. Ecotech Vectra M2 $330 shipped) In excellent condition. It comes with the Barb & Screen Kit. Dalua GW-7 Skimmer ($350 shipped)...
  20. Dripdroppin

    Mp40’s, kessil 360we’s, dry rock…

    recently broke my tank down. Here is a list of equipment for sale. Price doesn’t include shipping. Buyer is responsible for shipping. I’m not looking to separate grouped items at this time. Location is northeast Arkansas 2 X MP40 quiet drives - 275$(One is 2016, one is 2019) ecotech battery...
  21. lovemysps00

    HOB skimmer for sale - Hang on Back units, CPR's AeroForce skimmer.

    This is a true workhorse. Great for smaller tanks, up to 75 gallons (depending on bio-load). Both Feed pump and Skimmer pump were 7 months old. Updated to NYOS, therefore I'm selling this one. $80 shipped to CONUS. Paypal preferred.
  22. SaltwaterGuruNeeded

    Coralife 125g Protein Skimmer Help!

    Hi, I have a Coralife 125g protein skimmer. It is just obnoxiously loud and throws microbubbles all over the tank and makes it look cloudy. I feel as though it is bothering the fish. If anyone else has the Coralife 125g skimmer or if you know of a good way to reduce or eliminate the microbubbles...
  23. Sweet_Reeferville

    Florida 60g Tank, Stand, Trigger sump

    Currently selling my 60 gallon cube with the stand as well as an emerald 26 trigger sump and a matching cabinet for $800 firm.
  24. GMay

    Skimmer Time

    I recently reduced my skimmer run time to 6 hours. I have very low PO4 and NO4, each running frequently at or near zero based on ULR Hanna and Nyos tests respectively. I also run a refugium to help maintain low values but also dose Neonitro and Neophos to keep them up. I was curious how others...
  25. I

    New Jersey Innovative Marine INT 75 complete set up

    *SOLD- NO LONGER AVAILABLE. Thanks! * Hi all, Unfortunately I have an unexpected long distance move in the very near future and am hoping to sell my full set up to someone. Have well over $6000 into it and would also include all of my accessories and misc equipment. ( of course not looking...
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