1. D

    California Tunze Osmolstor 3155

    Osmolstor 3155 used, $100 New ** Components 1 + 2 + 3 $30 Reef octopus skimmer DC controllable pump 60 Bubble magus dozing holder 30 3 Fiji pink 10lb sand 25. Unopened I can ship at buyers expense except for the sand and the components. 8187033993
  2. Rossmont

    The Rossmont AC controllable / programmable family is getting large

    Hello Reefers, we all wish you a Happy New Year and hope you're yet having a good beginning. It's a while we're stepping around the R2R community and we're so happy to have the chance to meet and talk with so many passionated aquarists. Who follows Rossmont since the beginning has probably...
  3. tjnorthdakota

    Montana Aquamaxx HOB-1

    Bought for my biocube 32 but decided to go a different route. Everything works and it skims great. Asking $135.00 shipping and pp included
  4. Rams

    New Jersey IM 30g EXT with APS stand

    Selling 3 month old IM 30g EXT with APS stand(still have warranty card) as bought it brand new. comes with Eshopps RS-100 3rd gen sump SCA-301 skimmer Paid over 1100$ and asking 600,if you feel this is not reasonable price,please DM me with your offer.Tank is cleaned and ready to go.Must pick...
  5. D

    All refugium or make dividers

    Hey everyone, My biocube 16 (sps dominated) have been running for a year or more now, it has had a lot of algae issues sinces it started. It crashed not long ago but it is recovering now, im thinking of making an extra sump for it, it is a 20 gallon. Should i use the space for a skimmer or...
  6. D

    Diy sump for biocube 16

    So, this biocube is an sps tank, it has been running for about a year or more, a few months ago i had to go out of town and other people were caring for my tanks, sadly nobody knew how to dose and stuff so my sps tank crashed, although one large colony actually survived the crash. The tank is...
  7. Wen

    Which Bubble King is right for 280 Gallon Tank?

    Looking for some recommendations on which Bubble King to get for new tank coming in March. 280 gal DT 75 gal Sump light to medium stocked heavy feeding (fuge, uv, DOS, ato, awc, chiller, Apex) Supermarin 200 + RD3 DeLuxe 200 + RD3 (leaning toward this one) Cone 250 + RD3 Slight price...
  8. Jeff@CoralVue

    VIDEO: Live Aquaria Reviews the the Maxspect Aeraqua Duo Protein Skimmer!

    PRODUCT LINK: @LiveAquaria's Video Review CoralVue's Video on Features, Setup, & Control
  9. C

    Florida Reef Octopus Regal 200 8" Internal Protein Skimmer (Varios)

    I'm upgrading to a Regal 250 so I'm selling my current 200. It is approx. 4 months old, in perfect condition. I'm asking $450 OBO.
  10. Customreeftank

    New York Skimz Monzter SM161

    I purchased this from bulkreefsupply but its a little too big for my tank. Seeing if anyone local to LI NY wanted to purchase it, before i try to ship it back to BRS. Brand new un-used still wrapped in plastic. If someone...
  11. Jeff@CoralVue

    VIDEO: Marine Depot Reviews the Maxspect Aeraqua Duo Protein Skimmer!

    @MarineDepot's Video Review CoralVue's Video On Features, Setup, & Control More Info:
  12. Eve

    Upgrading Filter

    Okay guys, it’s me again asking for opinions! I was thinking, since Im upgrading the lights for my 55g tank, I would like to upgrade the filter also. I am looking for HOB, I do not want a sump since its going to be taking to much space I believe. Any good recommendations? This is the one I have...
  13. Rossmont

    Did Rossmont do a typo in the name "Skimer"?

    Hey reefers! As promised today we come up with a topic that seems to be a question coming quite often recently :) As many of you know, the items we are talking about are the Rossmont Skimer SX250 and the SX500 which are getting higher popularity week after week thanks to the unique feature of...
  14. Rossmont

    A closer look at the Rossmont Skimer

    Hey reefers, it's a while you've been hearing about the Rossmont Skimer and most of you are still so curious to see it in action. For those who still had not the chance to put hands on, this simple video review (thanks Jeff!) will let you take a closer look at the fascinating details of the...
  15. joporeefpro

    Connecticut Royal Exclusiv Supermarin 200

    Used in good shape bought about 5 years ago, was in service for maybe 3 of those 5 oversized for my system (low nutrient office tank) 200 Gallon plus rating, $1600 new without the swabbie. Looking for $1000 obo located in ct but will ship...
  16. thedog2012

    Minnesota Vertex Omega 130 skimmer

    Breaking down my tank and getting a few things to sell. More once all live stock us sold. First up is my Vertex skimmer. Pulled lots out of my 55G tank 180 + shipping
  17. Ian Baxter

    California Eshopps sump, Skimmer, UV sterilizer, RO/DI unit

    Let’s start with pick up only. San Diego area. Everything is used. ESHOPPS RS-200. 3rd generation sump with refugium -$260 ESHOPPS PSK-100H HOB protein skimmer - $150 AquaFX Barracuda RO/DI 100gph - $120 Coralife Turbo Twist 3x UV Sterilizer 9 watt (needs new bulb) - $60 Aquarium LED bar...
  18. T

    RedSea Reefer XXL750 System - Black

    For sale a RedSea Reefer XXL 750 system. 160 Gal DT + 40Gal Sump = 200 Gal Total System This system was purchased four months ago and set up as a FOWLR, but I have other plans. Excellent, like-new condition, not a single scratch on glass or stand. Includes: 160Gallon - 72" x 24" x 24" Display...
  19. Rossmont

    It's time to change the skimmer!

    How many times in your experience did you ever have the wish to change the skimmer in your tank? It might have happened as you've been attracted by a picture of a tank you've seen or maybe thanks to a friend's recommendation and of course you were looking for a supposed improvement. We're...
  20. Betta_baby

    Best SILENT filter with skimmer?

    Hi! My sister is coming to town for Christmas and unfortunately must sleep in the fish room. I downsized to two aquariums (1 reef 1 fresh) but my reef filter is so, so ungodly loud, especially when the water level is low. Any suggestions for a canister or even HOB filter that is totally or...
  21. sromero287

    Florida Red Sea Skimmer RSK300

    RSK 300 for sale, bought it at Macna Orlando in September 01/2019 and used it for a month, beast and easy to dial (set it and forget it). Perfect conditions. Upgrading my 250 to a Peninsula 650 so need a bigger one. Good luck and happy reefing Asking $240 Local in Fl or $250 shipped and PP fees...
  22. LouSawat

    Protein skimmer help!

    So we recently bought the Aqua Excel HOB hp. I followed the very spotty directions the best I could and have attached a video showing it after I turned it on. I could not find any helpful how-to videos for this specific skimmer so I’m hoping someone can help me out. I apologize for the video...
  23. Mrsadat

    New York Reef Octopus Regal 150 INT Skimmer

    Skimmer is in great working condition used for 3 months comes with everything (excluding original box) $375 shipped box)
  24. Rossmont

    The Coral Reef Talk about the Skimer - Programmable protein skimer

    We were very glad to receive a visit at Macna Orlando by TheCoralReefTalk. Unfortunately many people couldn't come to the show due to the hurricane so don't miss this video interview which goes in depth detail about the remarkable advantages of a programmable protein skimmer.
  25. Adellimore

    Need Help Planning my Sump

    Hello R2R community! After building my tank and aquascaping, I am trying to sift through different filtration options for my 180G Display Tank. I have a 29G sump gifted to me by one of my friends, but I am considering purchasing a 75G tank from a petstore for more options. I ideally want this...
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