1. GoTakeANap

    Skimmer smell help

    Hello everyone. Bought a new skimmer not to long ago and it’s working great but the only problem is the smell is awful and it’s starting to stink up my house. Any ideas on how to get rid of the smell or to contain it within the stand? Back of stand is open but front stand doors are always...
  2. PharmrJohn

    Pump Recommendation (For Skimmer, Return and In-Tank Circulation)

    OK. I've done a little research, and this is what I've come up with concerning a Return Pump, Skimmer Pump and Circulation Pumps. I have a 90-gallon main tank plus a 20-gallon long Fuge set up that will support a Fish/Reef Aquarium. I understand that Koralias are a thing of the past. Not...
  3. Billyreef-ita

    Skimmer yes or no?

    Hello, I’ ve been running this tank for two years now and after one year I started noticing no foam in my skimmer, then I decided not to used it anymore. At the same time I put an air pump in the sump to continue to oxygenate the water, my redox today is 230. As for NO3 and PO4 I’m close to...
  4. IOAOI

    FREE TEST for IOAOI In Sump Protein Skimmer, 80-100 Gallons

    Hello family members of R2R, We're launching a FREE TEST for IOAOI in sump protein skimmer, for 80-100 gals aquariums. DC pump. US only. We truly look forward to receiving your objective and detailed feedback. To sign up - Like & comment on this thread. We'll send you a PM. :star-struck:
  5. i0nz

    Aquavitro Division 125 help

    I’m running an Aquavitro Division 125 and am having some trouble tuning it. It’s primarily due to the unique design in contrast to other skimmers which I’ve used in the past. I’ve leveled the water level with the neck with the air open so it won’t flow over. I’ve made a ton of adjustments to...
  6. 787will

    Florida Bubble Magus Curve 5 Skimmer

    Works great, will clean up a bit more before shipping. $100.00 plus shipping.
  7. Forshurley

    California Apex, Ecotech and other reef gear for sale! Will ship most items.

    Set up new tank and selling parts from old 187g tank build/clearing out garage. Not interested in trade. APEX: APEX controller w/temp, PH probe and EB8: $400 pending APEX DOS x2: $500 ($275 each) APEX Trident w/ reagents: $350 SOLD APEX EB8: $200 APEX EB8 (one outlet now working): $150 APEX...
  8. thomascameron81

    New York Sold…. Tunze Comline DOC 9004

    Tunze comline 9004 works great upgraded tanks so need something bigger about a year old 100$ shipped
  9. Max Rackstraw

    Noisy skimmer!

    My skimmer makes this horrible noise that literally keeps me up at night! (Its in my bedroom) It only makes this sound when the air valve is open. When it is closed, the skimmer is dead silent. (See attached video) It doesnt sound like air induction, it sounds like its coming from within the...
  10. MtnDewMan

    Drygoods Equipment for Sale - Tank Tear Down

    Updated list 2-25-24. Tore down my tank due to lots of issues and selling the equipment (as is, may require some cleaning on some of it). Message me if interested in anything. Shipping to USA would be additional, in Seattle area we can work out a place to meet up.
  11. harkey

    which skimmer for innovative marine 40L?

    Hey yall, I was wondering if you have any suggestions on what skimmer should I get for my Innovative Marine NUVO Fusion Pro 2 - 40L (40 gallons)? I’ve never used a skimmer before so any information on which one is a good brand which chamber to put it in is greatly appreciated, thank you!
  12. swampcruiser

    SOLD New in Box Tunze 9415 DOC Skimmer and 2 Turbelle Stream 6105 circulation pumps

    This is all new delivered a month and a half ago (Christmas). All of this is still sealed in the boxes and brand new. I have 2 of the Tunze Turbelle stream eco 6105 controllable pumps - those are $275 each ($325 retail) or both for $500 PayPal shipped. I also have a Tunze 9415 DOC skimmer new in...
  13. LAReefer4Life

    California Royal Exclusive 180 bubble cone king w/red dragon pump

    Selling my 180 royal exclusive bubble king skimmer. Works fantastic, no issues but I am upgraded to larger skimmer with larger aquarium and more fish. Local pickup for $550 Also available is a used Red Sea Reefer 900 Protein Skimmer for $300, works perfectly. Less than 1 year of use.
  14. Russelm

    Florida Looking for a Tunze 9004 DC skimmer

    Looking for a lightly used Tunze 9004 DC skimmer. Doesnt need to have the controller. Thanks!
  15. Digitalfirex

    Skimmers BNIB Reef Rhythm RR-150 Skimmer

    Cleaning out the fish closet. I have a BNIB Reef Rhythm RR-150 protein skimmer. Again, it's a sealed box. Rated for tanks between 75 -150g dependant on bioload. Retail is $270. Asking $200, shipping included via PayPal. Specs:
  16. UGASealDawg

    Skimmers Avast Marine Large Davey Jones Skimmate Locker

    Excellent condition - Avast Marine Large Davey Jones Skimmate Locker. Quick connect added for easy removal and cleaning. $85 + Shipping
  17. borrowedthemoon

    Icecap K1 vs Magtool Skimmer

    Hello coral friends. I'm in the market to replace my aquatic life 151 skimmer for my 13.5 gallon AIO. The two I'm interested in are the Ice Cap K1 Nano skimmer ($100), OR the Mag tool nano skimmer ($75). Please don't respond with "you don't need a skimmer", just ignore and move on. All...
  18. T

    Florida Reef Octopus Classic-150 INT skimmer

    Well used but in decent condition, need some elbow grease to clean it up. Will throw in an extra 2000S pump which does have use on it. Skimmer worked well when in use but is no longer needed. Shipping available at buyers expense.
  19. B

    Tunze 9012 DC question

    I just received my comline 9012 DC skimmer and set it up to surface skim but I don’t see that it’s skimming much of anything. I have it in a 75 gallon Aqueon which has a rim. what I read Is I’m probably not having the proper water height so the skimmer is submerged too far but it would clear the...
  20. M

    SOLD Like new Bubble Magus C3+ with extra brand new pump $80

    Got a bubble magus c3+ skimmer, only used for about a month and half then decided to switch to another skimmer as I wanted something quieter and also the same manufacturer as my sump. Personally I felt the skimmer was loud, BM send me a new pump to try but never switched to it. So you get a like...
  21. Obdoc63

    Florida 180 and 120 gallon glass tanks

    I'm getting out of the hobby and have a 180 gallon rimless tank with Trigger systems sump, return pump, skimmer and live rock. I also am selling two frag tanks, 24x36x8 O-six with 6 OR3 bars 120 gallon reef with sps, mostly still frags/small colonies. both tanks have two Orphek Atlantik iCon...
  22. J

    I cant tell if my skimmer is breaking in again or Ive broken it after cleaning

    I've got a bubble magus curve 5 and I gave it a deep clean today (first time I've done it in about 2 you can imagine it was filthy) I let it bathe in 50/50 tap water and distilled vinegar and then ran it for about 10 minutes to cycle it all through. I took it completely apart to...
  23. T

    Oklahoma Reef octopus classic 110-S skimmer

    Bought new back in May of 23. Comes with all parts and original box. Cleaned and ready to go. Asking $200 shipped in the US. Will take $150 if picked up in person. Cash in person or PayPal Goods and services only. No trades, thanks.
  24. KJoFan

    Minnesota HOB skimmers - Aquamaxx, Icecap, nano skimmer, Tunze powerhead

    Cadlights PLS-50 Elite II w/ extra pump - $90 shipped Aquamaxx ConeS w/extra pump - $200 shipped Icecap K3 250 w/extra pump - $175 shipped Tunze 6105. Only used a few days before deciding it wasn’t right for what I wanted. Missing the one grill from the photo. $200 shipped
  25. R

    New York XR15, Tunze 3155, Nero3, and Skimmer

    I have a few used equipments for sale. They’re all in working condition. Would prefer local pickup in Brooklyn or meet up on Manhattan, but if they don’t sell within a week, I’ll start shipping (feel free to pm, so I will keep you on the list). Price below is for pick up. 1. Xr15 Gen5, blue...