spectral controller

  1. Clintcrabtree

    Indiana Kessil Spectral Controller LNIB

    Like new. Comes with everything in the original box. Wall mount and all. Let me know if you have any questions. $75.00 shipped.
  2. Castaway6

    Florida Kessil A360WE , mount + controller

    Everything you need. $350 shipped
  3. Kessil

    Share Your Schedules!

    Share your schedule for your Spectral Controller or WiFi Dongle below! We want to know what schedules work best for you. Please share your timepoints with corresponding color and intensity. As well as the number of lights, the model of light, tank dimensions, and type of livestock (Mixed reef...
  4. Coldcloud

    Kentucky WTB Kessil spectral controller

    Looking for a kessil spectral controller. Preferably the a series, but will do the x series as well. Looking to have shipped to Kentucky or pickup of located in eastern Kentucky
  5. Castaway6

    Florida Kessil A360WE + controller + mount

    Tuna Blue. Bought from another reefer. Works great, I cleaned and dusted it etc to set it up but I'm definitely an AI fan, not a fan of kessil (sorry not sorry) Comes with everything you need all very good condition and original boxes. Asking $350 + whatever shipping will be. I might consider...
  6. bckey

    Texas Kessil A360x's, Spectral Controller X, Orphek Atlantic V4 gen2 compact

    Everything is sold. Thanks! I have an Orphek Atlantic V4 gen 2 compact with gateway 2 for sale @ $650 shipped (SOLD) *UPDATE* All Kessil lights and controller sold. I have 3 kessil A360X's for sale @$375 each shipped (firm) (SOLD) I also have a kessil controller x for sale @ $85...
  7. Evan West

    Michigan Kessil H80+Gooseneck+Spectral Controller

    For sale is a Kessil H80 Tuna Flora with the gooseneck and spectral controller As a package: $160 Prefer to sell as a package, OBO make reasonable offer, motivated to sell. H80+gooseneck alone: $100 Spectral controller: $80 Will ship add +$5
  8. Timrpn

    Michigan Kessil A360WE + Controller + Gooseneck and more

    Selling a slightly used (5 months) Kessil A360 WE. Never used over 50%. Comes with: Kessil A360 WE Tuna Blue Light Kessil Control Cable for Neptune Apex Systems Kessil LED Light Pendant Gooseneck Clamp/Mount Kessil Spectral LED Controller 3mm(male) to 3mm(Female) 6ft Extension cable Asking...
  9. Romeo007

    Ohio kessil A360we with Mounts and controllers

    I have 4 Kessil A360W E series tuna blue lights with goosenecks and A series mount and few Spectral controllers. All are very good condition. Package deal $1100 +50 shipping.includes paypal fees.text me for additional pic & info at 2407556402. 4 lights 2 Goosenecks with 90 adapters 1 A series...
  10. Romeo007

    Ohio Kessil A360we with mounting arm and spectral controller

    Kessil A360we with mounting arm and spectral controller for sale .in very good condition. $375 shipped
  11. MSOEME2009

    Tennessee ReefKeeper Lite Plus + Kessil Spectral Controller

    I upgraded to the Apex since I travel. I used these two in conjunction to control my tank. I also have a BRS Double Junction Lab Grade Probe which was used with the RKL that I will include with the ReefKeeper. The probe is approximately two months old and is stored in proper liquid currently. I...
  12. Crabs McJones

    Kessil Show Off Thread (Warning, may be picture heavy!)

    I am hoping to create a megathread for all users who drink the delicious koolaid that is Kessil. I would like this to become a discussion, question, and show off thread. Remember, there are no dumb questions and you cannot show me enough pictures :) So please, don't hold back and show us what...
  13. Caliwagon

    Kessil a360w with gooseneck and spectral control FS

    So apparently I was good this year and Santa decided to give me an upgrade for the tank. Title says it all. This was used on my 42gal cube for about 9 months. Never any issues. Comes with the original boxes for all the components. New all this would cost $500+ from BRS, Im looking to get $380...
  14. N

    Spectral Controller for Kessil Lights

    Excellent condition. Comes with controller and cables. $72 shipped/PP'd
  15. lonewonderer

    kessil spectral controller not responding

    Hello, I just got a kessil spectral controller. I have 2 A80 tuna blue. I plugged each light on port 1 and port 2. I have tried doing manual mode and it does not respond to the controls. the amount of color and intensity it gives is around 50% max and color is around 20%. Is this thing...
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