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  1. ReefStash

    Act fast when SPS shows signs of decline!

    In reefing you sometimes need to act fast! I moved this Miami Orchid SPS coral colony higher on the reef the other day and unfortunately it did not like that move at all! By the morning it was turning white (dying) from the base up. ☠️ I believe it to be RTN (rapid tissue necrosis). As soon...
  2. blstravler

    New Jersey BC BubbleBath Unicorn Frags

    Have a few frags of BC BubbleBath Unicorn. All frags now encrusted to frag plug. $50 each. Pick up zip code is 07702. DM is Key.
  3. Williamson’s Reef

    Buy 3 get 1 free on all SPS!

    Buy 3 and get 1 free on all SPS! No code needed. Just add 4 to cart and one will be free. Add 8 and 2 will be free. The more you buy the more you save. Over 100 to choose from. https://williamsonsreef.com/
  4. flyfisherman

    Massachusetts SPS Collector Grab Bag (some XL) (CC Bahama Mama, TGC Crazy Eyes, RR Bleeding Avengers, Snipers Sps OG Voltron, jf homewrecker)

    These are ready to go tomorrow: $100 shipping/packaging fee+ CC Bahama Mama - $350 RR Bleeding Avengers - $300 JF Homewrecker - $175 TGC Crazy Eyes - $250 Sniper Sps OG Voltron mille - $250
  5. flyfisherman

    Massachusetts SPS Collector Rare 16 pack (POTO, BKchem, RRC, MattV, TGC, BradB, CC, Snipersps, RR)

    16pack $650 shipped Some rare pieces, not huge, but impossible to find at pack pricing costs.... Front (l-r) -RRC Goldenrod xl, POTO Flamethrower encrustment, Brad B drawjopper, TGC Bugatti, Matt V Midnight Madness, Matt V Alias, RRC Cj's Pinky, CC Bahama Mama, BK Chem Froot loops, TGC Red...
  6. flyfisherman

    Massachusetts SPS Collector 15pack (WWC, TGC ,RR, CC, TSA, RRA, CRT, BRAD B, RR)

    12 pack - $495 shipped 15 pack - $560 shipped Front (l-r) - TSA Princess Peach, CRT Toxic Lemonade, TGC Red Wing Mille, CC Bahama Mama, TGC Pearly Gates, BRAD B Drawjopper, RRA OP, TGC Dragonknight, RRC Rainbow Splice, TGC Crazy Eyes, RR Bleeding Avengers Rear (l-r) - Snipers OG Voltron...
  7. Obdoc63

    Florida 180 and 120 gallon glass tanks

    I'm getting out of the hobby and have a 180 gallon rimless tank with Trigger systems sump, return pump, skimmer and live rock. I also am selling two frag tanks, 24x36x8 O-six with 6 OR3 bars 120 gallon reef with sps, mostly still frags/small colonies. both tanks have two Orphek Atlantik iCon...
  8. flyfisherman

    Massachusetts SPS Collector 10-15 Pack (RRC, RR, TSA, TJM, ASD, Snipersps, CC, TGC, CRT, JF, TSA, RTE 66)

    Pending sale shipped- 15pack Front (l-r) - CRT Toxic Lemonade, ASD Rainbow Mille, Snipers OG Voltron Mille, CC Bahama Mama, TSA Princess Peach, TGC Red Wing Mille, RR Bleeding Avengers, TGC Pearly Gates, TJM F Stik, RRC Supreme, JF Blowtorch Rear (l-r) - rte 66 Merlin Staff, TSA Fruitty...
  9. Mann_Cave_Corals

    New Jersey ACROS $80

    TSA Carolina Reaper: $70 TSA Dan Aykroyd: $70 WWC Crimson Raider: $50 TSA Fruity Pebbles: $80 Oregon Tort: $50 TCK Burning Bush: $80 PC Rainbow: $50 TSA Bill Murray: $60 Vivid Confetti: $80 Lava Lamp Tenuis: $60 Pink Cadillac: $50 POTO Goofy Homewrecker: $90 TSA Optimus Prime: $70 CR Daredevil...
  10. david_ma

    Michigan Sold

    Sold local Have few high end Zoas, chalices
  11. A

    SPS dying - white bug(?)

    Hey guys, Recently i lost 3 sps that died slowly as an infection or something like that. Today i was cutting some dead branches and noticed that almost all of them had this guy in it.. Does anyone know what this might be? Looks like a white venom to me, haha.
  12. Stu_Tanks

    Build Thread Finally A Setup I’m Happy With! IM 50 Lagoon

    After a short break of leaving the hobby, I couldn’t resist the itch and started back up with a waterbox 20 and an AI Prime. Long story short, I overcame many nuisances and after a year had a solid nano that could easily grow LPS and Softies. That waterbox survived a short move up the road...
  13. blstravler

    New Jersey SPS frags for sale - pick up in NJ

    Cleaning out my Frag rack to make some room. Can do discounts if you buy multiple frags. This is pick up only in NJ - zip is 07702. No lengthy holds of frags without payment. Everything listed below is fully encrusted and has been on my frag racks for months. With the exception of the chunk of...
  14. Peterliu

    Share sps 8 month growth

    My acro 9 month growth In my own experience, stable water parameter were the key of growth. Once acro adapt your tank’s environment, it will start to grow insane. 0-9 month Below is the photo of 11 month
  15. Larry Bowens Jr

    New Jersey RR Rainbow Splice and OG Oregon Tort Colony for sale

    RR Rainbow Splice $800 shipped Oregon Tort colony $700 (pickup only, local to NY/NJ)
  16. Gk5321

    pH day to night swings in Nano - Refugium

    I have a small ~8 gal water volume sps tank that i recently installed a controller on. I’ve been monitoring pH and noticed significant swings between day and night. I know swings are expect but the range is pretty significant - approximately 1 ph or more over the course of a day. I think it...
  17. Gk5321

    Build Thread Fluval Flex 9 Build

    I set up this tank as a bit of a gesture to myself for doing well on the LSAT a few years ago. Since then, it’s survived 3 moves, many crashes, and a switch out of law school and back to my old career. To say the least, it’s kept my mind straight through some rough times. It’s just a bit over...
  18. blstravler

    New Jersey SOLD SPS - FREE Chunk of POTO Side Chick

    Had to cut back a colony so have a Chunk for free. Must pick up in NJ - ZIP is 07702 Must pick up Sunday 11/12 - NO HOLDS. Whoever confirms pick up tomorrow gets it. DM is key, and please don’t send me your number and ask me to text you, this why I’m saying DM is key. Chunk is about 3 x 4...
  19. Jesmann

    New Hampshire Collector Chalice,SPS, Mushroom & LPS

    Shipping Price is $45 or free over $400. DOA Pictures must be sent with the coral in the original packaging with temp shown. Pictures must be sent within 1 hour of delivery time for any DOA to be considered. DOA will be given as a credit tword a replacement coral. Please be patience i will...
  20. blstravler

    New Jersey 2 SPS Colonies for sale

    Selling 2 colonies to make some room. CC Dream Catcher PC Superman Dream Catcher is on a decent sized rock that will come with it. Superman is on a much smaller rock that it was originally mounted to. Both are a few years old. I have a bucket to put them in that you can take. $250 or best...
  21. Blinkdo

    Florida High-End Collector Sticks - BC, F2M, Cornbred, Matt V, POTO, RMF, TSA, UC, WWC *BLACK FRIDAY PACK DEAL*

    Hey fellow reefers, back again with some mid-high end sticks for sale (WYSIWYG). All fully aquaculture and no fresh cuts. *BLACK FRIDAY PACK DEAL $600 TAKES THE REST* Shipping is $50 via UPS next day air. Florida is $25. Pic #1 Left to right: RMF Red Halo Mille SOLD UC Red Rabbit SOLD F2M...
  22. B

    polyp extension improve

    I’m looking the way on polyp extension, I try amino it can help on polyp extension. But meanwhile it will raise a lot in No3. As currently my tank parameter wasn’t in stable status, I can’t do heavy import and export. Every time I using the amino, it take some period to lower my No3. And my no3...
  23. Mann_Cave_Corals

    New Jersey STICKS!!

    TSA Carolina Reaper: $70 TSA Dan Aykroyd: $70 JF Wedding Crasher: $70 WWC Crimson Raider: $50 TSA Fruity Pebbles: $80 Oregon Tort: $50 TCK Burning Bush: $80 PC Rainbow: $50 TSA Bill Murray: $60 Vivid Confetti: $80 SC Orange Passion: SOLD Walt Disney: $80 Lava Lamp Tenuis: $60 Pink Cadillac: $50...
  24. DivingTheWorld

    SOLD FS: TSA Bill Murray XL Hunks / Mini Colonies - Local SF Bay Area Pickup Only !

    I have a couple XL hunks of TSA Bill Murray available. They are 3-4" across. $Sold each or both for $Sold. 100% aquacultured by me from my mother colony (first pic). No photoshop. PM or text me if interested. WYSIWYG. Normal sized frags also available. No shipping, local pick-up in San...
  25. EithelSirion

    Build Thread EithelSirion's 75 Gallon DIY SPS & Gorgonian Reef

    I've been a long time lurker and finally decided it was time to have a thread to document my tank... over 3 years after I started it. This thread will be covering the progression of the tank over the last 3 years of trial and (many) errors. The tank began with an idea right around the time of...