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  1. Coopdod50

    Nano Build Dorm Room Waterbox 20

    Hello everyone, I just setup my 3rd reef that I'm quite excited about. Originally I had a Cobalt Aquatics CVue40 in my dorm but after less than a semester I decided it was entirely too large for the room and a HUGE pain to transport back and forth home over long breaks since I live 3+ hours...
  2. Tdoan

    Acropora losing color

    I am having issue with my acropora corals, the color is fading out, other SPS are doing good with out issue, such as my montis. The acropora has been in the tank about 2 months, seem to be doing good but over the last 3 weeks the color is fading. I have a few things I am working on, first is...
  3. Matt elvira

    Build Thread Matt's 120 mixed reef (picture heavy)

    New to R2R. Been reefing for about 5 years. I Wanted to show off my upgrade from my 75g tank and 2-10g nanos to this bad boy. Transfered everything over back in Feb 2020. I did this upgrade while extending my patio 40ft lol to many projects at the same time. Everything is growing well. Started...
  4. TCK Corals

    New Acro Update + Clearance Sale on Remaining September Products

    We have 75 new acros posted to our website along with over 200 corals on a Clearance Sale marked down 35% off. https://tckcorals.com
  5. Rockhead

    Illinois WTB Piping parts for reefer 425xl

    Looking for a replacement drain valve assembly for my reefer 425xl please send pics if you have anything. thank you Tom
  6. Joe's 220 Reef

    New York Purple stylo colony free pick up only Saratoga County NY

    Purple Stylo Colony for free pick up only. Saratoga County NY. It is around 8” long by around 4-5” wide. It will be fresh cut at the base as I have no room stick it to a plug at this point. Nothing wrong with it, it is just shading my other corals. Pm me if interested. If not gone this week I...
  7. BighohoReef

    How big is your WD... Show off your Walt Disney Acros!

    My wife and I just snagged two beautiful pieces of WD from @Peng (thank you Peng!), I'm very familiar with the 3/4 to 1" pieces but I've never seen the larger colonies (assuming because we frag them up) I want to place them in the right place and wanted to see know how big people have grown...
  8. Art Calde

    Florida Oregon Tort Acro

    Selling Oregon Tort Acro starting at $40. Plenty of frags. Pm me w interest. Thx Jupiter Florida pickup only.
  9. DQM5

    California Mini Colonies Forest Fire Digitata

    Hi REEFERS, I have 3 mini colonies forest fire digitata ranging $60-$80 local pick up located in Orange County
  10. C

    EMERGENCY Chance of survial? Acropora bleached or dead

    Hi everyone Had a huge temp increase during the first heat wave. Temp went from 78 to 84.5 in a day or 2. I have fans now at least! Question is, what are the chances of recovery on these guys? They still have some polyp extension, but I'm not sure if STN or just bleaching.
  11. BighohoReef

    Am I on the SPS pain train?

    Well, folks, the day is here, I think the tank is ready for some bigger SPS pieces. Aquascape is redone and the sps order is in I posted a few pictures wondering what everyone thinks (best ones I could pull). Once I get them into QT and rested I'll update the thread with some better pictures...
  12. S

    Xr15 g4 pro + reef brite xho k15 increase par?

    I’m currently running 2 xr15 g4 pros with diffusers on a 90g running the ab+ spectrum at 100%. I purchased the apogee 420 par meter when I was setting everything up and I’m only getting 150-180 par 10-12” below the waterline, which is my highest rock point. Needless to say I was a little...
  13. Reef Pro

    Livestock SPS Frags! Frag Pack DISCOUNTS!! Everything from Beginner to High End Collector JF HW, WD, SC OP, TGC, TSA, WWC and MUCH MUCH MORE !!

    Some of you may have purchased from me previous as Reefflow! Build your own SPS packs! All pieces are WYSIWYG and have the corresponding number, which will correlate to the frag. If you're interested in any of the pieces pls message with the coral name along with the letter and number you are...
  14. TroutWithLegs

    SPS dying because of algae?

    Hey everyone, im looking for some advice on treating algae growing ON my sps colonies. How can I treat it, how dangerous is it? How can I avoid it in the future. I've got three colonies it's really affecting. Two that had some kind of nuisance growth when I got them, one that didn't...
  15. RRC Elektra

    RRC Elektra

  16. esther

    Please help ID this Colorful SPS

    Have no idea what this is. Anyone have an idea?
  17. B

    Build Thread Big Mick's SPS Build Thread

    This tank was filled up in August of 2017. It's had it's trials but I believe I've figured out a good maintenance regiment to keep it stable and thriving. Red Sea Max Series. Equipment: 4 XR30 Gen 4 Pros Radions; However the first 2 years of growth I have to give AI hydra 32s credit for...
  18. TCK Corals

    30% Off Flash Sale Sitewide All WYSIWYG

  19. O

    Keep or Trash

    My tanks recovering from a bad time. I lost a lot of SPS to receding skin. My colony of red planet is 90% dead. Now that I’ve corrected the issue, the receding has stopped leaving 10% alive. I had something similar to this happen before and the red planet quickly recovered and grew of the dead...
  20. TCK Corals

    You thought toilet paper flies off shelves fast? NEW WYSIWYG Just Uploaded | Goni's, acro's, echinata's oh my!

    We just posted some fire new frags on to the site... Hurry before all the fire ones are gone. You thought toilet paper flies off shelves fast? :eek:
  21. C

    Indo bonsai coral - first SPS

    Hey everyone! So I just added in a Indo bonsai today. (First sps!) I think he is doing well but as I have not much background info on how these should look at the frag stage, want to get your options. Also input on if the location is adequate would be appreciated Thank you!
  22. oceans garden aquaculture

    Aussie Millepora

  23. TCK Corals


    We have a FIRE SPS Sale Starting at 3pm TODAY on our website https://tckcorals.com Sale ends Tues at 12am. Save 20% Off All WYSIWYG. Shipping is $25 In State & Nearby States (Free over $175) $45 Out of State (Free Over $250) Here's a few teasers:
  24. R

    California PC Rainbow Acropora Colony

    PC Rainbow Acropora (local pick up only) 3 colonies available Location Rancho Santa Margarita Asking $300 per colony
  25. Jax15

    Need acro help, browning out!

    Hey folks This will not be a new topic, but I need ideas. I have a Waterbox 130, running 8-9 months now. I have big Acropora dreams for this tank, and it was going well there for a while. Growth, color.. but then everything seemed to stop on me. Acros went brownish, polyps are unhappy. Nothing...