sps acropora

  1. Gianluca

    Show me your SPS!

    Hi everyone! I just got my first branching sps. It’s a green pocillopora, and I am so excited to see it grow! So I wanna see all of your SPS! Show me what you got!
  2. Art Calde

    Florida WWC Allstar and Bill Murray Acro frags

    WWC Allstar $350 and Bill Murray frags $100 Colony Pictured Jupiter Florida pickup only
  3. walloutlet

    New to SPS - Checking In On Progress

    Hey everyone, basically as the title states, I'm new into the world of sticks especially Acropora's. Feeling comfortable that I have my system stability and parameters under control and consistently in line with the what we collective seem to agree as good numbers. Basically, no major swings...
  4. kyosuke

    Hello Nice to meet you!

    はじめまして、恭介とSPS&LPSタンクを運営しています。 私はサンゴと塩水の生活についてもっと理解するために参加しました。 私のタンクはREERER250で、軽い2つのGrassy CoreReefが付いています。 皆さんにお会いできることを願っています。 ではごきげんよう、 恭介 Translation: Nice to meet you, I run an SPS & LPS tank with Kyosuke. I participated to gain a better understanding of coral and saltwater life...
  5. P

    My dealings with AEFW...

    Hi all, not new here, but first thread start. I just noticed yesterday something I've dealt with before and so here is what I saw leading up to finding acro eating flatworms, how I identified the issue, and how I have intially dealt with it. The last few weeks I've noticed some of my acros...
  6. Gianluca

    Birds nest acro unhealthy?

    Hello all, my friend bought me a birds nest acropora two days ago. It doesn’t look too healthy in my opinion so I am concerned my tank isn’t up to snuff, the rest my corals are really healthy and growing just this one isn’t (or maybe I am just overreacting) My tank parameters are as follows...
  7. A

    Low nutrients causing sps color loss?

  8. ReefAddiction34

    Florida ASD Rainbow Millie mother colony for sale.

    Hey fellow reefers. I recently broke down a tank and combined livestock. Unfortunately I do not have room for this gorgeous piece and the current tank already has a nice colony of the same coral in it. I’m asking $600 but am willing to listen to OBO’s within reason. May consider a trade for...
  9. Z

    Green Slimer SPS bleaching in one spot on stem?

    Hey guys, So my green Slimer is on a frag rack and I noticed that part of the body and first bit of the branch is bleaching or dead? I am not sure. Since this part of the Slimer was in the shadow do you think this was why? Recently I had some pretty heavy temperature dips because of my own...
  10. J

    SPS/Acro pest help needed! Please

    Mods, my original post was started: https://www.reef2reef.com/threads/long-skinny-white-fuzzy-looking-please-help-id.795471/post-8468563 Please delete as I am better educated and informed..... but still need help identifying. hey all, SPS/Acro dominated 150g reef -trigger sump, curve 5...
  11. C

    What’s happening to my bird’s nest SPS??

    I’ve had this gorgeous green bird’s nest SPS for a few months now. It’s mostly been plush and healthy. Recently, I noticed it’s looking different. A couple parts of the tips look boney. Is this a sign that it’s growing or is it unhealthy? Not sure if there’s too much light. It’s been doing...
  12. sfg

    Louisiana RRC Rainbow Splice

    Between 1/2-3/4”. Just cut. Has both colors on this frag. Need a few weeks heal time. Should be ready to go at the earliest on the 18th weather permitting. original frag purchased from Jared at RMF back in Feb of last year. $850 shipped Fed/Ex priority overnight. DOA guarantee within 2 hours...
  13. Bryknicks

    Florida 3 pack monti digitata mini colonies $75

    Have a mini colony of red, pink, and bubble gum digitatas. Each is on a 2-2.5" frag disk with multiple branches and completely encrusted. Coming from a clean pest/disease free system running for 1.5 years. Local pickup or meet only. I also have a mini colony of green slimer $15, pink birdsnest...
  14. 4

    SPS Help!

    First and foremost, I just want to provide as much detail as I can so all the information needed is available. I know not all maybe relevant but I've never posted on a forum before asking for help either, so please bare with. We have a 125 gallon mixed (SPS,LPS, Softies, Sea Fans, NPS and...
  15. Alphadave248

    Purple and burgundy Acro ID

    Can anyone possibly ID this Acro? Attached overall tank photo as well. Adding 18 frags from WWC Friday Also water params included.
  16. chuckfu5

    Cube Build SCA 135 Gallon Cube, SPS dominant mixed reef

    Hello, Welcome to my documentation and journey with this amazing hobby. This system has been set up for the last two years but the first year was nothing but issues. I would lose acropora and LPS from RTN and polyp bailout. After many ICP tests and nearly throwing in the towel I found that I...
  17. Coopdod50

    Nano Build Dorm Room Waterbox 20

    Hello everyone, I just setup my 3rd reef that I'm quite excited about. Originally I had a Cobalt Aquatics CVue40 in my dorm but after less than a semester I decided it was entirely too large for the room and a HUGE pain to transport back and forth home over long breaks since I live 3+ hours...
  18. Tdoan

    Acropora losing color

    I am having issue with my acropora corals, the color is fading out, other SPS are doing good with out issue, such as my montis. The acropora has been in the tank about 2 months, seem to be doing good but over the last 3 weeks the color is fading. I have a few things I am working on, first is...
  19. Matt elvira

    Build Thread Matt's 120 mixed reef (picture heavy)

    New to R2R. Been reefing for about 5 years. I Wanted to show off my upgrade from my 75g tank and 2-10g nanos to this bad boy. Transfered everything over back in Feb 2020. I did this upgrade while extending my patio 40ft lol to many projects at the same time. Everything is growing well. Started...
  20. TCK Corals

    New Acro Update + Clearance Sale on Remaining September Products

    We have 75 new acros posted to our website along with over 200 corals on a Clearance Sale marked down 35% off. https://tckcorals.com
  21. Rockhead

    Illinois WTB Piping parts for reefer 425xl

    Looking for a replacement drain valve assembly for my reefer 425xl please send pics if you have anything. thank you Tom
  22. Joe's 220 Reef

    New York Purple stylo colony free pick up only Saratoga County NY

    Purple Stylo Colony for free pick up only. Saratoga County NY. It is around 8” long by around 4-5” wide. It will be fresh cut at the base as I have no room stick it to a plug at this point. Nothing wrong with it, it is just shading my other corals. Pm me if interested. If not gone this week I...
  23. BighohoReef

    How big is your WD... Show off your Walt Disney Acros!

    My wife and I just snagged two beautiful pieces of WD from @Peng (thank you Peng!), I'm very familiar with the 3/4 to 1" pieces but I've never seen the larger colonies (assuming because we frag them up) I want to place them in the right place and wanted to see know how big people have grown...
  24. Art Calde

    Florida Oregon Tort Acro

    Selling Oregon Tort Acro starting at $40. Plenty of frags. Pm me w interest. Thx Jupiter Florida pickup only.
  25. DQM5

    California Mini Colonies Forest Fire Digitata

    Hi REEFERS, I have 3 mini colonies forest fire digitata ranging $60-$80 local pick up located in Orange County
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