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  1. S

    Flow for lps and sps, is it the velocity thats required or just overall turnover? PLEASE HELP!

    Hi everyone. I made a thread the other day which looked at hopefully getting my tank to start growing some corals. One of the suggestions was to look at increasing the flow of my tank. I have a 180 gallon, 6 foot mixed reef aquarium. Filled with acros, euphillia, heliofungia plating coral...
  2. Kylell_RC

    Acropora showing small spots of skeleton, STN?

    A bit over a month ago I got my first Acropora (booberry) frag and it was doing pretty well in my Nuvo 20 for the first three weeks. Though in the past several days, first noticed Oct 7th, this frag started showing spots of skeleton at the tips of the Corallites. The day before I do recall...
  3. arnab.sengupta

    Build Thread My 150 Gal Reef from India

    Hi Folks! I am in the hobby for 5 years now and recently upgraded my tank to 150 gallons. It is mostly SPS dominated. It was a so hard to be in this hobby in India as you do not get access to better equipments and corals. Still have managed to put up a decent tank. Will post pics of my tank...
  4. J

    Am I ready for SPS?

    I put this Acro 2 weeks ago and so far it has already colored up and fully extended. Looks way better then the time I bought it at my LFS. Tank is 10 months old. Also what kind of Acro is this? Picture was taken during the night.
  5. C

    AIO Build Ceaver's IM Nuvo Fusion 40 SPS Build/Grow out

    This thread will document what I hope will be an awesome grow out of SPS frags in my AIO tank. This initial post is just to get the thread started and force my hand in actually beginning some legit documentation, which I've been meaning to do for some time. I suppose it makes sense to start...
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  8. daelie

    Build Thread Daelie's Waterbox Frag 165.6

    I always liked the looks of these shallower tanks and figured I'd really like to build out an SPS lagoon with one of them, so here we are. Tank arrived in pretty good shape, and overall I'm pretty happy with it. A couple pictures after getting the tank and sump unboxed Stand was quite...
  9. dbq5anlxj

    SPS polyp extrnd but not open

    Hello. This is my rainbowloom acro. I had it for six months now. It was fluffy and happy a month before. Recently, the polyp is not open anymore but it still fully extend. The polyp is not fluffy and soft anymore it looks kind stiff. I also noticed the skin is not that smooth anymore, it's kind...
  10. A

    Hello Sps Bounce

    I have a beautiful Garf Bonzai sps and it's been growing bounce like bubbles on it. They have been growing for 4 months and it Colony looks perfectly healthy and is growing fast. Has anyone seen this before?
  11. H

    Just got my 300g upgrade tank and want to put my SPS in there sooner then later!?

    I've been in the hobby for over 7 years now, so this isn't my first tank but I'm looking for some help on when I could put my acro's in my new setup. The tank has been up for about a week, I used live sand and about 80% of my live rock from my old setup (150g it was up for alittle over a year)...
  12. Sakudo4

    California Livestock Trade Colony of acro the vinh

    Large colony of acro The vinh please let me know what you have Its on a 4" plug
  13. M

    HW chunky frag!

    Hi! I have a JF HW for sale. I am asking $650 shipped via FedEx . Please pm with any questions. Thanks. !
  14. Jeff2021


    Hello everyone, I am a hobby from China.Today I would like to share with you my SPS Tank.
  15. Sakudo4

    California 6 pack Sps fs.

    6 pack available for local pickup in Anaheim 1. No name blue tenuis 2. Wwc heartbreaker 3. Pc Rainbow 4. Tsa fruity pebbles 5. Jf foxflame 6. No name acro 200$ for the 6 pack. Will trow in a freebie my choice also
  16. Sakudo4

    California Bubblegum digi Fs

    Accidently broke my colony and decided to frag it, frags are 10$ & 15$ And one larger @ 25$ Located in Anaheim
  17. Art Calde

    Florida Oregon Tort

    Oregon tort for sale starting at $40. Jupiter Florida pickup only prices $120, $100, $80, $60, $40 in order of pics
  18. gentlefish

    Large Build RSR 750 v3

    It always starts small. 38l freshwater when I was a kid half a century back. … and then it gets bigger. 10 years or so ago I impulse bought a 38 g AIO innovative marine with some life sand, life rock and a bucket of salt with a hygrometer. Then I bought the recommended fish by the LFS: a Yellow...
  19. twhit030

    EMERGENCY Emerald crab imposter

    I haven my year old 40 breeder all sps reef tank an emerald crab (or so I thought). My corals have all been doing very well for the first 11 months. This past month I’ve noticed the slow death of 2 very nice corals, 1 being a bubble gum digi and the other being some no name acro. I came home...
  20. Living Reef Orlando

    Our new acro LRO Voodoo Child IS OUT!! Frags available!

    LRO Voodoo Child is HOT and ready to rock! It's been cooking for a while and it's finally hot and ready to be served!! I have 4 Frags available and after that, it goes back into grow out. The 4 frags will be $450 shipped.
  21. Gianluca

    Show me your SPS!

    Hi everyone! I just got my first branching sps. It’s a green pocillopora, and I am so excited to see it grow! So I wanna see all of your SPS! Show me what you got!
  22. Art Calde

    Florida WWC Allstar and Bill Murray Acro frags

    WWC Allstar $350 and Bill Murray frags $100 Colony Pictured Jupiter Florida pickup only
  23. walloutlet

    New to SPS - Checking In On Progress

    Hey everyone, basically as the title states, I'm new into the world of sticks especially Acropora's. Feeling comfortable that I have my system stability and parameters under control and consistently in line with the what we collective seem to agree as good numbers. Basically, no major swings...
  24. kyosuke

    Hello Nice to meet you!

    はじめまして、恭介とSPS&LPSタンクを運営しています。 私はサンゴと塩水の生活についてもっと理解するために参加しました。 私のタンクはREERER250で、軽い2つのGrassy CoreReefが付いています。 皆さんにお会いできることを願っています。 ではごきげんよう、 恭介 Translation: Nice to meet you, I run an SPS & LPS tank with Kyosuke. I participated to gain a better understanding of coral and saltwater life...
  25. P

    My dealings with AEFW...

    Hi all, not new here, but first thread start. I just noticed yesterday something I've dealt with before and so here is what I saw leading up to finding acro eating flatworms, how I identified the issue, and how I have intially dealt with it. The last few weeks I've noticed some of my acros...
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