sps acropora

  1. Rockhead

    Illinois Live Goods 5 pack sps

    Have a small pack for sale. Looking for $400 shipped in US The pics with manes are the pack and a couple shots of the mothers. thanks for looking if you see something else lmk. tom
  2. reef2.0

    Raspberry limeade acropora not opening??

    hi friends I received a raspberry limeade acropora for my tank around 12/20/2022. We acclimated it according to procedure and the others we received with the order have flourished and begun to spread (they are different coral types). I was under the impression this coral wanted high light and...
  3. blstravler

    New Jersey Live Goods 4 SPS in NJ pick up only

    Have a 4 pack for sale - left to right they are - BC Awarewolf BC A Fire Engine WWC Taste the Rainbow POTO Side Chick All but the Side Chick have been growing on my rack for a while. Side Chick was an accident while doing some maintenance today. Pick up zip is 07702 - can do PayPal or Cash...
  4. hvalentino

    Maryland Live Goods Wysiwyg SPS Packs Colored your tank!

    For now local pick up only :) Pack 1: Captain Planet JF Fox Flame Bill Murray Pack 2: Strawberry Shortcake Blueberry Nasuta Red Ferrari PS: don't worry about the file name, those are if someone buying individual frag :) and these are not NUB sizes ;)
  5. Sidsreef

    Build Thread My Custom Waterbox 90.3 SPS tank

    Hello and welcome to my custom water box 90.3. And what I mean by custom is a custom sump, and I ripped out all of the plumbing and put my own plumbing into the system. check out my youtube channel as well to see video footage: YOUTUBE CHANNEL This is very long and I’m sorry about the long...
  6. Matheurisley

    What is it, how do I get rid of it?

    Hello fellow reefers, I was looking at my corals today and I noticed that there was something suspicious living inside one of my corals. I have searched all over the internet trying to figure out what they are and have not had much luck. Based on the pictures that I have attached. You’ll notice...
  7. flyfisherman

    Massachusetts Live Goods MCC Prom Queen, RRC Rainbow Splice and other SPS for sale

    Mix and match or grab deal offered. I have more available than what's in pics. PM me for inquiries. We can work out shipping costs depending on location. My stuff is healthy and clean(hobby tank) so you don't need to nuke it with a heavy dip. MCC Prom Queen & RRC Rainbow Splice $275 TGC...
  8. Alabamareef

    Alabama Live Goods Tyree Red Dragon Mother Colony

    I have a Red Dragon Mother colony I’d like to sell. Asking $350 + overnight shipping. Only within the US. It’s softball Size. P
  9. Jay6363

    New York Live Goods Looking for orange passion mini colony

    In the spirit of the Christmas season would anyone be willing to sell me an orange passion mini colony? Had one for over a year just started taking off and the my wife sprayed some cleaning stuff in the vicinity of the tank, gone by night. With another coral. Obviously one of my favorites...
  10. familiar1985

    California Live Goods Zoanthids, SPS, Chalice, Hammers (Los Angeles area)

    Trying to clear out and make some room in my frag tank. See below photos for what I have available. I also have some SPS colonies I can take cuts from. Some of the larger colonies may not be able to ship. Minimum Order is $250. Please post what you would like in discussion or message me. CUT...
  11. chuckfu5

    Utah Live Goods RRC Rainbow Splice Frags

    Selling Terms Of Service YES I have read the terms and agree to them. I have two RRC Rainbow Splice frags for sale. Original frag was obtained last year from TCK Corals. Both are mostly green with frag #1 having a small amount of red in it. Frag #1 ( first picture and to the right ) is...
  12. RMS18

    New Jersey SOLD SPS Frags For Sale

    Hey everyone, had to do some fragging: RR Golden Rod - SOLD PC Rainbow - SOLD BC Lemon Peel - SOLD BC Rainbow Brite -SOLD Pinky The Bear - SOLD Bonsai -SOLD Cherry Bomb - SOLD Pick up Brick NJ. I can also try and meet during weekdays as I travel for work occasionally.
  13. Art Calde

    Florida Live Goods Various SPS for sale

    Oregon tort colony $200 about 3 inches across Bill Murray chunky frag $100 Cherry Blossom chunk $100 all shown w mother colony Jupiter Florida pickup only
  14. ReefZ1lla84

    Washington Live Goods Torches hammers frogspawns zoas sps

    Selling quit a few corals I tried to organize it the best i could for the buyer. Everything that has a letter by it is for sale. I have some zoas and a bunch of green star polyps for cheap also. Only ship to lower 48. I’ll ship free at $350 and up, or $45 for an order of at least $150 or more. I...
  15. DivingTheWorld

    California SOLD FS: Big XL Acro Hunks - RRU, TSA, BC, PC - Local SF Bay Area Pickup Only!

    Selling XL hunks (dare I say mini colonies?) of a few of my favorite acros. 100% aquacultured by me from my mother colonies. No photoshop. PM or text me if interested. WYSIWYG. Normal sized frags also available. No shipping, local pick-up in San Ramon, CA only! 1. Reef Raft "The Vinh" - $Sold...
  16. Daedalus8311

    Wisconsin Live Goods SPS collector edition pack HW ASD BigR WD

    I have a single pack available of larger pieces. I will include heat pack as necessary for shipment. Mother colonies posted below, ready to ship week of Oct 31. Price includes shipping! Pack consists of (left to right) $480 shipped D. Firestorm ASD Rainbow TSA Bill Murray JF Homewrecker BigR...
  17. Gk5321

    Nano Tank Struggles

    I have a 9 gallon reef tank that I obsess over a bit too much. I have dumped way too much money into the thing (although I know I could do more if I had the space). I’ll try and keep this brief but basically I need some pointers getting to the next level with sps. Personally, I think my numbers...
  18. Art Calde

    Florida Live Goods Various coral for sale

    Clearing the racks. Here’s what I have available: Jupiter Florida Pic 1 WWC Cherry Blossom $80 WWC Cherry Blossom $70 WWC Cherry Blossom $60 WWC Cherry Blossom $60 WWC Cherry Blossom $70 SOLD WWC Allstar $275 WWC Allstar $200 SOLD WWC Allstar $250 WWC Allstar $200 WWC Allstar $200 TSA Rainbow...
  19. jgg1133

    Ohio Live Goods 5” RRC rainbow splice

    selling a 5” tall piece of RRC rainbow splice. It has some red but not enough that I’m asking for those prices. asking $500 shipped
  20. P


    Selling multiple big fully encrusted frags of POTO flamethrower and vivid confetti. All originally purchased from Gws3 on R2R. Asking 450$ per flamethrower frag 100$ for vivid confetti text 707-372-8504 For faster response thanks
  21. eja99

    California Live Goods FS: Acropora, pick up SF Bay Area

    Hi, my frag rack is full and it’s time to make some room. JF Fox flame - $40 Walt Disney - $75 Pink Panther Tenuis - $100 Big Boy Milli - $100 Neptune Azure Tenuis - $75 RR Pink Floyd - $75 Pink Lemonade - $125 (big frag) I can make packs as well. Shoot me a PM to discuss. No shipping for...
  22. elishapep

    New York Live Goods NICE SPS FRAG PACK !

    I have a nice sps pack all frags are fully healed /encrusted and very nice size $210 shipped CB OMG CB FLAMING UNICORN RR BLUE SOMETHING I FORGOT THE NAME any questions message me or text me 516-547-6381. SOLD TY
  23. R

    New Jersey New York Drygoods Apogee MQ-510 par meter FS

    I have a Apogee MQ-510 par meter for sale. i order in amazon June 10, 2022 and i paid 631,00$ i have a proof of purchase. Used for a week and decided to sell after some unexpected bills came up. $430 shipped Absolutely nothing wrong with it. Hit the power button and it reads par. come with...
  24. Art Calde

    Florida Live Goods Several sps, zoas, etc for sale Jupiter Florida

    OG Oregon tort large $120, WWC Allstar $200 frag (colony shown), Bill Murray large $80, WWC Cherry Blossom $60, TSA Rainbow Sherbet $80, Green Goblin large $30, TGC Cherry Bomb $80, WWC Highlighter $40, Gold Chalice $40, JF Grafted Sun Monti $40 inch piece, WWC Sunfire Monti $40 inch piece...
  25. JonEB

    Colorado Live Goods SPS and Softies Sale, Shipping Available

    Sticks and softies fragged and need a new home! Help me out here not asking much- shipping available. Mother colonies are pictured as well as some frags.