t5 ho hybrid

  1. pharazon

    Aquatic Life T5 Hybrid 24” w/ bulbs

    For sale: Aquatic Life T5 Hybrid 24” Includes: - four ATI bulbs used 6 months - four mounting brackets for Radion/Hydra/etc. - one mounting plate for Kessil 360 - replacement non-coated bulb clips - 18” decorative end caps Does NOT include hanging kit $150 located near San Diego/Riverside border
  2. smartwater101

    SOLD [West Hollywood] TWO 36" DX18 Hybrid Dimmable T5 HO Light Fixture - Aquatic Life

    SOLD Selling each light (with bulbs) for 350$ each. Or 600$ for both. Price is firm. I never used these and they've been collecting dust in a closet for almost 4 years (completely forgot I had them) They even still have the protective wrap still on the corners. Only selling so cheap because...
  3. C

    Illinois Lighting LED T5 Hybrid 36" Aquatic Life T5 hybrid 4 x 39W

    36” 4x39 w Aquatic Life t5 hybrid fixture with 6 bulbs included. Condition is "Used". Bulbs in the fixture are 3 Ati blue plus and 1 Ati actinic. Comes with 2 new bulbs of 1 Ati blue plus and 1 Ati Coral plus. Bought last December and used it 3 hours a day for 5 months. Bulbs last roughly 18...
  4. DanSavesTheDay

    Need light schedule advice 2x Kessil a360we with aquatic life 48" hybrid blue+/coral+

    I am planning on switching to a 2x Kessil a360we with a 48" T5 hybrid fixture with 2 blue+ 2 coral+ staggered. How high above the water surface should I mount the fixture. What is a good lighting schedule for a mixed but mostly SPS dominant tank. What is a good lighting schedule to start at...
  5. R

    Prototype T5/LED hybrid under 150$

    Prototype LED/T5 If your like me LED’s now days are way to expensive. What I wanted was to get T5 fixture with 2 radeons but instead I built my own. Excuse poor cable management as is only a prototype. Parts 2 48” T5 retrofit 7$ each without ballast 1 dual t5 ballast 60$ 4 50w Blue 455nm...
  6. VB Don

    Virginia SOLD

    I have a Aquatic Life LED/t5 hybrid fixture 24” (WHITE) with 2 universal Hanging fixtures -( White ). New still in box. Cost me 409.00 from BRS I'm selling for $250.00 . with Shipping cost. Paypal
  7. Danh Ngo

    T5 hybrid selection

    I’m setting up aquaticlife t5 hybrid. Will use a pair of radion XR30 (non-pro) + 4Bulb T5 Tank 36x22x22 objective: sps dominant How to get a good spectrum? New with hybrid? What are some recommendation on T5 selection? What T5 combo should I use? Thank you :)
  8. AquaNerd

    Aquatic Life's new T5 LED Hybrid Solves Problems

    http://aquanerd.com/2017/10/aquatic-lifes-new-t5-led-hybrid-fixture.html Click the link to visit our blog and learn more about the new fixture that can house T5 with Kessil or Aqua Illumination or Ecotech Marine LED lights.