1. Angelo Fatica

    Can’t find t5 bulbs for my fixture anymore?

    Hello all, I have a 20” aquatic life t5 fixture that takes 4 16.5” 18watt bulbs. I can only find purple variants of these bulbs, nothing else. Is there any hope for these or do I have to trash my fixture? I can’t find anything that is not actinic or purple in the size I need.
  2. Cunning_plan

    More LEDs, T5 Hybrid or T5 Only

    Hi All, I was hoping to get some advice. I currently have a wterbox 180 gallon tank. The tank measures 1536 x 643 x 550mm (L,W,H). I am currently in the final stages of a rebuild (getting it wet next week) and wanted to get some advice on changes to my lighting. Previously I was running 3 Red...
  3. Betex

    Florida WTB WTB T5 aquatic life hybrid 4 bulb or x2 retorkit 61”

    WTB 61” T5 fixture. Aquatic life 4 bulb hybrid or a x2 retro 4 bulb kits would work since it’s in a canopy. I’m in south Florida more precisely Parkland. Let me know if you are looking to get rid of one
  4. Acrofiend

    California WTB WTB 24w T5 ballast

    As stated in the title. thank you.
  5. Acrofiend

    California Lighting Drygoods sold

  6. pandaparties

    Arizona Lighting Drygoods Aquatic life T5 hybrid fixture 48"

    48 inches long 24 wide brackets. I have a bunch of the light mounting rails and hanging mount I can throw in too. 150$ used for like 6 months
  7. A

    Supplementary lighting

    I currently have a 4 bulb t5 fixture and it’s great for getting the job done. Grows my corals well and lights the tank up. I don’t have the money to upgrade to an led set up but want to get more of fluorescent from my corals. What is the best lighting that I could add without breaking the bank...
  8. S

    Florida Lighting FS: ELOS Planet II MH / T5 / LED fixture

    Selling my ELOS Planet II pendant. Single 250W DE MH, 4 x 24W T5s, 2 x ReefbreedersLumenbars. MH Bulb is a phoenix 14k around 6 months of use on it. MH ballast is IceCap T5s are a mix of Blue+, actinics, and have some spares. Age 6-8 months on all. One Lumenbar is the 22" version the other...
  9. Nanojoe

    T5 and XHO Blue ReefBrite

    I currently have a 4 bulb T5 fixture above my nano. Would the ReefBrite XHO Blue be overkill? as im just looking for a little pop out of the corals and to use it as a "ramp" solution an hour before the T5 kicks on. Should i just go with the other blue LEDs they offer? my only concern is if they...
  10. Broadfield

    Illinois ***SOLD*** Mint Condition 48" Giesemann Spectra Fixture - 2 x SE MH + 4 x 54w T5

    I have made the tough decision to sell my 48" Giesemann Spectra light fixture. It is in flawless condition. Features: Houses two SE metal halide bulbs and four 54w T5 bulbs. Each metal halide is on its own power cable and the T5 bulbs are on a third power cable. My particular unit is finished...
  11. Tiffany Garcia

    T5 Fixture

    Hey all! I'm leaning towards T5s and this is for sale near me but, it's older and he can't remember the brand name. I was hoping you could take a look at pics and tell me maybe who you think tje brand may be and if it looks like a good light for corals (starting out with softies and lps)? Not...
  12. Zazzy

    Led w/ t5 supplement setting ajustment

    So I'm looking into adding the aquatic life t5ho 36" hybrid fixtures but I just got a few question that hopefully I can find out today. I've been running 2 Hydra 52 HDs on my 90 reef for a good 6 months and everything is looking great. I have a Walt Disney acro and I've noticed of if it doesnt...
  13. oceanslide

    Acclimate upgraded Radion

    Hey all, I'm currenlty using two gen1 Radions along with 4 t5s in my canopy. I sent in one of my gen1 radions to be upgraded to the gen3pro, wondering if I should reacclimate the new light to my current schedule when I get it back? Thanks!
  14. LouieP

    LET Lighting T5 HO Miro-2 24" bulb Retrofit Kit

    I have 2 24" T5 Retro Kits $75 each or $125 for both. Each ballast will light 2 bulbs. This is whats included with each Retro Kit: 1x T5 Ballast 1x Wire Harness 1x Grounded Powercord 4x T5 Moisture-Proof End Caps 4x T5 Mounts/Stand-offs for End Caps 2x Miro-4 T5 Reflectors for lamps 4x Lamp...
  15. CoralManz

    Build Thread Xenia Garden

    Display: 20 Gallon Long 30.3" x 12.5" x 12.8" Lighting: Aruba Sun Dual 39W T5s Filtration: AquaClear 30 Filter Media: Seachem Matrix Heater: Cobalt Aquatics Neotherm 100w Circulation: Jeboa PP-4 ATO: Manual Top off GFO Reactor: Innovative Marine AquaGadget Minimax All-In-One Media Reactor...