tck powerball

  1. seafansar

    Florida TCK Powerball Bounce FS

    I have a couple more Powerball Bounces available. Plugs are 3/4” and 1.25”. Prices are shipped A. SOLD B. $300 C. $300 D. SOLD E. $650 Slightly bigger than half dollar
  2. seafansar

    SOLD TCK Powerball Bounce for sale

    I have a few TCK Powerball Bounces available. Shipping is included in the price. A. SOLD B. SOLD C. SOLD D. SOLD E. SOLD F. SOLD G. SOLD
  3. seafansar

    SOLD Black Widow Anemone

    Black Widow 6”- 8” when open - Local Pickup $225 or $250 Shipped
  4. seafansar

    SOLD Powerball Bounce For Sale

    I have 2 Powerball Bounces available. #1 - - SOLD #2 - - SOLD
  5. CA Reefer 300G

    California Large TCK powerball bounce

    Price including shipping All 3 mushrooms are big 1inch + #1 $600 shipped #2 $700 shipped #3 $650 shipped Due to thanksgiving peak, must be shipped out next week. No holding. Local picked -$50 Pick up zip code 91709 PM for any questions
  6. CA Reefer 300G

    California Few more TCK powerballs

    Selling few more TCK powerballs Price including shipping. local pickup -$65 Pick up at socal 91709 PM for questions #1 0.75-1 inch $550 shipped #2 0.5-0.75 inch $500 shipped #3 0.5 - 0.75 inch $500 shipped #4 large 1.25 - 1.5 inch $650 shipped
  7. CA Reefer 300G

    California Another round of powerballs

    Have few TCK powerballs available. Prices are shipped. Local pick up 91709. If local -$70 for the posted prices. Please pm for questions. Standard frag plug for size reference.
  8. CA Reefer 300G

    California TCK Powerball Bounces

    Selling some powerballs Price includes shipping Standard frag plug for size reference 1st come 1st service. Not holding Note: shipping will not be available until 8/22 PM for questions
  9. Evan28395950

    Illinois Bounce Mushroom Pack

    Dime sized TCK Powerball Half dollar sized sunkist $445 local pickup near Johnson Creek WI $495 shipped
  10. Evan28395950

    TCK Powerball Bounce Mushroom Growth

    Hey everyone, just received the powerball mushroom today. I have done a thread on the growth of my WWC Og bounce mushroom, and haven’t seen much information as to how fast the power ball bounce mushroom grows. I’ll post some photos of it with bubbles fully inflated and happy within the next few...