1. alecj

    TCK Master Bowerbanki

    perfect frag if you plan to grow out, the baby’s on both sides will be insane!
  2. OuteastREEFS

    Couple of nice home grown Acros available. (RRC/TGC/TCK etc)

    (TOP TO BOTTOM Texas Pink Stag 49.99 The Grinch Tenuis 79.99 Bali Green Slimer 39.99 Bubblegum Digitata Multi branched 59.99 (sold) TCK Blastwave on custom 3D printed tile 99.99 (sold) RRC Pink Floyd 2+ in multi branched 124.99 (sold) RMF Candyland 109.99 TCK...
  3. alecj

    Texas Live Goods Tck master bower colonies

    I have 2 mini colony’s of tck master bower, both have insane baby’s forming and are on 2 inch tiles
  4. alecj

    Texas Live Goods Texas Glitter gonis

    red glitters are 650 each tck spacebalz are 250 each tck flame tip 150 each L frags this red glitter has been with me for years now and is very hardy!
  5. W

    Florida Live Goods TCK Master Bowerbanki

    TCK Master bowerbanki's available. Got mine directly from TCK. All frags are aquacultured, healthy, and pest free. Mother Colony NFS: A) SOLD B) C) SOLD D) E) I ship via UPS Overnight. Shipping is $50 and free at $500. Free pickup in Tampa, FL. My DOA policy is replacement if...
  6. chuckfu5

    Utah SOLD TCK Insane plate coral

    TCK Insane plate coral purchased back in September of 2020 directly from TCK. This piece is now larger than a 50 cent piece. I will try to update with better pictures but has huge tentacles when fully inflated!
  7. W

    Florida Live Goods TCK Master Bowerbanki frags

    Tck Master Bowerbanki A) sold B) sold C) sold D) sold E) sold Shipping is $50. Local picking in Tampa Bay, FL area. 2 hour DOA policy. Must send pictures/videos of corals in original packaging. I am not responsible for shipping delays as it is out of my control.
  8. TCK Corals

    LPS Update Just Posted - 135 New WYSIWYG - New Subscribers Save Up To 30%

    Check out our website for the latest wysiwyg frags just posted!
  9. TCK Corals

    New Years Eve Sale! Only 2 Hours Left! Save 25% Last Sale Of The Decade!

    Last chance to save 25% off our entire site and take advantage of our discounted shipping rate $35/ Out of State | $21 In State and Surrounding States
  10. TCK Corals


    HEAT WAVE CONTINUES NEW PRODUCTS JUST LOADED Save 40% off on all WYSIWYG corals on our site. No coupon needed. SHOP NOW Rrc Marvin The Martian AUT1-2019-08-22 $185 Tck Kaleidoscope AUT2-2019-08-22 $199 Tck Kaleidoscope #2 AUT3-2019-08-22 $125 Tsa Bill Murray...
  11. TCK Corals

    New Shipping Rates! $25 to Nearby States - $175 Free Ship Min! $40 Out Of State - $250 Min Free Ship

    As of today, TCK Corals is now offering the following ship rates on our website! $25 t0 NY, CT, DE, MA, NH, NJ, OH, PA, RI, VT - $175 Free Shipping Minimum $40 Out of State - $250 Minimum Free Overnight Shipping
  12. TCK Corals

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  13. TCK Corals

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  14. TCK Corals

    New Frag Packs Just Posted to Site

    New Frag Packs Just Posted to our site.
  15. TCK Corals

    Save 20% Off. Sitewide Sale. No Coupon Needed. Everything On Sale!

    Save 20% OFF Sitewide! We have corals starting as low as $8 bucks! Corals for every budget on the site right now! Here's just a few example wysiwyg products you'll find on the site right now on sale for some unbeatable prices. Don't miss out on some of these true gems, add them to cart and...
  16. SM_Reef

    New Camera, New Coral Shots, and New Photographer! =]

    As title states, I recently acquired a Canon Rebel EOS T6 with an EFS 18-55mm macro lens with a amber polarized filter and haven't had much time to tinker with it but here are a few shots I've taken that I think came out okay. I'll be investing in a tripod, nicer macro, and Building an Obsession...