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    Idaho Fresh LIVE Phyto 8-Species Blend – FREE SHIPPING

    Fresh LIVE Phyto 8-Species Blend – FREE SHIPPING Satisfaction Guaranteed - If there are any problems (including shipping) just let me know and I will make it right. Harvested fresh on Monday evening and shipped out priority mail on Tuesday. Edit: 10% DISCOUNT FOR SUBSCRIPTIONS (You choose the...
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    Idaho Live, natural phytoplankton. Nannochloropsis and/or Tetraselmis

    Live, natural phytoplankton. Nannochloropsis and/or Tetraselmis. (Photos to follow) 16-ounce bottles - $8.00 each. Mix and Match - I can send separate bottles of either type, or mix them in the same bottle – whichever you prefer. I also have some Guillard’s formula “f2” fertilizer (micro algae...