toad stool

  1. P

    Toadstool or Duncan

    Hi, I’m looking to buy a decent sized toadstool or a colony of Duncan’s. Leave a comment with what you have. Thanks in advance
  2. S

    What type of softies shed least?

    I'm looking for some sort of branchy soft coral. Some that I like are sinularia, cladiella (colt coral), and capnella (kenya tree). Which one between these sheds least/in the least obtrusive way? I've always hated the way toadstools shed because they are such an eyesore. I know sinularia don't...
  3. OdetteDelacroix

    California Mix of Coral for sale Huge Lobo open brain, Kenya Trees, Scoly, Torches etc...

    Hey Everyone, As my tank and collection has gotten larger and the pandemic has still left me unemployed, I'm happy to present some of my little slice of the ocean for sale. These coral have brought me a great deal of enjoyment while in my care and I hope they are able to do the same for whoever...
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