tonga branch rock

  1. AustinC63

    Real Reef Blackout Tonga Branch Aquascape

    Wanted to share the new aquascape! Next up will be filling and cycling this babe. For reference its a 40 breeder with the Real Reef Tonga Branch (BLACKOUT) Rock. I got the 30lb box which was more than enough, but now i have some leftovers for smaller future tank. Back of the tank is painted...
  2. Simply__J

    Florida Dry Rock 100lb + Mixed Dry Rock

    Selling about 100 lbs of Mixed Dry Rock. • Fiji • Hatian • Tonga • Marco Take it all for $75 or decent trade offer. Came out of a 90 gallon mixed reef tank. Dried and ready to be cured. Pick Up Only in SoFlo.. Cash only. Happy Reefing
  3. My old 120 Mixed Reef

    My old 120 Mixed Reef

    One of the last pictures I took of my 120 mixed reef tank that was up and running for over 14 years. It was finally time to do a upgrade to a larger tank. #120MixedReeftank #NewBuild #SCA150
  4. J

    California Huge Branch Rock Centerpiece with Psammorcora

    Hey Everyone; I decided to go a new route than the aquascaping in my old cube and its time to part way with an existing structure I have in my tank. The rock work weighs in at about 20-25lbs (I will weigh it tomorrow) I'm asking $350 obo for the rock due to the fact its covered in an...
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