urchin issue

  1. D

    EMERGENCY My Maroon hermit is killing my urchin.

    I have a maroon hermit crab (I believe that is what he is) and a pincushion urchin in the same tank. My urchin is very dear to me and the crab is killing the urchin. He will go up to the urchin and rip his small tentacles and lots of spines off. I stop this whenever I see it, but my urchin has...
  2. I

    Tuxedo Urchin lost spines

    I recently downsized my 20G reef tank into a 10G, and every animal and coral seems to be thriving except for my tuxedo Urchin. He's acting normal, tentacles extended, but one small section of spines appears to be missing. My guesses are (1) that he's stressed and (2) that my halloween or one...
  3. Cantusaurus

    Tuxedo Urchin looks strange, stressed? falls over?

    Hi, so I got a red tuxedo urchin recently (about 4-5 days ago) A TINY one (aquacultured), I had never seen one this small. I acclimated him (admittedly quickly) I wanted to get him into the tank quickly, but I did do a quick drip acclimation. I put him in and he looked great. The next day he...
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