used equipment

  1. Larry Bowens Jr

    New Jersey Pair of used Ecotech MP40's $575 shipped.

    Selling my two used Mobius ready MP40's with a pair of Fish of hex surface guards, pumps are less than a year old. $575 for the pair shipped.
  2. jcs87

    Misc. Pumps Bubble Magnus Curve B12

    Getting out of the hobby, used this on my 210 and it worked great! In good working condition ready for a new home $275 shipped
  3. Gobi1canobi

    Ohio Looking for

    Looking for new/ used gyre wavemeker with controller
  4. G

    Used equipment

    I was thinking of buying a used chiller and I was wondering if it was a good idea o wanted to upgrade my tank and I was wondering if I should buy the used ones on Amazon because they are half price and all
  5. Teen reefer

    Texas Cheap (Used) dry good available now!!

    Hello, I'm currently in the process of dismantling my reef tank and I have some equipment that I need off my hands and is selling for cheap now! and I am located in north Texas (Dallas area) if interested please text me at 915-300-9996 for photos and availability currently available...
  6. suresh2989

    Canada Mighty magnet f6

    Mighty Magnet Used, does not come with extra pads but it works and it is still very powerful comes with the original box. I realize this is too powerful for my setup so want to sell and buy an appropriate one my tank thickness. Shipping not possible, pickup location is Toronto, Ontario.
  7. 2KrazyKidz

    Build Thread My first 150g build by 2KrazyKidz

    So let me get this started by introducing myself. My username is homage to my 2 crazy kids 4 and 8, they sure do always keep me on my feet. I am a long time freshwater keeper, my last tank being a 90g planted with C02. I have some close friends in the hobby who finally pushed me to take the...
  8. R

    Unidentifiable DIY Sump design

    Hello reefers! I’ve been reefing for about a year now and we got a great deal on a 75 gal+sump at the LRS that was on consignment. HOWEVER I am completely stumped as to how they had this sump set up. any pointers would be great.
  9. M

    Copper on used equipment?

    Might pick up a used Python water changer today—only gently used. Poster says no copper was run through it in water changes. Is this piece of used equipment safe? Would it be fine with a vinegar soak?
  10. Geesus

    Need your thoughts

    Since my original Red Sea Max-E 170 was smashed in transit & they're backordered, I'm looking to maybe save and buy used. So ... Is this 125g Marineland corner overflow worth $600? I know that includes the stand but, I'm not taking that stand. Thoughts? Cheers, Gee
  11. ReefingMom

    Cube Build Advice for a used biocube 29

    Hey there! I'm new here, but not new to the hobby. I've had freshwater and saltwater tanks, on and off for about 30 years. My 16-year-old son recently expressed an interest in getting a saltwater tank (we currently have freshwater), so I jumped at the chance to get back in and do this together...
  12. Gmantu

    Ecotech Radion XR30 Gen 2

    I am looking at purchasing an eco tech xr30 gen 2. What is a fair price to offer? The prices I’ve seen online are around 250. This seems a bit much for a light that is now obsolete and is no longer being manufactured.
  13. TopShelfAquatics

    Dry Goods Tons of equipment up for grabs

    Hey guys and gals we have accumulated a lot of used equipment. We will start posting in this thread the list with prices. There is over 200 items so we are going to start listing them now. Apex, Ecotech, Reef Octopus, Bubble Magus and much more. All equipment has been tested before being...
  14. MrDeathKills

    Nano Build 16gal BioCube help

    Alright i will try and get a bunch of questions knocked out here by using a number format. In advance thank you for reading and or helping! 16gallon biocube with LED hood 1. For sand wife wants as white of sand as possible any recommendations? In addition to that how many pounds of sand do I...
  15. B

    Rhode Island For Sale - Clearing out items I no longer need

    I had to break down my tanks for a remodel and I have many items up fro sale (more to come). Pictures attached. All items are used unless specified and sold as is - I am including shipping in my price. PayPal only. Fish Food - Ocean Nutrition - Formula One Flakes, Formula Two Flakes, Formula...
  16. ORReefer

    Skimmer Debate

    So I have a tank that I've been having troubles with on and off for years. A small sample of these issues are in my post here: My first priority for trying to get stability back is to replace the protein skimmer. My...
  17. JSpen

    Michigan New and used equipment

    -New synergy shadow overflow ($140) -New finnex heater and controller ($90) -Used reef octopus calcium reactor with Milwaukee ph controller ($120) - Used yourchoice aquatics dc pink skimmer rated up to 500 gallons ( $200) -Used brs dual media reactor with mj pump ($40) You pay shipping.
  18. Fotocha

    Used Equipment Sales

    Anyone know where/who sells used equipment in CT or Western Mass?
  19. CoralManz

    Purchasing a 9 month old ATI Dimmable

    While on the search for equipment for an upcoming build I came across a 36" ATI 6 bulb dimmable fixture thats being offered locally for $350. However I'm unsure about the longevity of the fixtures and would appreciate any advice when it comes to purchasing used T5 fixtures.