wall hammer

  1. J

    Wall Hammer changing to a dull color

    Hello, I have a wall hammer in my tank, that has been doing well so far (fingers crossed). However, I have noticed over the past couple of weeks that there's a section of it turning like a dull gray color. Anyone know why? Par is about 130 Salinity 34 Phosphate was high (0.38) but dosing...
  2. Rincoperson

    Wall Hammer Possible Recovery?

    So I had this beautiful wall hammer arrive yesterday 8 hours late via UPS in 93 degree weather with a water temp of 86.5. The seller contacted UPS and said if it doesn’t make it they would cover it. It was shipped with an ice pack but due to UPS being outrageously late it was exhausted. I slowly...
  3. Michelle B

    Wall Hammer spewing

    Hello, I've had a wall hammer one month. It's been doing fine and the rest of the tank but suddenly my wall is closed up on one end and he is spewing brown stringy stuff. My parameters are ammonia 0, nitrite 0, Nitrate 20, alk 8.2, PH 8.2, phosphates 0.16, salinity 35 ppt. He's in low flow and...
  4. Zoaologist

    Nevada Gold wall hammer colony’s

    Gold wall hammer colony’s available. Big chunks, lots of mouths on each piece. Green stems, gold tips. $250 each local pick up in Las Vegas or $300 shipped.