1. mkane

    New Inwall aquarium help

    Hey everyone! I'm getting back to reef keeping after gosh 7 or so years. I was big into nano tanks bc I’ve always had small spaces but now with a new house I want to get a somewhat bigger tank. I have a wall where the other side is my back basement which would be great to have access but it’s...
  2. W

    Help, help! Moving tank across room, in-wall

    So, I'm locked in and laid off and i have started a project to remodel my basement. Plans include moving my 150 gallon reef tank to the other end of the basement, and into a new wall and building a shadow box background. I have began construction, and am now at the point where i need advice on...
  3. smartwater101

    PC computer fans to wall outlet. How many?

    CRJ DC 12v Power Supply: https://www.amazon.com/CRJ-Power-Supply-4-Pin-Computer/dp/B071FNN9W7/ I have several fans left over from old PC builds. Most are Noctua, NZXT, and a several Corsair. I also have more than enough extensions and splits. but I'm not sure how many fans I can chain to...
  4. Sierra_Bravo

    Build Thread Sierra_Bravo's "What did I get myself into??" 120g in-wall build thread

    Brief background: 49 year old native Floridian who moved to San Antonio about four years ago. After so many years in and around South Florida and the Gulf Coast, being more or less land locked left me yearning for the clear water and coral reefs of the Keys. A thought occurred: Bring the...
  5. sam.basye

    Build Thread 26g Bowfront Foam Wall Mixed Reef

    Decided to start a build thread over here for those who might be interested! It's an Aqueon 26 gallon bowfront tank with a custom foam wall and built in refugium in the back. Currently a mixed reef and only a couple fish and has been running for about the last 2 years. It's lighted by an...
  6. trevorspencer94

    Best skimmer for a small space for a 100+ gallon tank?!

    Hey everyone, looking for some help here, I am purchasing a standard 180g aquarium soon, and I'm going to install a false wall in the back of it that is 6" deep, in order to have a built in sump and leave me with 18" of display depth. The actual water depth of the tank will only be kept at...