walt disney acro

  1. Mrtakeoff53

    Walt Disney Acro is finally growing again.

    My WD acro finally started growing again. It was basing out and then stopped when my maintenance habits were poor. I’ve been focusing on stable alk and lowering PO4 and it’s helping! It’s just a nub still but a bigger nub now! First pic of from 15 Jan 2021. Second is from today, 07 April 2021...
  2. Travis Warren

    California Hammer, Frogspawn, Walt Disney, JF Ultimate Mushrooms Low Price, Local Pick up

    Hi, I am selling the following for Local Pick up only at 1858 Cable Street Ocean Beach (San Diego), CA. Please PM. 1. Single head purple tip and stem hammer. $30 2. Double head purple tip and stem hammer. $60 3. Double Head Frogspawn 1 head splitting blue tip with green stem. $70. 4. 3 head...